TNA Impact 10/6/2011

TNA Impact Wrestling
Knoxville, Tennessee (Knoxville Civic Coliseum)
October 6, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact Wrestling opens up with clips of Hogan in TNA along with his promo from last week about him making his decision.

Hogan and Bischoff are shown arriving to the building as we cut to the parking lot.

Beer Money’s music hits and the former Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring. Crowd looks great tonight. Roode and Storm will be facing each other one-on-one tonight. Storm asks if there are any beer drinkers in the building tonight (you’re in Tennessee right now dude). Storm says tonight is being billed as Hogan’s retirement show and then says it’s about damn time he took a backseat. Storm says he hopes Hogan has fun trying to follow he and Bobby’s match here tonight because they are going to tear the building down tonight. Roode says since Storm is the “Tennessee Cowboy, welcome home” and no one in the building would expect less from them. Roode says he was surprised when Angle and Immortal booked these Fortune matches and Fortune isn’t just friends they’re family. Roode says the matches he had with AJ and Kazarian were both physically and emotionally exhausting but that’s what he needed. He says he needed them to give him their best because if he could beat them at their best he knew he could beat Angle. Roode says he needs Storm to be the “ass kicking son of a b*tch” he is and give everything he has tonight. He says he needs Storm to get him ready for Kurt Angle tonight. Roode says over the last 4 years Storm has been his brother and in 10 days he will go to the Main Event at BFG for the World Title. A “next world champ” chant starts. Storm says when they formed Beer Money 4 years ago he knew that Roode was a future World Champion, and he’s pretty sure Roode thought the same thing about Storm. Roode shakes his head yes and Storm says he has something to prove tonight. Storm says tonight he might be just a little bit better than Bobby. He says he knows Roode is one of the greatest workers in the business today and Roode has proven himself, so tonight it’s time for Storm to prove himself! Storm looks at Roode and says, “sorry bout yo damn luck!” Storm and Roode shake hands and play to the crowd.

Sting is shown walking by a picture of a clown and he stops and laughs at it. Sting is wearing a red and yellow suit. Damn, that thing is loud.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Footage of Hogan’s debut in TNA is shown, they’re going to show various clips of Hogan’s “best” moments in TNA (there haven’t been many good ones).

Kazarian vs. Gunner

Last week Gunner jumped Kaz when he was brawling with Jeff Jarrett. Kaz has some new black and gold gear tonight that looks very Shane Douglas like. Kaz and Gunner lockup and Gunner forces Kaz into the corner, but Kaz is able to escape. They lockup again and Gunner gets Kaz in a wristlock but Kaz rolls through and counters into one of his own. Gunner reverses the hold into a Keylock but Kaz grabs the top rope and uses it to backflip out of the hold and then counter into an Armdrag. Kaz follows up with a dropkick and then he sends Gunner over the top rope with a clothesline. Kaz follows up with a slingshot dive attempt but Gunner moves out of the way and Kaz is able to catch himself on the apron. Gunner grabs Kaz’s foot and yanks him off the apron slamming him into it. Gunner slams Kaz’s arm into the ring apron and then puts it in between the turnbuckles and slams it down onto one of the cables. Gunner rolls Kaz back into the ring and starts further working on the arm, but Kaz rolls him out of nowhere for a nearfall! Gunner gets right back to his feet and slams Kaz to the mat again by the arm. Taz mentions that awhile back Kaz tore his bicep. Kaz tries to fight back but Gunner twists the arm again and then lifts Kaz up onto his shoulder and hits a Shoulder Breaker! Gunner drops several Knee Drops on Kaz’s arm and then he goes for a Hammerlock Slam. Kaz blocks it and then ducks a clothesline and hits a Springboard Back Elbow followed by a Spinning Heel Kick! Kaz then hits a Thrust Kick and then he attempts to whip Gunner into the ropes but can’t because of the arm injury. Gunner then charges at Kaz with a kick attempt, but Kaz catches his leg with his good arm and then hits a Spinning Leg Sweep. Kaz follows up with a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop. 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Kaz goes to grab Gunner but Gunner pokes him in the eyes and then slams Kaz into the ring post by the injured arm! Gunner follows up with an Armbar! Kaz immediately taps out!

Winner: Gunner via submission (Armbar)

After the match Gunner continues to beat on Kaz, going after the arm. The referee reverses his decision and DQ’s Gunner for attacking Kaz after the match and further injuring the arm. Gunner just laughs and makes a motion with his hands that he broke Kaz’s arm.

Winner: Kaz via DQ

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Mr. Anderson makes his way down to the ring after the break. Anderson says he is here tonight to do something that he’s not known for doing, and that is to apologize. Anderson says he’s going to apologize to the fans, to the assholes. Anderson says he’s not very good at playing the political games and kiss ass, and swing from the bosses nuts. Anderson says after spending his whole career clawing and scraping to get to where he has he joined Immortal in a moment of weakness. He says he doesn’t regret it and he learned a lot from that life experience, for instance Bully Ray is a giant douchebag. Bull Ray’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring.

Ray’s getting a lot of heat. Ray gets a HUGE pop from me when he says he wants to make this quick so he can head over to Neyland Stadium (Tennessee’s stadium) and take a piss on that big orange T! I want you to do it too Ray! Huge heat for that one. Anderson says over the past few months Ray has attacked him from behind and hit him with his huge chain (and then he asks if Ray is overcompensating for something with that chain). Ray says he’s demoralized Anderson over and over in front of all his jackoffs, and Anderson reminds him that they’re assholes. Ray says he won’t face him again. Ray says he could promise him the world but he still won’t face him. Anderson says BFG is in Philly which is where Ray cut his teeth in the business and he’s known for that hardcore style. He asks Ray if he would deny him that match if he challenged him to a Falls Count Anywhere Match in Philly! Ray gets pissed and leaves the ring when Anderson says his ego won’t let him back down from that challenge.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Roode and Storm are shown preparing for their match tonight.

In the back Eric Bischoff says he doesn’t really know how he feels about Hogan retiring and this whole thing is tough. He says it’s the end of an era.

Brian Kendrick rambles about enlightening himself and knowing Aries’ weakness, saying the gold has made him far too proud. He says Aries is the type of scumbag who inspires guys like Kid Kash, and Kid Kash shows up behind Kendrick. Kash says he couldn’t help but overhear Kendrick running his mouth so if he wants to say something say it to his face. Kash bitch slaps Kendrick HARD and then starts beating the hell out of him. Kash says he does the disrespecting, not Kendrick and then spits on him and calls him a bitch before walking away.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Mickie James & Velvet Sky vs. Winter & Madison Rayne w/Angelina Love

Winter and Mickie start things off tonight, and Winter gets Mickie in a Waistlock but Mickie reverses it into a side headlock. She transitions into a wristlock but Winter gets to the ropes to break the hold. Mickie then pie faces Winter and blows a kiss at her taunting her. Winter then tags out to Mickie’s former rival Madison Rayne. Mickie hits a Side Headlock Takeover on Madison as Tenay says that Kazarian is being taken to the hospital following the attack by Gunner and AJ is with him. Madison counters into a head scissors but Mickie nips up out of it. Mickie locks in another side headlock but Madison shoves Mickie into the ropes where Velvet blind tags herself in. Mickie then cartwheels over Madison and hits a Snapmare Takover and holds Madison so Velvet can hit a sliding dropkick for a nearfall. Velvet grabs Madison but Madison catches her with a Jawbreaker and quickly tags Winter back in. Winter charges at Velvet but Velvet hits her with a Drop Toe Hold. Velvet then hits a series of Jawbreakers and then a clothesline. Mickie tags back in and dives off the top with a Diving Thesz Press! Mickie knocks Madison off the apron but turns around into a back kick from Winter. Winter whips Mickie into the corner and charges but Mickie hits her with a back elbow and then the Mickiecanrana! Mickie follows up with a Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Mickie hits a forearm and then a kick to the gut. She attempts to whip Winter into the ropes but Winter reverses it and then grabs the referee as Angelina drips Mickie on the outside. Winter hits a Knee Drop and gets a nearfall of her own. Madison tags back in and she and Winter whip Mickie into the corner. Winter then whips Madison into a clothesline on Mickie in the corner. Madison chokes Mickie in the corner and then tags Winter right back in. Winter puts the boots to Mickie and then tags Madison back in. The two choke Mickie and then Winter tags right back in. They slam Mickie into the corner again and then Madison whips Winter at Mickie, but Mickie ducks her and clotheslines Madison! Winter grabs Mickie by the leg but she’s able to dive and tag in Velvet! Velvet ducks Winter and then knocks Madison off the apron with a Forearm Smash! Velvet hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover on Winter followed by a series of clotheslines. Velvet hits a Sitout Pedigree on Winter! 1…2…NO Madison breaks it up! Mickie knocks Madison out to the floor and follows. In the ring Winter comes back on Velvet and hits her with a knee. Winter tries to whip Velvet into the ropes but Velvet reverses it and Angelina trips Winter! Angelina was looking after the referee while she did it trying to make sure he didn’t see her! Velvet then Elbow Drops Winter and then Winter lays out Angelina! Madison tags herself in and rolls Velvet up out of nowhere! 1…2…3!

Winners: Madison & Winter via pinfall (rollup)

Jeff Hardy is shown arriving to the arena.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

The next “Best of Hogan” moment shown is the Hogan & Abyss vs. AJ & Flair match from March last year.

In the back Kurt Angle is going nuts at Bischoff about Hardy showing up. Bischoff says he’ll take care of Hardy for him.

Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring. Bischoff tells the fans to sit down and shut up. He tells Jeff Hardy to get his ass down to the ring. Hardy’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with a new entrance video. A big “Hardy” chant starts and Bischoff says he has had the honor of working with some of the greats in the wrestling business who paved the way for guys like Jeff Hardy. Bischoff says he took advantage of his opportunities and never dropped the ball, but Hardy has turned dropping the ball into an artform. Bischoff says God gave Hardy the gifts to excel but he’s also one of the biggest screwups. He says Hardy keeps asking people to forgive him and give him another chance, but he’s out of chances. Bischoff tells Hardy is officially DONE with TNA, he was done when he came to the ring at Victory Road “pilled up.” He tells Hardy to “12 step” his way out of the ring.

Jeff says he’s glad he got that off his chest in front of everybody tonight and who knows, maybe some of the people agree with Bischoff or maybe they don’t. Jeff says he has one thing to say… and then he hits Bischoff with the Twist of Fate! Jeff screams “SCREW YOU” at Bischoff and then Immortal runs out and Hardy bails through the crowd!

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Back from the break Hardy is walking in the parking lot and he says he came back to apologize to everyone and they all right he messed up, but what Bischoff did was wrong and if he’s out of TNA then he’s out on his terms and walks away.

Another “Hogan’s Greatest Moments” is shown and it was Hogan telling Dixie she’s done in TNA.

Crimson vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Footage of Joe injuring Crimson several weeks ago is shown as he comes to the ring. Crimson attacks Joe before the bell and starts beating on him in the corner with knees and elbows and slaps. Crimson is fired up but Joe cuts him off with a poke to the eyes. Joe beats on Crimson with nasty jabs in the corner and then he grabs Crimson and attempts to whip him into the ropes. Crimson reverses it into a clothesline and then he beats on him further. Crimson picks Joe up and starts throwing Knee Strikes but Joe blocks them and then goes for a clothesline, but Crimson catches Joe’s arm and counters into a Cravate. Crimson hits a Knee Strike followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Crimson goes to pick Joe up but Joe grabs Crimson and shoves him into the corner. Joe then hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe then hits Crimson with more jabs and then he hits the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Crimson picks Joe’s big ass up with a T-Bone Suplex! Joe rolls out to the floor and Crimson follows him. Crimson slams Joe into the guardrail and then he slams him into the apron and into the guardrail again. Crimson tries to kick Joe but Joe catches his foot and slams it into the guardrail! The same ankle he injured before. Joe flips off the referee and continues to beat on Crimson. Joe hangs Crimson’s leg up in the guardrail and then slams him down onto the ground. Joe rolls Crimson back in the ring and Crimson fights back with a Knee to the head, but Joe comes right back with a Spinning Leg Sweep going after that ankle again. Joe grabs Crimson’s feet and sets up for the Heel Hook but Crimson kicks him off with the free leg into the corner. Joe charges at Crimson and Crimson goes for the Red Sky, but he can’t lift Joe up and sells the leg again. Joe chop blocks the leg! Joe then hits a Backsplash Senton onto the leg! Joe grabs Crimson’s leg and locks in the Heel Hook! Crimson tries to fight it but Joe pulls him back to the center of the ring and Crimson starts kicking Joe in the face with the free leg. Joe screams at him and spits on him, and Crimson rolls him up out of nowhere! 1…2…3!

Winner: Crimson via pinfall (rollup)

Joe looks like he’s going to murder someone after the match.

In the back Bully Ray says Anderson is either crazy or he has huge balls to challenge Ray to a Falls Count Anywhere in Philly. Ray says he started his career there and that’s where he’ll end Anderson’s. Ray says, “screw you, screw Philadelphia…I’m Bully Ray and I’m from New York City.”

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

In the back James Storm says he’s happy that Bobby but he’s also happy for himself because tonight he can show everybody what he can do. He says tonight isn’t about Beer Money, its about James Storm and Bobby Roode. He says, “Bobby walks around saying it pays to be Roode…but I forgot my wallet. Sorry bout yo damn luck!”

Another video package highlighting Bobby Roode is shown. Footage of Roode training in the gym as well as clips of Roode from various points in his career in TNA (including back in the early Asylum days). Roode says it’s time for him to step up and grab that torch and carry it for years to come. He says he has the desire and the will to carry TNA. Roode comes to the old stadium that he used to play Hockey in as well as where he would sit in the stands during wrestling shows and dream about being a wrestler. He says he used to sit there and picture himself coming through the curtains with the World Title. His mother talks about how hard he’s worked and his father says he’s gotten as far as he has because he was determined. Roode talks about Kurt saying he wants to hold down all of the young guys and he doesn’t understand nor does he care about it because all he cares about is beating Kurt Angle. Roode says no one can hold him down right now. Another unbelievably excellent video package there!

Main Event
“Cowboy” James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that Bobby and Storm have faced each other one-on-one. Brian Hebner got booed during the boxy style intros. They shake hands and fist bump and the match is on! They lockup and Storm gets Roode in a hammerlock and immediately starts elbowing Roode’s arm. Roode reverses the hold into a wristlock and then he transitions into a hammerlock. Storm elbows Roode in the face and then reverses it into a hammerlock of his own. Storm switches to a side headlock but Roode shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Storm hits the ropes again and Roode goes for a Hip Toss, but Storm blocks it and hits a Hip Toss of his own! Storm goes for an elbow drop but Roode rolls out of the way and then goes for one of his own, but Storm rolls out of the way! Storm attempts a clothesline but Roode ducks it and then swings for one of his own! Storm ducks and attempts the Last Call! Roode sidesteps it and the two stare each other down and Roode smiles at Storm and Storm smiles back. They lockup again and Storm gets Roode in a Waistlock, but Roode reverses it. Storm gets to the ropes and bucks Roode off of him. Storm charges at Roode but Roode leapfrogs him and then hits an armdrag. Roode hits another armdrag and immediately goes for the Fujiwara Armbar! Storm quickly wriggles free and the two stare each other down again. Storm gets in Roode’s face now and the two jaw back and forth!

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Back from commercials Storm is beating on Roode in the corner with shoulder blocks and chops. Roode comes back and chops away at Storm now! Roode hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Rolling Necksnap. Roode whips Storm into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Storm ducks it and hits a Flying Forearm. Storm then hits a clothesline and whips Roode back into the ropes but now Roode explodes with a Flying Forearm! Roode then follows up with a clothesline of HIS own! Tenay says that at BFG it has just been confirmed it will be AJ vs. Daniels in an I Quit Match! Roode covers Storm and gets just a one count. Roode picks Storm up and Storm shoves him away. Roode shoves him back and now the two exchange right hands! Storm hits a big uppercut that knocks Roode up! Storm beats on Roode in the corner and then attempts to whip him into the opposite corner, but Roode reverses it. Storm then floats up and over the charging Roode. Storm charges at Roode but he gets his boot up and then connects with the Blockbuster off the top! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Roode picks Storm up and whips him into the ropes but Storm holds onto them. Roode then charges at Storm but Storm sidesteps him sending Roode crashing to the floor! Roode climbs back on the apron and hits Storm with a right hand and then goes for a shoulder block through the ropes but Storm kicks him and then hits him with a Hanging DDT off the ropes! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Storm charges at Roode in the corner but Roode backdrops him over the top! Storm lands on the apron and then hits Roode with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron! Storm follows up by hitting the ropes but he eats the Double-R Spinebuster from Roode! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Roode climbs up top for something but Storm crotches him on the ropes! Storm hits him with a big uppercut and then climbs up with him! Storm hits a Superplex off the top! 1…..2……NO ROODE KICK SOUT! Storm waits for Roode to get to his feet and goes for the Last Call, but Roode ducks it and then kicks Storm. Roode grabs Storm and goes for the Payoff, but Storm blocks it and Roode goes for a clothesline. Storm ducks and then attempts the Last Call again! Roode catches his foot and quickly forces Storm to the mat with the Crippler Crossface! Storm attempts to roll Roode over into a pin but Roode rolls right through it and holds onto the Crossface! Storm is able to get his foot on the bottom rope and break it though. Roode grabs Storm but Storm connects with a Codebreaker out of nowhere followed by a Backstabber! 1…2…NO Roode BARELY kicks out! A “this is awesome” chant erupts as Storm attempts to whip Roode into the corner. Roode reverses it and Storm bounces out of the corner with a back elbow to Roode which sends Roode into the referee! Storm rolls out to the floor and all 3 men (including the referee) are down. Kurt Angle runs down to the ring and tosses Storm into the ring steps! Angle then tosses Storm back into the ring as Taz wonders why Angle would attack Storm. Roode and the referee recover at about the same time and Roode covers Storm, 1…2…NO Storm STILL kicks out! Roode staggers to his feet and then grabs Storm but Storm shoves Roode away! Storm looks like he’s going to attempt the Last Call again but he then kind of collapses and holds his head. Roode grabs him and hits the Payoff! 1…2…3!

Winner: Roode via pinfall (Payoff)

After the match Roode checks on Storm and Taz and Tenay discuss about the possibility that Angle may have been the difference maker there.

——————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————-

Back from the break Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Hogan says he knew he’d get this kind of reaction (big pop) from Knoxville. A “Hogan” chant starts and he says when he woke up this morning he finally realized that today would be the last day that he’s in the wrestling business. Hogan says after the 30 year run he’s had that was a tough cup of coffee for him to swallow. He says from the time he arrived in Knoxville everyone welcomed him with open arms and another “Hogan” chant starts. Hogan says he felt so much love that it made him feel like it was his first day in the business all over again. Hogan says now he’ll have to find something to replace the love he feels everytime he comes out in an arena. He says this is the end of the line for him and because of the fans he thanks them. Hogan holds up a “Hulkamania” belt and a “Thank you Hogan” chant starts. Hogan says Hulkamania could go on for another 30 years but at the end of the day it had the longest run in the history of wrestling and now it’s time to lay it to rest. Hogan says the only thing left now is to celebrate it but Sting’s music cuts him off!

Sting’s not only wearing a red and yellow suit, but he’s wearing red and yellow shoes too. Hogan says Sting is welcome out here and he will not turn this into a clown show. Sting apologizes for bring some rain to this evening but he just has to ask one question. He asks if there is anyone that’s buying this retirement crap. Hogan says Sting needs to understand one thing and that’s nothing last forever in this business and Sting needs to leave him alone. Sting says maybe he’s just become so jaded by the business that he can’t let Hogan have his day…or maybe he just knows Hogan better than anybody on this earth. Sting says it’s also very amazing how many cameras are everywhere these days and nothing is sacred now adays. Sting says he has some compelling footage of Hogan, but Hogan says the games are over so Sting needs to leave. Sting says he’ll leave after they play some footage and he tells the guys in the back to play it.

It’s Hogan and Bischoff talking about the fans buying him making the claim that he’s going to retire. Bischoff says they even fooled the network. Bischoff says the hillbillies are going out and mortgaging their trailers so they can buy Hogan memorabilia. Hogan does a bad southern accent and makes fun of the women having no teeth. Bischoff tells Hogan to kick back for a few months in Hawaii and then come back and come back to normal. Hogan screams at them to cut the footage and he says Sting has crossed a line and he ruins everything. Hogan says he’s so damn sick of Sting and if he wants to wrestle, hell no he won’t wrestle him but he’s pushed him so far that he’ll fight him! Hogan is IRRATE and screams at Sting that he’ll fight him at BFG and if Sting beats him then he’ll give the company back to Dixie Carter! After he says it Hogan realizes what he just said and looks mortified and covers his mouth. Sting says “got what I wanted” and leaves.


Tonight was pretty average for the most part with also some nice spots as well.

The opening segment was EXCELLENT with both Roode and Storm hyping up the match and Storm making sure that everyone knows he wants to win too not just help Roode get ready for his match. Their match itself was EXCELLENT, a great back and forth match. Even though we had the interference at the end I actually liked it because of the possibilities going forward it brings. It makes sense for Angle to attack Roode and try and drive a wedge between the two friends, but going forward it also leaves us with Storm being able to say “you didn’t beat me clean” if Roode wins the belt going forward to the eventual breakup feud between them.

I absolutely love these vignettes for Roode and I wish they would do this kind of thing more often. Just absolutely excellently done.

The Jeff Hardy thing was short and sweet and Bischoff looked like a dick with Hardy looking sympathetic and showing some fire.

The Knockouts Match had some decent action early but got really clunky at the end.

Gunner-Kaz had a good opening match with Gunner going after Kaz’s arm.

I love the thought of AJ-Daniels in an I Quit Match, it’s going to give them a chance to get a little more violent then we’re used to with those two.

Ray-Anderson had a solid segment with Ray standing out again while Anderson is kind of stale right now.

Joe-Crimson was okay but I would have rather them have Joe go nuts on Crimson and get DQ’d rather than the flash pin from Crimson.

The Hogan segment was okay I guess and sets up the match that we already knew was happening. I did like how Sting’s mind games finally worked and made Hogan agree to the ‘fight’ out of anger and then the look on his face after he said it was priceless.

I’m not sure about the Kid Kash attack on Kendrick, I have no clue what they’re doing with that. Whether Kash is going to align himself with Aries or if they’re going to add Kash to that match (which I would have no problem with).

– Promo/Segment of the Week: Storm/Roode open and the Roode vignette
– Match of the Night: Roode vs. Storm (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: C+

Scheduled for Next Week:
– AJ Styles & RVD vs. Daniels & Jerry Lynn

Bound for Glory Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Bobby Roode
– Sting vs. Hulk Hogan
– Full Metal Mayhem: RVD vs. Jerry Lynn
– Falls Count Anywhere: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
– I Quit Match: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
– TNA Knockouts Title Fatal 4-Way: Winter (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne
– TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Brian Kendrick
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Mexican America (c) vs. Ink, Inc.

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