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WWF Superstars 3/28/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re one week away from Wrestlemania and we’re in Mobile Alabama in the aptly named Mobile Civic Center. Vince and Perfect are hosting and Vince has no funny things to say, instead, he tells us that Savage has a hit list and on it is Flair, Perfect, Heenan and the publisher of the WWF Magazine. Perfect’s not worried at all.

-Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Lee Armstrong-

The last episode of Superstars featured Undertaker closing the show against Lee Thomas, and here he’s opening the show against Lee Armstrong. Two matches in a row and we have Undertaker battling a Lee. It’s the same story as last week, too. Tombstone and goodbye at 0:57.

Gene is at the Update Center and it’s brought to us by the Invasion 1992 Coliseum Video. Of course all talk is about Wrestlemania VIII. Earlier in the week, Flair held a press conference and the Update camera’s were there. Flair and Perfect are addressing a completely empty room. Flair runs down the photo’s we’ve seen before. Flair even takes out a scarf that Liz was wearing in one of the pictures! WHOOOO!

-Papa Shango vs. Jobber-

Perfect mentions that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with the scarf at Wrestlemania and he doesn’t seem too worried about Savage’s chances at Wrestlemania. Shango ends this early with a shoulderbreaker at 0:52. Are the boys trying to out-do each other in terms of how quickly they can finish their matches?

Another NAILZ promo!

-Big Boss Man vs. Barry Horowitz-

I hope Barry can at least push this match to over a minute. Boss Man emulates the patting of his own back that Barry does before ending this with a Boss Man Slam at 1:22. Horowitz gets handcuffed to the ropes after the match.

Sean Mooney makes his first appearance at the Event Center and he brings us promo’s from wrestlers competing in Wrestlemania VIII, specifically the Bulldog/Berzerker match. We hear from both. We also hear from Shawn Michaels and Tito Santana, who will be facing each other.

-Natural Disasters vs. 2 Jobbers-

The Disasters really put the emphasis on SQUASH here. We hear from Money Inc, who will be facing the Disasters at Wrestlemania VIII. The Disasters toy with the jobbers before ending with the combination butt-splash/tidal wave at 2:29.

We have a Wrestlemania commercial, the same one as last week’s episode.

Mean Gene is on the interview platform and he’s got Sid Justice (with Harvey Whippleman) as his guest today. Sid is sick of Hulk and his “demandments.” Sid runs down the four demandments and deconstructs them. Sid then talks about Hogan’s retirement, which to that point was never officially mentioned by Hogan. Sid does promise to retire Hogan anyway.

-El Matador vs. Jobber-

Tito starts early with armdrags as McMahon mentions the WWE Hotline. El Paso del Meurte ends this at 1:00 flat.

Mooney hypes the premiere of WBF Body Stars featuring Lex Luger. Rick Martel and Tatanka each have words for each other and their upcoming match at Wrestlemania. I like how these hype shows would give every match a little time to shine with interviews from the competitors to really add interest to the match. The Mountie, Repo Man and the Nasty Boys (w/Jimmy Hart) are prepping for their 8-man match. They make fun of Virgil’s mask, too.

We go right from the Event Center to the Wrestlemania Report. It’s only one week away now and Gene is in super-hype mode. Gene runs down the matches as only he can. We hear from Macho Man Randy Savage (he’s saying everything Flair says are lies) who runs down his hit list. Gene even talks about a show called March to Wrestlemania: A Tribute to Hulk Hogan. I would LOVE if that was on the service next month. Gene brings us a clip of an interview he ran between Piper and Hart on the Wrestling Challenge. We hear from Hulk Hogan as well.

Mooney starts to wind down this episode by introducing a few more promo’s. We hear from the heel side of the 8-man tag match (the Nasty Boys, the Mountie and the Repo Man, with Jimmy Hart of course) as well as Tito Santana. Next week we’ll have Big Boss Man, more evidence from Flair and an interview with Sid Justice. So they mention only one wrestler that will actually wrestle. Sounds like a huge filler episode!

-Berzerker vs. Ian Weston-

Berzkerker makes quick work of Weston, dumping him to the outside so Weston is counted out at 1:40.

Mooney starts the beginning of the end of the show. We hear from Jake Roberts and Undertaker, who will be challenging each other at Wrestlemania. Vince and Perfect talk about the Match to Wrestlemania event, as well as Michaels vs. Piper, Sid vs. Hercules and a Tribute to Hogan. That sounds a lot better than next week’s Superstars, which is actually just the March to Wrestlemania in highlight form.

-The Bottom Line-

This was like all Wrestlemania Hype here. You know what you’re in for when you watch these and hey, I’m a fan. I kind of wish the WWE would do this now for their PPV events.


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