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UPDATED! WWE ’07, ’08 & WCW ’99!

UPDATED 10/10/2010
WWF House Show 7/1/1991 (Warrior/Undertaker)

WWE Unforgiven 2007
WWE No Mercy 2007
WWE Cyber Sunday 2007
WWE No Way Out 2008
WWE Backlash 2008
WWE Judgment Day 2008
WWE One Night Stand 2008
WWE Night of Champions 2008

WCW Thunder 1/7/1999 (Benoit/Windham)
WCW Thunder 1/14/1999 (Rednecks/Horsemen)
WCW Thunder 1/21/1999 (NWO/Horsemen)
WCW Thunder 1/28/1999 (Wolfpac/Rey & Konnan)

ECW on Sci-Fi 6/13/2006 (Battle Royal)
ECW on Sci-Fi 6/20/2006 (RVD & Angle/Rated RKO)
ECW on Sci-Fi 6/27/2006 (Angle/RVD)

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