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WCW Thunder 1/7/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 1/7/99

They show a recap of Flair again. Now the Fingerpoke. After the cameras were off the Atlanta Falcons came down to the ring and Goldberg called out Nash and wanted him. He told Nash to bring the nWo with him as he has back up and they carried him off over their shoulders.

Flair comes down and he is not happy. He blames himself as he trusted Nash to do right for WCW. He yells about Nash having kids etc. He names all the members of the nWo and saves particular ire for Luger. He wants Bischoff in his office with Schiller ASAP and they are going to get this figured out. The title has a great tradition and they basically shat on it, and Flair runs down the names of legends. He is going to take care of the nWo and yells some Woooo’s.

Sorry I was writing my summary of the Nitro episode but listened…..Tony and Tenay called what happened despicable and the worst Tony had seen throughout the ages and that they need to fight for the title and not make a mockery for it. Oh the irony Tony, the irony, I wonder if he knew in advance…..but it makes him look even dumber about his comments on Monday. Makes WCW look bad too when making a mockery of the title and then admitting it.

Match 1: Cat v. Saturn

I am getting focused. It has gone back and forth, Cat kicks him down and then strikes again. But he poses for the crowd and is rolled up for two. Cat goes back on the offensive but runs into a boot and is tossed down and nearly pinned. Saturn decks Onoo who had climbed to the apron. Cat attacks him but is tossed back in a release suplex. I think it was his finisher he hit. Jericho almost came out too late and pulls the ref out. Now Scott Dickinson runs in and quickly calls the three count and Saturn loses. He is pissed and has a chair and tosses it around and paces around the ring.

** Angle advancement.

A limo has arrived as the “B” team awaits, though the Giant and Hennig are there. Giant wants to know what is going on and Hogan promises to address it. He talks about a Coke deal. Hogan wants them to watch for Goldberg. Giant and the others are concerned but acquiesce. Hennig goes with Hogan and Nash and they are wearing the Black and Red. They are walking around in the back.

Match 2: Psychosis v. Kidman (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They battle, each trying to get the upperhand. They fight to the floor and hammer each other.


Kidman gets two after a piledriver and then a powerbomb. Psychosis punches him and goes for a powerbomb and is bulldogged. Juve comes out and he and Kidman fight. Juve spins him down on his neck. Psychosis strikes with a corkscrew kick from the top. Rey has come down and he leaps into both lWo men. He and Kidman beat them and here comes the nWo and Psychosis is powerbombed. Steiner stomps one. Rey refuses to leave and Nash taunts him. Nash rips off the lWo shirt and Psychosis is dead.

**1/2 Short but decent. Way to bury the Cruiserweights and lWo. Why not wait until a jobber match is on you fucks.

The crowd was fairly hot. Nash hypes up Richmond. Nash calls what he and Hogan was a classic battle on Nitro and Flair is wrong for calling it a travesty. Hogan has the mic and called the win lucky. He calls Flair and other’s has beens. They cannot handle that these two wolves set a new standard. They are going to take everything back in the wrestling business that is are’s anyway. He is proud to be around such an elite group of gentleman. He calls Goldberg a coward for being led to the ring by security and he has to have the Falcons cover him. Next Monday they are going to show Goldberg what back up is all about. Here comes the Giant and crew. Hogan calls this the back up. Giant though is not happy and wants to know what he has planned. Hogan calls it a timing issue. Hogan had to take care of business and take out the lWo. Hogan states he loves them but the Giant dropped the ball by trusting the Macho Man and now Flair is president. The nWo is trimming the fat. They talked about the Giant and now that he is being confronted there is only room for one giant. Nash has never dropped the ball. Giant declares himself the only Giant and that is why he is named the Giant (wow)! Hogan respects him and loves everyone, this was planned out and it is all about business. If the Giant can beat Nash then he is in. Nash is for it and the Giant is ready and willing to kick his ass. Hogan stops the jawing and they need to work things out. Hogan states the match is happening on Monday and the Giant warns Hall back and Hogan claims the Wolfpac is definitely in the house.

Getting tired, so the above hopefully makes sense.

Raven is with his mom and their are some older ladies there doing some sort of intervention. Raven does not want to go back to the institution. Raven leaves and the three women argue. I think it is mother, sister and grandmother.

Match 3: Jerry Flynn v. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow destroys him.

* Squash.

Gene calls out BW and Hennig. The fans boo and they finally come out. They brag that they are going to beat up Flair and his kid will be a sacrifice. Hennig states that Flair will be done for once and for all and BW calls this a night off and David is soft.

Match 4: Disco Inferno v. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo takes him down and Disco goes for a hiptoss but Chavo lands on his feet and dropkicks him to the floor. Chavo runs around with Pepe. Disco gets in the ring and is tripped up but connects with a swinging neckbreaker. Disco walks towards Pepe and then turns and clotheslines Chavo and follows up with an inverted atomic drop. Disco goes up top and leaps into a knee from Chavo and now he is getting punished. Chavo smashes him in the corner and Norman has Pepe and dances with him. Finally Chavo notices and runs him off the apron but this allows Disco to finish him off.

** Overbooked nonsense but was kind of fun.

Match 5: Super Calo and Lizmark v. Fit Finlay and Some Dude

Tony admits that the tag division has been weak the last few months. It was because EB hated tradition but Flair will bring it back…..Um, it was fine until 98. But whatever.

It was a couple minute match. The nWo runs down to break it up and clear out the ring. Hall heard about the tag tournament and like Eazy E says tradition bites. There was no competition for the tag titles as the Outsiders were never beaten. So, this tournament will never happen.

Oh Fit and Dave Taylor won.

Match 6: La Parka v. Booker T

Parka dances. Booker has had enough and knocks him silly with a forearm shiver and tosses him to the floor. Oh, Teny assures us that this upcoming Nitro will be the biggest ever!

Parka slides as Booker slides out and Booker is nailed when he comes back in. He is chopped a few times and then sandwiched in the corner. Parka does some more dancing. Booker reveres a whip and decleats him with a clothesline. He hammers him a few times and Parka comes back with an enzuguri. But Booker knocks him down and hits the axe kick. He covers him and gets two. Parka comes back and brings in the chair and they fight for it. Parka knocks him into the corner and sends him to the other corner. Booker leaps to the aporn and comes back in. Parka has the chair and it is kicked back into his head.

**1/2 Decent.

More Raven shenanigans at his sweet pad. Some dude comes in and they tell him Raven is in one of his moods. Raven whines what about him….when he comes out. She thought he wanted to be alone and he leaves.

Here comes Jericho and Ralphus.

They go to the back and La Parka is out with nWo sprayed over the lWO part of the shirt.

Match 7: Chris Jericho v. Konnan

Konnan was not out earlier with the nWo. Konnan starts his thing but is blindsided. They go back and forth. Jericho kicks him and then chokes him out in the corner. Scott Dickinson who is Jericho’s buddy is reffing. Konnan dodges him and then after a hiptoss clotheslines him to the floor. Konnan uses the ropes to swing kick him. Konnan goes out and runs him into the railing and then steel steps. Jericho is rolled back in the ring and put in a submission hold. Jericho gets up and sends him into the ropes and dumps him throat first onto the top rope. He pulls Konnan up and suplexes him. Jericho uses his boot to choke out Konnan, and now slaps him but he telegraphs the back drop and Konnan kicks him and then goes behind and bulldogs him getting two. Now he hits the rolling clothesline. Jericho goes for the float over but is grabbed and spiked out of the corner. He gets two. Jericho shoves Konnan into the ref and Jericho pulls out some knucks and knocks out the ref. He has the pin but Saturn pulls out the ref. Jericho is bulldogged and Saturn runs in and counts the win with a fast count. Jericho pitches a fit.

**1/2 See where this leads. Clearly Konnan is out of the picture with Jericho.

Match 8: Chris Benoit v. Barry Windham

They pound one another. Benoit beats him in the corner. He continues to hammer him on the floor. But Barry shoves him into the railing and returns the favor hammering him. Back in the ring, Benoit backdrops him and then kicks and chops him in the corner; he grabs the leg and whips him down. But BW back kicks him in the nuts and crushes him with a DDT. He suplexes him and gets two and goes for another one but it is blocked and Benoit weakly snap suplexes him. Benoit is up and kicks him into the corner, but gets his eyes raked and is nailed with a gutwrench suplex. BW gets two and then dumps him to the floor. He heads out after him and rams him into the railing, and rolls him back into the ring. But he greeted with a kick and then a clothesline. Benoit gets two after a backbreaker. BW rakes the eyes again and the ref is bumped. Benoit barely German suplexes him. Hennig runs into the ring and he is taken down and put in the Crossface. BW kicks him in the head and wakes up the ref getting the win. Mongo runs down and the beats up BW and tears into Hennig tossing him to the floor.

**1/2 Okay, probably should have had this a DQ but it makes BW look strong going into the PPV that has one match assigned….his.

*** I guess I will rate it this high. It felt average. The ratings were high, in the 4’s one of the highest rated Thunder’s. It did the job in recapping. But the whole nWo thing I just did not buy. I am getting burned out. I am also tired. I do not mind the set up as Flair will battle them and Goldberg is now the hunted. The fact that they are forming an “elite” group. But the Lucha’s got dismantled and embarrassed. It makes them look bad. They put on great matches and all that is for naught as they get their asses kicked with ease basically showing that they will never rise up. Of course, they were not big time Cruiserweights as Rey escaped unscathed but it bothers me for some reason. They build up the lWo (slightly) and tear it down in one segment. Typical WCW BS. Also Hall bragging about being the best tag team, assuring they will win the tag titles: again. Shit gets tiresome. There was some decent wrestling but overall been there, done that…..and for WCW that is not a good sign. Hopefully Monday is better but the Giant is leaving and he will clearly lose.

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