Wrestling Thoughts: Bound For Glory 2011 Predictions

On October 16th, Total Non-Stop Action returns to pay per view with their biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory. The past pay per view predictions I have posted have seen only myself predict who is going to win. If you didn’t see before, I was (and still am) looking for people who would like to share their predictions here on Wrestling Recaps. The search didn’t have to go far because resident ROH reviewer McXal has decided to make his predictions public. So, join myself and McXal as we break down the show and predict who is walking out of the event victors.

McXal: Being honest I can’t say I’ve followed TNA overly closely in recent months. Despite it being on free TV over here, it’s still a product I’ve felt very alienated from in recent months. BUT, credit where it’s due, I’ve caught a few episodes of Impact on the lead in to Bound For Glory and it’s an improvement. There are still countless problems, but there’s also a renewed focus and vigor to the show which I like. To that end, my predictions may not be so much ‘informed’ predictions. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the TNA/Impact Wrestling product these days. But, I’m happy to be here to give some honest, hopefully insightful thoughts on the line-up for a big show – and provide an interesting, impartial perspective from a non-TNA fan ‘looking in’ from the outside if you will

TNA World Tag Team Championships:
(champions) Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.

McXal: Since I’ve never formally written too much about TNA recently, I’ve not been able to document how awful these team names are. This is obviously just a rushed attempt to get names (and titles) on the show. I’m sure I read this is on the pre-show – ain’t no way the belts are changing hands here. LAX v2.0 for the win

Bob: I’m not at all interested in this bout, so it’s good that they put it on the pre-show. Since their match with Dinero and Devon at the last pay per view, I can’t recall Mexican America being involved in a feud. Since I strongly dislike Jesse Neal and haven’t found Shannon Moore entertaining since he played a boy band member in 2000 I’m picking Mexican America to retain the titles here.

TNA Knockouts Championship
(champion) Winter vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

McXal: I thought the segment these women participated in on Impact this week absolutely killed the momentum and buildup going into this one. Not that anyone is desperate to see it, but BFG is supposed to be a big deal. Logical booking would be to give Velvet Sky the win after that…so I’m going to say Winter retains. In the ring she’s my favourite of these four so why not.

Bob: I feel like on a weekly basis Mickie James wins and loses the TNA Knockout Championship. Since she hasn’t won it this week yet, I think she pulls out the victory to regain the title yet again.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

McXal: Urgh – this is the archetypal get as many guys on the show as possible match. I can’t imagine it’s going to be pretty either with these three big dudes in there. Joe is the only talented one of these three (sorry, I know that will offend some people), so naturally he won’t win. Time to flip a coin to decide between Crimson and Morgan…big Matt takes it.

Bob: I feel like this is a rather easy decision. Samoa Joe has been booked horribly since Bischoff and Hogan came in and hasn’t had much momentum at all in the last year that I can remember. Crimson is undefeated last time I checked and I think he will have his Bound For Glory moment at the pay per view. Yeah, WrestleMania moment sounds better doesn’t it?

TNA X-Division Championship:
(champion) Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick

McXal: A-Double as X-Division Champion makes me happy. I’m not just saying that because of my ROH bias – if I’d never seen him in ROH before in my life I feel like I’d say the same thing. I have friends who have never seen ROH before, and THEY say the same thing. The guy is talented, and at this stage in his career is so experienced that he has reinvigorated his entire career with this latest TNA run. Spanky got the best of him on Impact, there’s absolutely no reason Aries should be losing the belt here. A-Double wins

Bob: McXal summed it up very well. I have friends who don’t watch wrestling much either and they think Aries is awesome. I hope Aries wins here and continues to have a lengthy title run.

Full Metal Mayhem:
Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam

McXal: I really hope people watching this feud have taken the time to find some DVD’s, YouTube footage or whatever else they have to do to check out the ECW matches between these two guys. They were massively influential and historically significant matches that people need to see. Of course this is nothing but a shameless cash in on the legacy of those classics back in the day, and of course it won’t be anywhere near as good. BUT, I’m sure this will be entertaining. RVD can still be relied upon to do some exciting things, and Lynn, even at his crazy age, will always go all out to put on a show. Expect a ‘greatest hits’ package of spots they did with much more speed, athleticism and grace in 1999…and to be frank, don’t expect Jerry Lynn to be any more successful here than he was when he challenged for the ECW TV Title all those times. Van Dam all the way

Bob: In ECW Jerry Lynn beat Rob Van Dam one time. That one time was on pay per view. He also needed Scotty Anton to turn on RVD and help him win. So, unless Scotty Anton comes a return to television I don’t see Jerry Lynn beating RVD here. I’m sure it will be a fun spot fest and probably bloody as well, but RVD has this one in the bag.

I Quit Match:
Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

McXal: Honestly the only winners here are fans of great wrestling. These guys have been having classics for nearly a decade and, in truth where has it gotten them. As much as I love these guys and, actually, I think the issue between them this time around has been well booked – I just don’t understand why TNA creative can’t find anything better for these guys to do than fight each other again. I’m expecting a great match. I’m expecting some overbooking to slightly take the edge off it. I’m NOT expecting anything we haven’t seen from these two before. As long as they get enough time to produce something decent, I’m not really too fussed who wins. For arguments sake let’s say Chris Daniels.

Bob: Originally I was going to pick AJ Styles to win this. However, now that Styles has come out and called out Hogan on Twitter and wresting is all about political bullshit, I think Daniels has a real shot to prevail here. I thought their match back in July was nowhere near what they are capable of and with this being the biggest show for TNA, and in Philadelphia, I fully expect them to tear the house down. I’ll go with Christopher Daniels just because I think Styles spoke out.

Fall Count Anywhere:
Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

McXal: Am in a majority that absolutely loves this Bully Ray singles run? I’ve always thought his promo skills and in-ring stuff were underrated and I’ve enjoyed seeing his career renaissance with this new direction over the last few months. Honestly, this ppv has so many different ‘stipulation’ matches I think this one could wind up being fought in front of a dead crowd and really letting people down. Anderson gets the popular win on the big show…wouldn’t be my choice though

Bob: I have enjoyed Bully Ray’s push in TNA and think this has to continue. Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Anderson get the win here, I think Ray is getting the proper momentum to challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. So, I’m hoping that Ray picks up the big win.

No Disqualification Match:
Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

McXal: Is this even a match? I’ll start by praising TNA for booking this match. I know it seems weird to praise them for booking two old dudes to stumble, fumble and bumble around like the YEARS past their prime wrestlers that they are…but I genuinely mean it. To a casual fan, seeing Hogan vs. Sting booked on a show is massive. If this match draws the buy rates, sells tickets and draws in new fans who then stick around to see the great talent TNA has then it’s served its purpose. Hopefully they’ll use this like ROH used Eddie Guerrero/Super Crazy at Era Of Honor Begins. This is here to ‘put bums on seats’ (to use a popular saying over here in England) and, for me, shouldn’t be the focus of the show – or the main event. That said, I’m sure it will be and I’m sure it will suck. Whilst I’m here, I’ll also say that I hate ‘joker’ Sting. The look is cool, the gimmick is just painful. Sting hasn’t been good in the ring for years, and he doesn’t have the charisma or acting ability to pull off this new character and, to be frank, it’s actively made me turn the TV off whenever I’ve seen him. Credit to TNA for getting this match booked and hopefully drawing some buys. Hopefully it’s short. Hopefully they use smoke and mirrors to cover up how bad it will be. History suggests one should never bet against Hogan – and since he’s got a finger in the creative pot, I don’t see it being different here. Hogan for the victory.

Bob: Hogan has signed a new contract and will be in TNA for two more years. If he loses the match against Sting he will no longer control TNA from a storyline perspective. This has been set up for Sting beating Hogan yet again. It’s been billed more as a fight than it will be a match and the no disqualification stipulation means a lot of weak chair shots. Stinger wins this one but his life will be miserable moving forward.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
(champion) Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

McXal: I’ll start by saying that this is the most engaging and intriguing TNA Title match in sometime. The build up for Bobby Roode has been superb – and for me, there is a genuine ‘big match’ feel to this one. There’s a real ‘either guy could take this’ aura to it as well. Of course, logic would suggest Bobby takes it here. It’s what we’ve built to for weeks, and it’s what all the signs point to. But, in TNA world, that normally means a WOAH YOU NEVER SAW THIS COMING SWERVE. Personally I’m not the biggest Roode fan, and would rather have seen the push he’s received go to someone else. I also don’t think he’s ready, or has enough crowd support, to be the next face of TNA just yet – which makes me think he maybe won’t get the belt here. I see some kind of shenanigans, potentially Jeff Hardy getting involved too. Personally I think they’ll hold off a bit longer on giving him the belt. Everything has built towards him winning at Bound For Glory – so my prediction, be it through no-contest, count-out, shady finish, over-booking, run-ins, Doink the Clown making a ‘shock’ return to pro-wrestling to screw him or whatever, is that Roode doesn’t win the World Title at BFG.

Bob: This is the time to make a new star. According to Hulk Hogan Bobby Roode isn’t the next star, but rather Jeff Hardy is. That has to be a joke. Sure, I’d rather have Roode be a heel but he is a fine baby face and has been working his ass off to get over in a singles role. I could possibly see James Storm screw Roode over because of jealously, but that seems really unlikely to me. Angle is banged up and training for the Olympics. He has made it clear he wants to put the young guys over. I really think Roode wins the championship and gets that big moment he deserves. Now, the question is will his title reign last longer than a month? Probably not.

Well, there you have it. Thanks to McXal for writing his predictions and thank you for reading Wrestling Recaps. I hope everyone enjoys the show. Adios!

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