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TNA Impact 10/20/2011

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 20, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Off the heels of Sunday night’s “Bound for Glory” PPV we open up this week with clips from the history of Sting-Hogan which resulted in Sting defeating Hogan at BFG and returning TNA back to Dixie Carter. Clips of Hogan turning on Immortal after the match with Sting is shown as well and we then cut to the arena where Sting’s music hits.

Sting makes his way down to the ring no longer wearing the Joker makeup. He’s wearing no facepaint tonight actually, but is still wearing a Hogan t-shirt. Sting says 18 months ago he made a vow to himself, the wrestlers, and the fans that he would get TNA back in the hands of Dixie Carter and to bring the real Hulk Hogan back out. Sting admits he had to go a little nuts to get things done but at BFG everything was all worth it because he succeeded. He said Hogan had to choose to either continue going down the road with Eric Bischoff or to do the right thing. Sting says the real Hulk Hogan came home at BFG as the fans chant “Hogan” and Sting calls Hogan out to the ring.

Hulk makes his way down to the ring wearing a “Hulkamania” t-shirt and donning the red and yellow again. Hogan and Sting hug in the ring and then the fans chant “welcome back” to Hogan. Hogan says when you’re right, you’re right and when you’re wrong, you’re wrong and for the last year he’s been very wrong. He says he’s not going to blame anyone else but he became a follower and not a leader. He says Bischoff helped him with a lot of things in his life but now after everything has been cleared up he understands how wrong Bischoff was. Hogan says the red & yellow is back and there is one person to thank for it, Sting. He calls Sting the “true leader” in TNA. Hogan says at BFG when he looked at himself and saw what he and Immortal had become and he saw the light. He says when Sting crawled to him and screamed “Help Me” he saw exactly what he had become and he was embarrassed. A “you still got it” chant starts and then he says he will never forget what Sting did at BFG for him. He then shakes Sting’s hand and leaves him in the ring.

Sting calls Dixie Carter to the ring and the TNA President makes her way out for the first time since March.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Back from the break Sting and Dixie are in the ring together and Sting says today is a day for them to celebrate because it’s the day that TNA’s rightful owner gets her company back. Sting says 18 months ago he tried to show her the light and she had to find out the hard way. Sting says Dixie gave her a new home in TNA several years ago and he loves it. He says he wouldn’t take anything back but from here forward Dixie will have to surround herself with people that are looking out for the best interests of TNA. He says the same mistake cannot be made twice.

Dixie thanks Sting and then apologizes to him for not listening to him last year. She also apologizes to the wrestlers and the fans and she assures them that she will not make the same mistake again. Dixie says her place is not in the ring, her role in TNA is to make sure it is the best it can be. She says this last year has made her want to fight even harder to make TNA the most successful company in the world. She says to do that she will have to spend a lot more time at TNA’s Headquarters to focus on her role as TNA President again. She tells Sting that she needs him to help her run the wrestling side of thing and she will give him all the authority to make Impact Wrestling what it needs to be. Dixie says she knows he’s gone to bat for her since he first stepped in TNA but she needs him again. Sting accepts it and he’s the new “authority figure” in TNA! Dixie thanks Sting again and thanks the fans and then she hugs Stinger.

As Dixie is getting ready to leave the ring the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, comes out and interrupts her and Sting. Tenay and Taz talk about the controversy over Angle’s win at BFG over Bobby Roode. Angle is HEAVILY limping to the ring.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Angle mockingly says not only is there one super heroes in the ring but there’s two with Sting and Dixie. He talks about Dixie screwing him over and then he mentions the match with Roode and asks if the spot Angle is standing in right now was meant for Roode. Angle says he’s the World Heavyweight Champion whether Dixie likes it or not. He says all anyone has been talking about for the past month has been Bobby Roode while he’s the World Champ and nobody talked about him. Angle says he made Roode look like a loser at BFG and says he’s the more dominant wrestler and the better man. Beer Money’s music hits.

Bobby Roode makes his way down to the ring now, looking none too happy. They zoom in on a sign that says “Roode Got Screwed” on it. Roode asks Angle if he’s joking right now and asks if he’s really going to stand there and take that victory at BFG. He calls Angle pathetic and says he had to screw him over by holding the ropes to keep that belt from him. Roode says he gave everything in his life for the past 13 years for that one moment, to get his shot at the belt, and Angle screwed him over. Roode says what Angle did at BFG was “bullsh*t” and there might not be anything he can do about it now as the fans chant “rematch,” but Sting cuts him off. Sting says he saw what happened last night so what he’s going to do tonight is make Angle vs. Roode for the belt! Roode gets fired up and Angle is heated. A “next world champ” chant starts up but Angle starts laughing. He says when he and Roode signed their contract for the Title Match at BFG he had Hogan and Bischoff put a stipulation in it, and that stipulation is that Roode could only have that ONE shot at Angle. He admits Roode IS a threat and is the real deal and that’s why they did it, and yes he screwed him but he did what he had to do to win. Angle starts mocking Roode and asks what that saying that his partner is always saying, and then “SORRY BOUT YO DAMN LUCK” is said over the speakers.

Storm makes his way down to the ring now!

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Storm asks Kurt how he’s doing and then asks if that contract has a clause in it that saves him from facing Storm for the belt. Storm says at BFG Kurt screwed everyone not just Roode by doing what he did, but when he screwed Roode he also screwed the Cowboy as well. Storm looks at Sting and says since Roode can’t get his rematch, but before he can say anything else Kurt cuts him off and says he needs to stop drinking on the job. Kurt says there are 10 guys in front of Storm but Sting tells him to shutup. Sting makes the match! ANGLE VS. STORM FOR THE BELT! TONIGHT! Roode says he remembers what that catch phrase Kurt was asking about is… “SORRY BOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK!” Angle is irate.

In the back Bischoff and Immortal approach Hogan in the parking lot as Hogan is trying to leave. Bischoff says they want to say goodbye to Hogan tonight their way in the ring and he has something he needs to share to Hulk so if he has any balls left after handing them over to Dixie & Sting he should bring them to the ring tonight. Bischoff and Immortal leave as Bischoff says they’ll find out if Hulk has any balls left.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Angelina Love & Winter vs. Tara & Brooke Tessmacher (c’s)

Winter failed in her attempt to retain the Knockouts Title at BFG, losing it to Velvet Sky in the Fatal 4-Way. Tara & Brooke are wearing pink tights tonight in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness and also “Save the tatas” shirts. Winter knocks Tara off the ropes to the floor as the champs are making their entrance and then Angelina Hip Tosses Brooke over the top into the ring. Angelina rips Brooke’s shirt off of her and starts choking her with it. The heels put the boots to Brooke and then Angelina goes for a Suplex but Brooke rolls her up! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out and then hits Brooke with a clothesline. Angelina hits Brooke with repeated right hands and then she tosses her into the corner. Winter tags in and then Winter whips Angelina into a Corner Clothesline to Brooke. Winter then hits a Backbreaker on her and covers her for a nearfall. Winter slams Brooke into the mat by her head and then tosses her back into the heel corner. Winter chokes Brooke and tags Angelina back in. Angelina hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by an Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Angelina picks Brooke up but Brooke catches her with a Jawbreaker out of nowhere! Brooke tries to crawl to her corner but Angelina grabs her by the foot and pulls her back. Brooke kicks her with the free leg but Angelina stops her again and slams her into the corner. Angelina attempts to whip Brooke into the opposite corner but Brooke reverses it. Angelina leaps to the top rope and kicks a charging Brooke. Angelina dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body, but Brooke ducks it! Brooke tags Tara in and Angelina tags in Winter. Tara ducks a clothesline attempt from Winter and knocks Angelina off the apron. Tara then clotheslines Winter repeatedly. She whips Winter into the ropes and connects with a Running Clothesline and then she takes her shirt off and Snapmare’s Winter over with it and chokes her with it as well. Tara hits another Snapmare and then picks her up on her shoulders and hits the Spiders Web! 1…2…NO Angelina breaks it up! Angelina and Winter whip Tara into the ropes which allows Brooke to blind tag herself in. Tara ducks a Double Clothesline attempt and then takes Winter & Angelina down with a Double Clothesline on them! Tara tosses Angelina to the floor and then Brooke dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body on Winter! 1…2…3!

Winners & STILL KO Tag Champs: Tara & Brooke via pinfall (Flying Cross Body)

In the back Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett arrive in the back.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Back from the break Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen make their way down to the ring. Jarrett calls Jeff Hardy out to the ring and he says he’ll finish what he started with their brawl at BFG. Hardy doesn’t make him wait long either.

Jarrett says Hardy thinks he’s just going to walk back into his spot in TNA since Dixie’s back in control of the company but he’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. Jarrett says he’s the one that brought Hardy into TNA and he was the first one that Hardy ever screwed in TNA. Jarrett says everyone thinks Victory Road was his first offense but it damn sure wasn’t and it won’t be his last. Jarrett says there’s a house divided in TNA because some people do want him in TNA but other’s don’t, but he doesn’t give a damn what anybody else thinks because he wants NO part of Hardy in TNA. Jarrett says he’ll give Hardy a choice tonight. He can leave tonight and never be seen in TNA again or he can suffer the consequences of staying at the hands of Jarrett. Hardy acts like he’s going to leave but then stops and says Jarrett may not want him here but it’s pretty obvious the fans do. Hardy says Jarrett is the only one still bitching and it’s not because of his mistakes but because of the way the fans react to him. He says it eats Jarrett alive and he can’t stand it. Hardy says he just can’t stand because he will never be able to light up a crowd the way Hardy can. Jarrett jumps him!

Jeff hits the ropes and nails Jarrett with a Flying Forearm! Hardy and Jarrett brawl around until security runs out to separate them. Hardy breaks free of security and jumps onto Jarrett again! Referees run down now and try and separate them with security. Jarrett breaks free of security and jumps onto Hardy now! Hardy answers right back! Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, & Simon Diamond are out now as well trying to separate them. Al Snow and D-Lo actually start arguing about the brawl as well! D-Lo busts out the head shake and the fans popped for it. During the argument Hardy breaks free and jumps Jarrett again but as security were pulling him off Jarrett kicked Hardy in the nuts!

In the back Angle is freaking out about having to face Storm tonight. He says he’ll whoop Storm’s ass tonight because no one puts one over on him.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Footage of the BFG Sting-Hogan match are shown again.

In the back Eric Young is doing a photo shoot when Robbie E. and Rob Terry approach him. Robbie says the TV Title belongs to him and Young has been ducking him over and over. Young looks at Terry and says he loves his “Conan the Barbarian” movies. Young says he’s a fighting champion and all he has to do is go ask Sting, but if Terry gets involved then he’ll bring in his buddy Ronnie from the Jersey Shore to take care of him. Robbie calls him a dork and leaves.

Gunner makes his way to the ring and calls Abyss out. He says last week they took the trash out when they kicked Abyss from the group. He says when you’re apart of Immortal you have to prove yourself to stay in the group. He says he volunteered himself to finish Abyss off this week.

Gunner vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Gunner attacks Abyss as he comes into the ring but Abyss goes nuts and throws him into the corner and starts beating the crap out of him. Abyss hits a HUGE clothesline and then starts putting the boots to Gunner. Abyss grabs Gunner by the throat and lifts him up into the air and then slams him to the mat. Abyss tosses Gunner into the corner and then Gunner tries to bail out of the ring but Abyss catches him and punches him THROUGH the ropes to the floor. Abyss follows Gunner up the ramp and pulls him back to the ring by his hair. Abyss slams Gunner into the ring steps! Abyss has lost his damn mind. The fans chant “one more time” and Abyss tosses Gunner back into the ring instead. Gunner says to hell with this and leaves the ring and bails out through the crowd. The referee counts Gunner out as Abyss looks like his head is about to explode.

Winner: Abyss via COUNTOUT

The referee attempts to raise Abyss’ hand but Abyss tosses him to the side.

In the back Velvet Sky talks about her journey to win the Knockouts Title at BFG. Velvet thanks the fans and says they’ve been behind her the entire time. Velvet says she’s going to go thank the fans right now.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

In the back Gunner runs back to Immortal and says that is a monster, not Abyss anymore. Gunner says they might need somebody like that but they tell him he’s overreacting. Bischoff says they’ll take care of Abyss.

A video package highlighting Velvet Sky’s career in TNA culminating in her Title win at BFG.

Velvet Sky makes her way down to the ring lets the pigeons loose! Velvet says she is so proud to finally stand in the ring as the Knockouts Champion. Velvet says it’s been an emotional journey for her and every obstacle thrown in her way has been worth it. She says her title win is for the people who said she wasn’t good enough to win it, and it may have taken her 4 years to win it but she did it. A “you deserve it’ chant starts and she says she couldn’t have won it without them. Karen Jarrett’s music interrupts her.

Karen and Traci walk down to the ring and Karen says she will make one thing perfectly clear to Velvet, she is the VP of the Knockouts and she has the power to fire both Velvet and Traci right now if she wants to. Karen screams at the crowd to shutup and then screams at Velvet & Traci to listen to them. Karen says if she fired them tonight it would be way too easy and says it wouldn’t be entertaining. Karen says if Traci thinks these last few weeks have been bad then she hasn’t seen anything yet. Karen then says she will make Traci’s life a living hell and if they think they’ve seen her mean side yet they haven’t seen anything yet. Karen tells security to come down and take Traci out of her ring. Security escorts Traci to the back and Karen tells her this is just the beginning.

Karen tells Velvet she will respect her and when she woke up Monday morning the first thing she said to Jeff was that she was stripping Velvet of the title, but Jeff told her that wouldn’t be any fun. Karen says Velvet would whine and cry like the little bitch she is, but there would be no physical pain or blood. She says she wants to see Velvet physically put in her place and she knows just the person to do it. Karen says she’ll give Velvet a piece of advice and that’s to keep eyes in the back of her head. Madison Rayne’s music hits and she starts walking down the ring.

Before Madison gets in the ring someone else jumps Velvet from behind! IT’S GAIL KIM! GAIL KIM IS BACK! Gail Kim beats down Velvet and then she and Madison start stomping the hell out of Velvet. Gail screams at Velvet and then slams her to the mat. Gail calls Velvet a joke and starts hitting her with forearms. Gail Kim taunts the crowd and then poses with Karen in the ring.

In the back Hulk Hogan is walking towards the entrance ramp.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

More Sting-Hogan clips are shown.

Eric Bischoff leads Immortal down to the ring for yet ANOTHER promo. Taz and Tenay talk about the revelation that Jackson James (referee) was actually Bischoff’s son, Garrett Bischoff and that Immortal had planted him in TNA months ago. If you recall during the Hardy-Morgan feud it was Jackson James that was the referee that kept making “mistakes” that screwed Morgan out of the title. Bischoff says he’ll address his punk kid later but he needs to face Hulk Hogan first.

Hogan makes his way down to the ring for the 2nd time tonight. Hogan says if Bischoff has something to say he better spit it out. Bischoff asks Hogan how he can explain turning on the guys (Immortal) that have had his back for the last year. Bischoff says if that wasn’t bad enough, he turned his back on Bischoff. Bischoff claims he made Hulk Hogan and if it weren’t for him he wouldn’t be here. Bischoff says the worst offense he could commit was getting between he and Garrett Bischoff. Bischoff says his son turned his back on him because of Hogan.

Hogan says in the last few days he’s learned a lot about Bischoff and his son Garrett. Hogan says one thing he found out is that Garrett is one hell of a man, a man that Eric could never be. Bischoff slaps Hogan! Hogan looks like he’s going to snap and points at Bischoff with the “YOU!”

Immortal hits the ring and surrounds Hogan but Sting runs down with a couple of bats! Sting hands Hogan a bat and Immortal bails. Bischoff says this isn’t over but as he’s backing up the ramp his son appears at the top of the ramp. Garrett Bischoff calls Eric a disgrace and then Bischoff shoves him. Bischoff rips his sons shirt off and point so the “Bischoff” tattoo on his chest and says he doesn’t deserve that name. Garrett decks Eric!

In the back Roode asks Storm if he’s ready and Storm says he is but wishes he had a little more time to prepare. Roode stops and screams “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” Roode says he’s been preparing for this his whole life. He says Storm has been in TNA since day one and there is no doubt in his mind that Storm is more prepared now to become the champion. Roode says he can bitch and complain all day about what happened to him at BFG but the reality is that was then and this is now, and right now is Storm’s time. He tells Storm to go out and kick Angle’s ass and become the next World Heavyweight Champion. Roode says Storm was there with him to feel his pain and tonight he wants to be there for Storm to feel his excitement of being World Champion. They fist bump and then Storm walks away and takes a swig of his liquid courage as Roode tells him to “DO IT!”

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————–

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“Cowboy” James Storm vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle (c)

Tenay puts over that this is the first time that James Storm has ever had an opportunity of any kind to get a shot at the World Title. Boxing style intros for this one. Angle’s hamstring is taped up again tonight (like it was at BFG and supposedly the injury he re-aggravated at the end of that match). Angle jumps Angle at the bell and Taz points out how Kurt usually tries to mat wrestle to start a match. Angle beats Storm down in the corner and then argues with the referee. Angle goes back to beating on Storm in the corner, putting the boots to him. The referee warns him again and Angle shoves the referee. Angle taunts the crowd and then turns around into the Last Call! 1…2…3! NEW CHAMPION! JAMES STORM IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION!


Bobby Roode runs down to the ring as Storm begins to break down in the ring! Storm and Roode hug in the center of the ring and then Storm runs out to the crowd and celebrates with the fans! Storm poses with the fans as AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian run down to the ring! AJ tosses a beer into the crowd to Storm! As Storm climbs back into the ring Fortune pours beers on Storm celebrating the win James Storm style. Storm hugs AJ & Kazarian and then they all toast to each other.

James Storm grabs the microphone as a “Cowboy” chant erupts. Storm says he’s been in TNA since day one and he watched people come and go, but one thing is for damn sure the Cowboy is here to stay! Storm says that win was a little bitter sweet. He says Roode is his best friend and they are the best Tag Team in the world and that belt belongs to Roode. Storm hands him the belt. Roode grabs the microphone and says that belt looks real nice, but Storm deserves it! Roode puts the belt around Storm’s waist and Fortune continues celebrating!


Before I start complaining I’m going to talk about a positive. We missed the mark out moment we (TNA fans) all wanted at BFG when TNA dropped the ball and didn’t put the strap on Roode, but with that said we got another mark out moment tonight with James Storm SURPRISINGLY winning the belt. If you didn’t read the spoilers I don’t believe anyone would have saw that one coming. There are few in TNA that deserve that win more than James Storm (Bobby Roode being one of those few). It was great to see someone like that finally get some shine, and the celebration with Fortune was just awesome. The ending to Impact is the only thing that saves this weeks show from going straight in the toilet. Going forward this brings up so many awesome possibilities but the obvious is James Storm vs. Bobby Roode. The Beer Money breakup is imminent and hopefully both guys go all out and are allowed to go all out and it’s a real feud rather than the “respect” route there. Yes, TNA dropped the ball at BFG but those saying Roode got screwed over need to take a chill pill and let this play out. Roode WILL be getting his run and I have no doubt about that now. The question is, when will they go that route and who will be the heel?

Now to the rest of the show.

That opening may have been the worst opening in Impact history, and gave me flashbacks to the old 30 minute McMahon-Helmsley Faction promos that opened RAW for so many months back in the early 2000’s. Yikes that was painful. It would have came off SO MUCH better had they simply broke it up into different parts on the show. I understand we’re coming off of the biggest PPV of the year and a ton needs to be set up going forward but that was just too much.

The Knockouts match was fun, probably the cleanest Brooke has looked in the ring so far.

Bischoff-Hogan stuff was just there and I have no desire to see Bischoff’s son go anywhere near a wrestling ring in a match.

Abyss looked like a legit monster for the first time in years. He’s just been so damaged so far that I don’t think there’s any saving that character, and he is awful as a babyface.

Did we really need to see another pull apart brawl between Jarrett & Hardy? Pointless.

Karen plays the bitch so well that I doubt that she has to act very hard. Gail Kim back in TNA is awesome and something I’ve been hoping for, for awhile. She was a heel when she first came into TNA, as a valet/manager for Americas Most Wanted before the Knockouts division was ever started, but her entire run in the Knockouts she was a face so this should be interesting. I can’t wait for the Mickie James feud so they can make up for that abomination of a match they had in the ‘E’ a few years ago.

Angle-Storm wasn’t really a match and I think by now most of us know why they had to go that route with the match, because of Angle’s injury. I have no idea how long Angle is going to be gone but I’m assuming it may be awhile.

I can’t wait to see where they go with Fortune and the Storm angle.

– Promo/Segment of the Week: Storm’s win and the Fortune celebration
– Match of the Night: Knockouts Tag (*1/2)
– Overall Grade: D +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– n/a

Turning Point Lineup:
-TNA World Title: James Storm (c) vs. TBA

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