WCW Worldwide 9/21/1991

Written by: Matt Peddycord

WCW Worldwide
September 21, 1991

The current WCW Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Lex Luger (7/14/1991)
U.S. Champion: Sting (8/25/1991)
World Television Champion: Steve Austin (6/3/1991)
World Tag Team Champions: The Enforcers (9/5/1991)
U.S. Tag Team Champions: The Patriots (8/12/1991)
World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Dustin Rhodes, Big Josh & Tom Zenk (8/5/1991)

We open the show with Lex Luger getting into a confrontation with Tom Zenk!

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Magnum TA!

  • Thomas Rich (w/Alexandra York) vs. Brian Pillman

I believe this Pillman’s “first match” back on Worldwide. Rich gets all cocky with an armdrag, so Pillman leapfrogs and armdrags Rich around the ring before sending him to the floor with a dropkick. Rich regroups with York and the computer before Pillman flips him back in the ring. Pillman grabs an armbar and works that for a bit. He tries a crossbody by leaping off the top-rope, but he screws that up pretty badly. Rich hits a reverse neckbreaker for two. Pillman reverses a cross-corner whip and delivers a backdrop. Pillman heads up top and connects with a missile dropkick. Rich goes to the eyes though, but then runs into a hotshot. Pillman comes off the top again and delivers a flying crossbody for the win. (4:12) Good enough. *½

Brian Pillman interview: He says he’s glad to be back of course. Tony asks him about Yellow Dog, so Brian disregards the question and thanks Yellow Dog for the nice things he has said about him. You sly yellow dog, you.

Let’s go to Gordon Solie at the Halloween Havoc control center! Gordon takes us back to the recent Clash on 9/5 for the contract signing between Lex Luger and Ron Simmons. Luger insults Simmons by asking him to join his entourage and become his car driver or something, which results in a pull-apart brawl. Luger, Race and Hughes run out to hop in their limo and make tracks as Simmons chases after them. Other matches on the card include the first-ever eight-man Chamber of Horrors match! Ooo, scary! Before we go back to the ring, we take a look at Ron Simmons down at Florida State’s Dick Howser Stadium having his jersey retired.

  • WCW World Tag Team Champions The Enforcers vs. Jim Boss & TC Carter

This is taped before the Clash because Arn is making the universal “I want a belt around my waist” sign. The Enforcers trade off beating the crap out of TC. Just like in weeks past, Arn hits the Spinebuster to set up Larry Z’s stretch submission move. (2:11) I mean, Boss did not even get in the ring.

It’s time for the WCW Top Ten for the weekend of September 21!
(the change in rankings will be according to the September 7 Top Ten since I don’t have last week’s show)
10. Cactus Jack [-]
9. Johnny B. Badd [-]
8. PN News [-]
7. One Man Gang [v1]
6. Dustin Rhodes [v1]
5. WCW World TV Champ Steve Austin [v1]
4. 4. El Gigante [same]
3. Barry Windham same]
2. Ron Simmons [same]
1. WCW U.S. Champion Sting [same]
WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger

PN News? Johnny B. Badd? One Man Gang? What?

To follow up on what was shown at the beginning of the program, Race got pissed at Zenk for insulting Lex Luger by saying that Lex turned his back on all his fans and all his friends in the back. Hit Lex’s music! Lex wants to give Zenk a break and not beat the crap out of him if he chooses to leave right now. Zenk stands his ground and pays for it with a triple-beatdown AND a Lex Luger piledriver! Who’s going to stop this guy? Here comes Ron Simmons and Barry Windham down for the save.

Tom Zenk interview: Apparently, he’s tired of always being outnumbered and has now become a referee. What does it take to become a referee? Seems like a big sacrifice. You know, losing your peripheral vision and all. Why didn’t Zenk just make more friends if he’s so tired of being double and triple-teamed. Why doesn’t he just wise up and not confront guys like Race and Hughes all by himself? Is becoming a referee really the answer? So many questions.

  • WCW World Television Champion Steve Austin (w/Lady Blossom) vs. Greg Sawyer– Special Ref: Tom Zenk

Typical Austin match where he has Sawyer beat on several occasions, but refuses to get the three-count. Zenk gets pissed at him, but there’s nothing he can do about it. STUNGUN connects and Austin decides its now time to leave.(3:57) After the bell had sounded, Austin throws Sawyer over the top rope. Zenk reverses his decision and awards the match to Sawyer by DQ. Oh, that’s gay.

We check out a clip from a house show match (looks like its from the Omni) between Lex Luger and Ron Simmons. Simmons goes for the football tackle to finish, but Luger ducks and Simmons hits the ref instead. Simmons backs Luger into a corner, but then Hughes comes in and nails him with a steel chair. Luger gives Simmons a piledriver on the chair to retain. Windham comes in to protest, but that just gets him beat up again. Rhodes, Zenk and Kazmaier run in for the save after the fact.

  • Cactus Jack vs. Dave Diamond

Cactus brings a wheelbarrow out with him because someone’s going for a ride. Haha. Cactus knocks Diamond out to the floor and hits a cannonball out of the apron. Back in the ring, DOUBLE-ARM DDT wins it. (0:53) Post-match, Jack throws him out to the floor for a diving elbow off the apron and then takes Diamond for a ride in the wheelbarrow. Haha.

Barry Windham/Ron Simmons promo: They look forward to taking on Luger and Hughes in the coming weeks and luckily for them, Tom Zenk will the official in these matches.

  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger & Mr. Hughes (w/Harley Race) vs. Joey Maggs & Larry Santo

This won’t last long. Hughes does most of the work here. He kills Maggs with a backbreaker and then throws him into Santo for a tag. He gets the ANGRY BLACKMAN SLAM and then tags in Luger for the PILEDRIVER. (1:45) Oh yeah, they’re tough.

One Man Gang promo: He says next week, some unfortunate soul will take the 747 splash. By the way, he’s looking for payback on El Gigante for HIS haircut.

Final Thoughts: Just more of the same as Simmons and Windham just can’t seem to figure out how to get the upperhand on Luger and friends. No Worldwide for next week this time either, but I’ll continue with October 5.

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