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WWF RAW 9/11/2000

Written by: Adam King

Monday, September 11th, 2000

Live from the America West Arena in Phoenix, AZ

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Eddie Guerrero (9/04/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (6/25/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Al Snow (8/31/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (8/21/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Lita (8/21/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Raw comes on the air and goes right to the intro with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcoming us to the show. Tonight Kurt Angle faces T&A in a handicap match while the Hardys battle the Dudleys for the next title shot. Also Lita defends her Women’s title againt Ivory and X-Pac challenges Steve Blackman for the Hardcore Title. JR and Lawler also buzz about Stone Cold Steve Austin annoucing his return at Unforgiven to begin his search for the one who took him out.

~ Things kick off with Commissioner Mick Foley making his way to the ring to kick off our opening talkathon. Foley starts by suggesting that he should have come back as Comissioner Cactus Jack since they are in Phoenix. Foley then talks about Steve Austin’s quest to find the person who ran him down at Survivor Series, saying as much as he’d like to see Austin interrogate the entire roster, it doesn’t have to happen at Unforgiven because he’s going to begin his own investigation. Foley then invites the person who ran Austin down to come forward, mentioning that Austin has waived all criminal penalties against the culprit but there may still be reprecussions. Foley again invites the guilty party to join him so they can settle this matter in Phoenix and out comes … The Rock? Foley is in shock as Rock makes his way out with JR and Lawler assuming Rock is the one who ran Austin down. Foley starts to give Rock a toungue-lashing at his dastardly act but Rock puts his hand in Foley’s face then takes the mic and says he admits it … that this is the most half-a**ed criminal investigation he’s ever seen. Rock denies being the one that ran Austin down saying he gave his word to the cops, the people and Austin himself. Rock says Austin is going to find the guilty person atUnforgiven and deal with him as only Stone Cold can.

Rock then changes gears and says the reason he’s out there is he wants payback against Kane for what he did to him on Smackdow. Rock mentions how he retained his WWF Title only for Kane to chokeslam him through the announce table then makes fun of Kane’s childhood. Rock calls Kane the #1 contender and offers him a title match at Unforgiven. However Chris Benoit comes down the ramp with a mic and apparenlty has some issues with Kane getting the next title shot. Benoit mentions the WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation and he’s the best technical wrestler in the buiness. [Insert obvious joke here] Benoit also reminds us how he already beat Rock before so in his eyes he should be the one challenging for the title. Foley says he understands what Benoit is saying when Kane comes out next and is quickly joined by The Undertaker. Taker gets on the mic and says when talking about #1 contenders, everyone shouldn’t forget about the Dead Man. Taker starts down the ramp when Kane intercepts him while Rock and Benoit also start duking it out in the ring. Eventually Taker and Kane make their way in the ring and all four men are battling as Foley tries to restore order. Kane goes for a clothesline on Taker but Taker ducks and Kane ends up clotheslining Foley through the ropes. Eventually a swarm of referees pour in the ring to separate the four guys as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a shot of Mick Foley taking a clothesline from Kane during the previous melee. Backstage Michael Cole interviews Foley who says he’ll finally decide a #1 contender by the end of the night. Foley also decides to give all four men a piece of each other by booking Rock and Taker against Kane and Benoit.

  • The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz – #1 Contenders’ Match

The winners of this match move on to face Edge & Christian for the tag team titles atUnforgiven. E&C also make their way out to join the commentary, distracting the Hardys for the Dudleys to strike first. Bubba knocks Jeff over the ropes while Matt does the same to D’Von and that leaves those two one-on-one. Bubba clotheslines Matt while Jeff runs along the barricade and takes D’Von out with a flying clothesline. Jeff then rolls D’Von in the ring and apparently he’s the legal man for his team as Matt slams him to the mat. Matt hops to the middle rope and connects with the guilltione legdrop on D’Von for a two count. Matt tags Jeff in and the Hardys whip D’Von into a corner then Matt drops to the mat so Jeff can connect with Poetry in Motion. Jeff takes over and gets in his shots when D’Von comes back with the Curtian Call despite Jeff trying to fight it. Jeff tags Matt but Bubba gets the tag and clotheslines Matt then whips him into a sidewalk slam for a two count. Bubba nails Jeff with the Full Nelson bomb then D’Von helps him plant Matt with a double neckbreaker. Bubba covers Matt but Jeff breaks it up with a dropkick. Jeff turns and clotheslines D’Von over the ropes then leaps over the ropes with a plancha on D’Von. Bubba slams Matt hops to the middle rope but misses a senton. Matt climbs to the top rope when Christian distracts the referee while Edge waffles Matt with his tag belt. However Matt falls on top of Bubba and the referee counts a three, giving the title shot to the Hardys. (2:18) E&C tried to screw the Hardys but instead Matt and Jeff will get another shot at their belts at Unforgiven. Don’t know why it had to be such a quick match since they weren’t runing late or anything. 

E&C aren’t happy at facing the Hardys again so they go in and stomp away at their pay-per-view opponents. However the Dudleys to come in and get them a piece of the tag champs but D’Von clocks Edge with his own belt and Bubba slams Christian then sets him up for the “Wassup” headbutt. The Dudleys bring a table in and drive Edge through it with a 3D, only the table doesn’t break.

  • WWF Women’s Title: Lita © vs. Ivory

On Heat Ivory teamed with Lo Down against Lita and The Hardys and somehow that led to this match being set up. Ivory comes out mocking Lita’s poses as we see Charles Barkley sitting in the crowd tonight. Ivory rushes the ring but Lita trips her with a drop toehold then whips her into a corner and clotheslines her. Lita snapmares Ivory to the mat and dropkicks her from behind. Lita goes for a whip but Ivory reverses it and hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Ivory lays the boots to Lita then hits something like a Falcon Arrow but Lita comes back with an enzuigiri. Lita hits a suplex … when Mideon runs in the ring with nothing on again and soon runs back out. Ivory is so focused on him that Lita takes her out with the Twist of Fate. Lita then climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault (with her shin hitting Ivory’s face!) for the pin. (2:03) Nice match for what we got and we certainly did not need that cameo from Mideon. **

~ Backstage Kurt Angle visits Mick Foley who’s desk is on the back of a cart tonight. Angle asks about Foly’s condition and Foley replies he got his bell rung but is probably doing better than Angle did after Triple H attacked him last week. Angle asks Foley why Triple H has the night off after he attacked him unprovoked in his match against Undertaker. Angle mentions he has a handicap match tonight and promises to defeat T&A all by himself, something Triple H couldn’t do. Foley asks Angle if he means Austin & Taker but Angle corrects him while claiming his innocence in the hit-and-run. Foley then offers to put Triple H in a match against a suitable opponent tonight if Angle will stop talking.

~ Back from break JR and Lawler talk about Eddie Guerrero’s relationship with Chyna hitting some rocky waters after what happened on Smackdown. After clips are shown from Thursday we get footage of Eddie trying to speak with an angry Chyna earlier today and Chyna repeatedly shoving him away. Eventually Chyna reluctanly gives Eddie her attention and Eddie admits he lost contol on Thursday but was worried about losing Chyna after letting the belt come between them. Eddie proclaims his love to Chyna and begs her forgiveness, saying he wants a partner in life as well as in the ring then promises keep that side of himself in check. Chyna decides to forgive Eddie and Eddie then suggests they celebrate by dancing and beating up Too Cool. Chyna is hesitant to take on their friends but Eddie responds by saying they’re all good sports and no matter who wins they’ll all dance together afterward.

  • Eddie Guerrero & Chyna vs. Too Cool

Chyna high fives Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay while Eddie decides to attack them from behind. Eddie tosses Scotty through the ropes then whips Sexay and hits a clothesline before slamming him to the mat. Eddie grinds his boot into Sexay’s face and works him over in a corner while getting in the referee’s face. Eddie whips Sexay into a corner but eats a boot and Sexay hops to the middle rope and hits a missle dropkick. Scotty tags in and helps Sexay make a wish with Eddie’s legs then comes off the ropes with an elbowdrop. Scotty wails away on Eddie in a corner but Eddie reverses positions and pounds on Scotty. Eddie goes for a whip, Scotty reverses him into a corner and charges then slides under a boot and trips him from the floor. Scotty climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying crossbody that gets a two count as Chyna awaits a tag. Eddie fights back and goes for a whip, Scotty reverses it but Eddie pops him with a European uppercut. Eddie whips Scotty who comes back with a suplex and both men try to recover. Chyna reaches out for a tag but Eddie refuses to tag her in. Sexay comes in and slams Eddie but Eddie’s feet knock Chyna off the apron. Scotty hits Eddie with the bulldog and follows up with the Worm when Chyna trips Sexay from the floor. Chyna goes in and clotheslines Scotty over the ropes then goes out and acts sorry for doing that to him. Meanwhile Sexay is back in the ring and climbs to the top rope then nails Eddie with the Hip Hop Drop for the pin. (4:00) Too Cool get a clean pin and Chyna never legally tagged in. Okay match regardless. **

Scotty and Sexay get their hands rasied and Chyna tries to console Eddie who tells her not to worry about it and even shakes Too Cool’s hands. The four of them then don the shades and commence with the post-match dance. However Eddie quickly slips out and brings his IC belt in the ring then clocks Scotty and Sexay with it. Chyna is stunned at Eddie’s actions and Eddie stomps away at them when Rikish runs in to make the save. Eddie swings his belt at Rikishi but Rikishi ducks it and superkicks Eddie then hits running the butt splash. Rikishi readies a stinkface when Chyna reluctantly waffles him with the belt feeling she has to save her man. Eddie then drags Chyna to the back and tries to coax a smile as Chyna looks back at a confused Rikishi.

~ Backstage Triple H prepares for his match while telling Stephanie about everyone losing their minds around here. Triple H gripes about Angle trying to copy him by taking on Test and Albert, who he feels will tear him apart. Triple H then complains about Mick Foley thinking he can book him in a match without telling him who his opponent. Triple H says he doesn’t trust Foley and that something’s up so he asks Stephanie to stay in the back for the match. Stephanie protests says she wants to see him in action but Triple H promises she’ll she him in action up close later.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Eddie Guerrero attacking Too Cool post-match and shocking Chyna once again. We also get footage of Sexay busted open from the belt shot while being helped up the ramp during the break. We then cut backstage to find Chyna chastising Eddie for letting his temper get out of control against their friends again. Eddie tries to get on Chyna’s good side, claiming he was just trying to protect her body which should be in pictures. Chyna tells Eddie as a matter of fact she recently did a photo spread with Playboy which will be in the next issue but Eddie is apparentlty the last person to find out about it. Eddie doesn’t like his woman posing nude for the world to see and threatens to stop the pictures from coming out, even if he has to storm the palace and beat up Hugh Hefner.

~ Out in the arena Triple H makes his way to the ring and awaits his opponent who turns out to be … Chris Jericho. Didn’t they already try this once before? Jericho gets on the mic and does his intro then talks about being surprised when he found out about his match tonight. Jericho also asks Triple H if he was even more surprised when Kurt Angle kissed Stephanie who seemed to enjoy it. Jericho finishes by saying he doesn’t care who enjoys kissing who because all three of them can kiss his rear end. It’s almost as if they’re trying to establish Jericho as the heel for this match.

  • Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

Both men lockup to start and jockey for position around the ring before Triple H forces Jericho in a corner. Triple H shoves Jericho who shoves back and they exchange shots until Triple H takes control with knees. Triple H whips Jericho but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm. Jerichp whips Triple H and lowers the head and Triple H kicks the face but Jericho connects with a heel kick. Jericho charges and gets backdropped over the ropes then Triple H leaps off the apron with a sledge. Triple H drops Jericho on the barricade and throws him into the ringpost before tossing him back in the ring. Triple H climbs on the apron when Jericho nails him with the springboard dropkick. Jericho goes out and hits some chops then rams Triple H into the steps and Triple H tumbles over the barrier. Jericho brings Triple H back in the ring then climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying elbow for two. Jericho kicks at Triple H and goes for a whip, Triple H reverses him into a corner and charges but eats a boot. Triple H is staggering when Jericho comes out of the corner but runs into the high knee that gets a two count. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but looks over and isn’t happy to see Stephanie making her way down the ramp and that distraction allows Jericho to take Triple H down by the legs. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho and Triple H tries to fight it so Jericho catatpults him into the turnbuckles instead then follows up with the bulldog. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Triple H is able to get his knees up to block it and both men are down. Stephanie looks on when Kurt Angle comes out and grabs her hand insisting that she come with him to the back. Triple H is up and sees what’s going on outside the ring when Jericho nails him from behind. Jericho whips Triple H but Triple H nails Jericho with the facebuster then goes out and pulls Stephanie away from Angle on the ramp. Triple H and Angle argue with each other when we see X-Pac is in the ring as he nails Jericho with the spinkick. X-Pac then follows up with the X-Factor and tees off on Jericho as the referee awards him a DQ decision.(5:09) At least Jericho didn’t job to Triple H again. Solid match but doesn’t compare to to the previous meetings between these two. **

X-Pac continues his assault when Triple H comes in and gets in X-Pac’s face about costing him the match. The two exchange heated words when Triple H shoves X-Pac down and tells him to stay out of his business, continuing his face turn. X-Pac gives Triple H some parting words as he leaves the ring after which Triple H heads back with his wife.

~ Back from break we get footage of The Rock and Chyna recently appearing on the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, which I heard was the worst VMA’s ever.

  • The Acolytes vs. Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather

Last week the RTC abducted Val Venis and we haven’t seen him or Steven Richards since. All four men pair off to start and the referee gets Buchanan and Faarooq out leaving Bradshaw and Goodfather. Bradshaw whips Goodfather who hits a shoulderblock but Bradshaw is back up and whips Goodfather into an elbow. Bradshaw whips Goodfather into a corner … when we see Val Venis watching on the stage with a chair in hand. Even though Val is dressed in his normal tights you can almost sense what’s coming. Bradshaw hits a suplex and tags in Faarooq who goes for a whip but Goodfather counters with a thrust kick and clubs him in the back. Buchanan tags in and gets in his shots then goes for a whip but Faarooq reverses him into a corner. Buchanan comes out with a clothesline then goes for a whip but Faarooq reverses and hits a powerslam for a two count. Bradshaw tag in and the two whip Buchanan into a shoulderblock then Bradshaw follows up with an elbowdrop. Bradshaw then whips Buchanan but Buchanan comes back with a neckbreaker then runs up the turnbuckles and springs off the top rope connecting with his flying clothesline. Buchanan whips Bradshaw into a corner but Bradshaw comes out with a shoulderblock then tags in Faarooq. Faarooq whips Buchanan and hits a powerslam then turns and clotheslines Goodfather as he tries to come in. Faarooq plants Buchanan with a spinebuster but Goodfather breaks up the pin. Bradshaw goes after Goodfather who backdrops him over the ropes when Val hops on the apron but the referee keeps him out. Faarooq sets Buchanan for the Dominator but Goodfather breaks it up with a boot and Buchanan falls on top for the pin. (2:36) Well that’s unusual, a clean pin for the heels. *

Bradshaw and Faarooq attack the RTC’ers when Val comes in … and lays out both Acolytes with the chair. Val helps Buchanan and Goodfather get in some more stomping as Steve Richards comes out all smiles and shakes Val’s hand, welcoming the newest addition to the Right to Censor.

  • WWF European Title: Al Snow © (w/Head) vs. Tazz

Apparently Snow is going to use D’Lo Brown’s idea to represent a different European nation for each match. Tonight Snow is representing Germany as he comes out wearing lederhosen and to a polka theme while his motto is done in German and even gives Lawler a photo of David Hasslehoff who was big in Germany at the time (suposedly). Tazz attacks Snow from behind to start and hits a T-bone Tazplex but Snow comes back with his own suplex. Snow goes for a whip, Tazz reverses but Snow slides to stop himself and plants Tazz with a Rydien bomb. Snow then climbs to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but Tazz gets his knees up to block it. Tazz slaps on the Tazzmission and Snow tries to kick off the turnbuckles but takes out the referee as well. Tazz tosses Snow through the ropes then goes out and throws him across the announce table right into Lawler. Lawler tries to recover while Tazz throws Snow back in the ring. Tazz readies to apply the Tazzmission again but Lawler hops on the apron and busts the Hasselhoff picture over Tazz’s head. Tazz is out of it when Snow rolls him up as the referee recovers to count the three and once again Tazz jobs thanks to Lawler. (1:28)Pretty nothing match there. *

Snow leaves with the victory while Tazz gets on the mic and tells Lawler he’s done playing games with him. Tazz rants on Lawler costing him matches every week and how he can’t compete with Lawler’s political power so in his view Lawler wins and he loses. Tazz says he was the guy that no one wanted around here anyway and that the outsider has just tapped out, becoming another victim of the WWF. Tazz then walks out while Lawler says goodbye and good riddance.

~ We next get a shot of the Smackdown Your Vote table as some fans become the latest to register to vote. That’s followed by comments from some fans on why Al Gore and George Bush should take the Smackdown Challenge. JR mentions 60,00 voters have registered and urges fans to sign the petition for the presidential canidates to answer.

~ Trish Stratus is shown leading her charges to the ring to face Kurt Angle (also shown) as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the building as JR and Lawler buzz about finally having a #1 contender named tonight.

  • Kurt Angle vs. T & A (w/Trish Stratus) – Handicap Match

Weird how this is one heel vs. two heels. Angle gets on the mic and dedicates this match to the prospective Olympic atheletes going for gold this month as well as his friend Stephanie. Angle then chastises T & A for what they tried to do to her and calls Test and Albert two big lugs who’ve accomplished nothing like Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. (That would change in the 2001 World Series but that’s for another time.) Albert starts off for his team and pounds away on Angle then whips him into a corner. Albert charges when Angle sidesteps the Avalanche and plants Albert with a German suplex but Test comes in and hits a big boot. We then see the Helmsleys watching the match backstage and Triple H is loving it while Stephanie is concerned. Back in the ring Test and Albert both drop Angle to the mat and Albert follows it up with a butterfly suplex. Test tags in and stomps Angle down in a corner then chokes him with his boot and whips him into an elbow. Test works Angle over in a corner when Angle tries to fight back but Test stops it with the Full Nelson slam. Test clotheslines Angle over the ropes as Triple H continues to yuk it up while Stephanie … has left the room. Once Triple H sees this it doesn’t take him long to realize where she might have gone and takes off after her. Angle tries to climb back on the apron but Test knocks him off and Trish goes over to get in some kicks on the floor. Stephanie runs down the ramp and throws Trish to the floor but Test goes out and gets in Stephanie’s face. Stepahnie tries to escape from Test in the ring but bumps into Albert and finds herself surrounded by them. Test grabs Stephanie and goes for a powerbomb but Triple H runs in to make the save and that’s it for this one. (2:52) Interesting how Triple H gets to dominate both guys yet they get to look strong against Angle. DUD

Triple H takes it to both and Albert at first but Test nails him from behind and Triple H gets double-teamed. Angle comes back in the ring and pulls Test off then pounds away on him while Triple H works over Albert. Angle backdrops Test over the ropes while Triple H clotheslines Albert over and gives them some parting words. Triple H then turns back to see Angle tending to Stephanie and angrily pulls him away as the crowd gets into it. Triple H and Angle look ready to go as Stephanie tries to keep them separated but Triple H shoves her away then taks Angle down. The two tear into each other when Stephanie pulls Angle off her husband and several referees come in but Triple H and Angle take them out. Triple H sets Angle up for the Pedigree and Stephanie grabs Triple H from behind to stop him but Triple H, not seeing who it is, elbows her to the ground! Triple H realizes what he did when Angle decks him, causing him to fall onto Stephanie with an elbowdrop. Angle and Triple H continue to exchange punches while Stephanie tries to roll out of harm’s way on the apron. Angle goes for a whip and Triple H reverses but sends him right into Stephanie, knocking her to the floor. Angle can’t believe what heppened when Triple H tosses him over the ropes then goes out to tend to Stephanie. Triple H carries Stephanie up the ramp but Angle spins him around and decks him in the head for good measure. Angle then yells at Triple H for being an ingrate and not accepting his help willingly as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Triple H and Angle’s melee and Stephanie becoming a casulaty as a result. Backstage we find Triple H putting ice on Stephanie’s head as she pleads with him to stop fighting with Angle like this. Mick Foley then comes in and feels this has gotten out of hand so he gives Triple H a match with Angle at Unforgiven. Foley also makes himself the referee to ensure a winner but Triple H warns him not to stop what he does to Angle.

~ Out in the arena JR announces the Rock/Taker vs. Benoit/Kane main event has just been made a no-DQ match.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. X-Pac

Both men lockup to start and X-Pac gets a headlock but Blackman shoves him away and hits a shoulderblock. Blackman comes off the ropes and slides under X-Pac who ducks a roundhouse kick. Hwoever X-Pac misses a spinkick and Blackman hits a dropkick then sends X-Pac rolling under the ropes. Blackman goes out to continue his assault and drops X-Pac onto the barricade then tosses him in the ring along with a trash can and some lids. X-Pac attacks Blackman as he comes in and whacks him with a lid but then Blackman kicks the lid into his face. Blackman grabs a lid and whips X-Pac then bashes his knee with the lid and nails him in the back of the head. Blackman grabs another lid and whips X-Pac then drops him to the mat hitting him with the lid along the way. Blackman wedges the can in between the ropes in a corner but X-Pac trips him into the can with a drop toehold then kicks Blackman down in a corner and follows up with a Bronco Buster. X-Pac goes out and pulls out a fire extinguiser and sprays CO2 in the ring but Blackman avoids it and blindsides X-Pac. Blackman grabs the extinguisher and sprays X-Pac in the face then pulls out his kendo stick and his nunchucks as X-Pac wanders up the ramp. Blackman nails X-Pac from behind with the can as they fight up to the stage where X-Pac tosses the can at Blackman who catches it then grabs the TitanTron structure and dropkicks the can. X-Pac grabs the nunchucks when Chris Jericho runs out to the stage and lays X-Pac out with the kendo stick. Jericho departs and X-Pac is out when Blackman covers him on the stage and gets the three to retain. (3:27) Not much other than the usual hardcore stuff. 

~ Backstage Chris Benoit is talking with Kane about how they need to coexist as a tag team in the main event tonight. Benoit tells Kane he understands how he doesn’t play well with others and figures it probably started at an early age when Kane wasn’t the most-liked kid on the playground and was always picked last in kickball. Benoit asks Kane to forget about all that and concentrate on the two of them tearing the Rock and Undertaker apart. Benoit starts to leave but Kane spins him back around and tells him he was never picked last in kickball.

~ Back form break we get a replay of Chris Jericho interfering in X-Pac’s match and costing him the Hardcore Title. We then get footage of X-Pac attacking Jericho backstage during the break and busting him open with nunchucks. Yep, that feud’s still going on.

~ Elsewhere The Rock meets up with Undertaker to have their own conversation about teaming up in the main event. Rock reminds Taker how the last time they were partners Rock ended up taking a double chairshot to the head. Rock says if something like that is going to happen again then he might as well be out there by himself. Rock tells Taker the two of them probably will never be friends before asking him how it’s going to be in the match and Taker promises to have Rock’s back. Taker then says he’s especially going to be there for him when the #1 contender is announced.

  • The Rock & The Undertaker vs. Kane & Chris Benoit – No-Disqualification Match

Kane and Benoit come out first followed by … Mick Foley, who joins the announcers for some commentary saying he hasn’t made his decision on a #1 contender yet but hopes this match will give him the answer. Rock and Taker are out next and I should mention we’re already past the top of the hour and into the overrun so I wouldn’t expect a long match. Benoit and Taker start for their teams when Taker shoves Benoit into a corner and works him over with punches. Taker whips Benoit into the other corner and plants him with a tilt-o-whirl slam then covers but Kane saves it. Taker wrenches Benoit’s are then tags Rock in and once again we have tags in a no-disqualification match. Rock gets in his shots and whips Benoit into an elbow then pulls him down and slaps on his own Crossface. Kane breaks that up and helps Benoit double-team Rock while Earl Hebner tries to keep Taker from coming in. Benoit hits a snap suplex then tags Kane in and Kane pulls Rock out of the ring and drops him on the barricade. Kane throws Rock back in the ring and whips him into a boot then tags Benoit back in to take over on him and Benoit hits a forearm. Rock starts fighting back then goes for a whip when Benoit reverses him into a corner but Rock comes out with a clothesline. Rock gets in a shot on Kane then turns and plants Benoit with a spinebuster. Rock then goes for the ropes looking to hit the People’s Elbow on Benoit but Kane trips him from the floor. Benoit slams Rock then climbs to the top and connects with the diving headbutt … but only gets a two count! Benoit hammers away on Rock then goes for a whip but Rock reverses it and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Rock makes the hot tag to Taker as Lawler rightfully points out they shouldn’t have to tag in a no-DQ match. Taker unloads on Benoit with right hands then catches Kane coming in and whips him into a kick to the chest. Taker tosses Kane over the ropes and nails Benoit with a boot. Kane and Rock duke it out on the floor when Kane rams Rock into the announce table while Taker chokeslams Benoit. Taker sets Benoit up for the Last Ride but Kane clotheslines Taker and Benoit rolls on top of him and scores the pin! Benoit pins Undertaker! (5:02) Pretty short match for a main event but also pretty hot. **½

Taker isn’t happy and works over Kane in a corner while Rock is back in and stomps away at Benoit. Rock and Taker quickly clear Benoit and Kane from the ring then turn and have a staredown with each other. Rock and Taker look ready to go but Benoit and Kane come back in the ring to continue the four-way battle. Finally Mick Foley announces the only fair thing is to have a fatal-four way for the WWF Title at Unforvigen. So what was the whole point of the main event then? Eventually Rock hits Benoit with a Rock Bottom while Taker chokeslams Kane and those two are left standing as we face to black.

Conclusion: The WWF continues its push to Unforgiven (and final countdown on USA) with another mediocre show, though not as bad as the previous week’s Raw. The matches weren’t much with most of them using the same “upcoming pay-per-view opponents interfere in each other’s matches” finish just to set up said supercard, and the main event was nice but was quickly rendered meaningless. Unforgiven itself was starting to get a “thrown together” look, especially since instead of doing Rock vs. Kane and Undertaker vs. Benoit we have out third multi-man title match in four pay-per-views. The one thing really carrying the build to the pay-per-view was the hot Triple H/Stephanie/Angle triangle which was progressed nicely with their intense segment. And the WWF was already hinting at its next big angle with the stuff about Steve Austin in the opener. So let’s call this thumbs in the middle leaning slightly downard, but not by much.


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