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WCW Thunder 1/14/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 1/14/99

Match 1: Scott Putski v. Bam Bam Bigelow
This has been a long squash. There are Goldberg chants as Putski gets worked. He wins.

*1/2 Long Squash.

Match 2: Norman Smiley v. Prince Iaukea
Okay, I have been watching but been busy. Back and forth match. Fairly long. Still back and forth but Norman gets two after a brainbuster and so Norman puts him in a headscissors. Chickenwing and match.

**1/2 Long but okay.

Gene is with Jimmy Hart who calls himself the greatest manager. He is reforming Meng and the Barbarian.

Jericho is down taunting Perry Saturn and how he will wear a dress.

Match 3: Chris Jericho v. Hammer
Jericho has controlled most of the match. Saturn comes down as Jericho whips him into the corner and puts Hammer in a reverse chinlock. Fuck I hate Schiavone. Have I said that before? Heenan just went off on him! YEAH!! Jericho takes him down again but is crotched up top and Hammer is right there and vertically superplexes him! He covers him but Jericho kicks out. Jericho is up but caught and slammed and nearly pinned again. Hammer misses the enzuguri and it is Liontamer time!

*** Fun match actually.

Match 4: Faces of Fear v. Mike Enos and Bobby Duncum Jr.
The tag tournament. I think it is Kendall Windham and Meng is dismantling both men. Meng and company win easily but the nWo come down and taze everyone and beat them. It was Bobby Duncum….my bad. Hogan is chilling out on the floor. Now he comes in and he loves everyone. Hogan mocks Konnan. No one will get in their faces again. Nash apologizes for being rude but there is going to be no tag tournament.

Match 5: Wrath v. El Dandy
Wrath owns him. Bigelow comes down and causes havoc.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Match 6: Super Calo v. Disco Inferno
A lot of long ass recaps tonight. Calo and Disco go back and forth. Hall has come down with the stungun. Calo takes control but he is nailed with the Chartbuster and Disco gets the win.


Hall comes in and basically the fans want him to taze Disco. The Wolfpac does not forget people who cross them or help them. He sends him to the back to speak to Nash and Hogan. He tells Disco to take Calo with him! Disco just leaves. Now to Goldberg, barely any chants. He has to face Hall in a gimmick match. Goldberg may not know what that is and so he should run down to Blockbuster and check out his ladder matches. There will be no ref or rules. Now Goldberg chants and if Hall gets the gun he gets to use it again and he cackles. Jesus is Hall stoned…..he is struggling. He tells him not to sing it but bring it.

Match 7: Barry Windham and Curt Hennig v. Mongo and Benoit
A lot of posturing and Curt and Benoit finally lock up. Neither get the advantage. Benoit trips him up and then chops away. Hennig is flung into the corner and he collapses. Hennig is run into the corner and Mongo is tagged in and both kick him a few times. Hennig falls before the lariat hits him….Hennig nuts him and BW gets the tag and he gets clotheslined. Barry kicks him and Mongo fights bakc but misses in the corner and down he goes. Mongo is back suplexed and here comes Hennig who stomps on him. Mongo is hammered.


Benoit breaks up a count and Mongo tries to fight back but Windham knocks him down. Mongo escapes and here comes Benoit he takes out both men. BW is down and he goes up top and hits the diving headbutt. Hennig could not get there in time so BW had to kick out! Now Benoit has him in the Crossface but Hennig has a chair and hits the ref and Benoit too. Now Mongo eats it too. Flair runs down and cleans house. Flair is hit and David runs down to protect him and they fade as he is about to get his ass kicked.

**1/2 Decent match.

** Not much here. Some PPV advancement and a lot of recap.

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