WWE RAW 10/10/2011

WWE Monday Night Raw
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 10, 2011
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night RAW!!!

The show starts with shots of the empty commentators’ booth, as well as backstage views of the empty corridors. Triple H is shown leaving his office and making his way to the entrance ramp. The music hits, and the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE makes his way down to the ring.

HHH says that he showed up, and the fans showed. He is still in shock over the fact that the wrestlers, techs, referees and announcers all walked out at the end of the show last week. He says that they didn’t walk out on him, they walked out on the fans. Those Superstars are now standing out in the parking lot holding a solidarity rally. The WWE and RAW have just become “too hard” for them. They all have their gear, but not one of them is going to step inside the building to perform for the fans – unless HHH steps down. Trips asks the crowd what he should do, should he walk away or stay? The fans roar their approval of the COO’s job. He says that he’s never been a quitter, and it’s just not something that he can do. He will not be coerced, he will not be blackmailed, and he will not quit. Even if he has to wrestle a broomstick for two hours, he will give the fans a show tonight. And to be fair, he says that the broomstick would give him a better match than some of the guys in the parking lot.

John Cena’s music hits, and one of the lone Superstars agreeing to perform tonight makes his way down to the ring. He turns to the camera during his entrance and says, “it’s about to get serious”. Cena says that there is a reason that he didn’t participate with the Superstars last week on RAW, and he hasn’t revealed his standing in any interviews or in forms of social media. Cena says that every single wrestler and employee that walked out has personally reached out to him. HHH hasn’t even sent him a single text. Cena says he has worked for McMahon, Bischoff, Vickie Guerrero, 56 Guest Hosts, the Anonymous RAW GM, and even survived the Mike Adamle era. Cena has worked for a lot of bosses and he isn’t going anywhere. He is loyal, not to a boss, but to the fans. Cena is staying on Monday Night RAW.

Sheamus’ music hits and the Irish born Superstar makes his way down to the ring. He reminds Hunter of the way that he attacked him two years ago and put him out of action for months. HHH gave him one of the biggest arse beatings of his life when he came back, which is why he has so much respect for the COO. Sheamus says that he didn’t travel 1000s of miles to sit out in the parking lot with all of those losers. He came all this way to perform in the WWE, and he isn’t leaving.

CM Punk comes down to the ring and says that he is responsible for a lot of what is going on tonight. Punk made walking out seem cool. The difference is that he didn’t break his contract, his contract was up. This entire industry is based on men being able to solve their problems between the ropes. This is professional wrestling, it’s not ballet. Punk says that if you have a problem you man up, you don’t sit in the parking lot like a bunch of hippies. Punk says that when he has a problem with someone, he deals with them personally. He says that Punk may be the last guy that Cena, Sheamus and Hunter expect to see with them, but here he is. So the question is, what do they do now?

HHH says they do what they do on Monday Night RAW, they shut up and fight! HHH says that as long as these guys are here, let’s have a show. Sheamus and Cena will have a match, HHH agrees to referee and Punk will be placed on commentary. Punk walks over and rings the bell, and this match is underway!

John Cena v. Sheamus 

Sheamus drops Cena to the mat with a side headlock. Sheamus bounces off the ropes and Cena brings him down to the mat with a side headlock and CM Punk takes us to commercial.


Sheamus goes for a cover, but Cena kicks out.

Vince McMahon’s music hits! He makes his way down to the ring and apologizes for breaking up the match. He says that he got here as quickly as he could. Vince asks if he can have a word with his son in law. Sheamus and Cena exit. Vince thanks them for standing up for what they believe in. Punk also heads to the back with them. Vince says that he believes in HHH. He enjoys watching RAW more than ever, but unfortunately there are many who aren’t such fans of HHH’s job. The Board of Directors sympathizes with the walk out talents. At the end of the day, the Board needs to worry about the financial stability of the company. They are concerned that if this whole thing gets out of control it could lead to the cancellation of events, and even the end of WrestleMania. Vince says that on behalf of the Board, HHH’s services are no longer required. But, Vince won’t be handling the show either. No member of the McMahon family will be controlling the show. They are looking for a permanent GM of RAW, but in the meantime there will be an interim GM. For the time being, Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis, will be the interim GM of RAW.

John makes his way onto the entrance ramp amidst a chorus of boos from the audience.


Laurinaitis is in the back and he welcomes all of the talent back into the arena. Morrison tells John that he sucks, and as such is put in a match to begin now. Christian enters and tells John that he should be made the permanent GM. As a thank you, Christian is placed into the match with Morrison.

Back inside the arena, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole make their return to the commentary booth. Cole is taking credit for the entire walk out.

John Morrison v. Christian 

Both of the competitors are in street clothes for this match up. Christian is accompanied by Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger.

Christian punches him in the head and whips John into the ropes. John responds with a running punch and then kicks him in the gut. Morrison mounts Christian for a slew of punches and then pulls Christian’s shirt up over his head. Morrison tries to throw him out of the ring, but Christian lands on the apron and climbs to the third turnbuckle. John throws him to the mat and looks for Starship Pain. Christian moves out of the way and John is distracted by Christian’s entourage. Christian hits the Spear, and this match is over!

Winner via Spear: Christian 

After the match, Ziggler, Swagger & Rhodes all hit their finishers on Morrison.


Mark Henry is in the ring and he says that he will take on anyone who is the #1 Contender.

Video Package: Henry/Big Show

Henry says he took all that punishment and pain, and is still here. Henry says that at the Vengeance PPV, vengeance will be his. Orton’s voice comes on the PA and says that no, vengeance will be his.

Mark Henry v. Randy Orton 

Henry backs Orton into the corner. At first Randy hits a couple of punches, but Henry pushes him to the ground on the outside. Henry follows after and rolls Orton back into the ring. Henry lifts Orton up on his shoulder and slams him hard to the mat. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Orton gets to his feet and hits a couple of kicks and then flattens the World’s Strongest Man with a huge clothesline. Henry is on the apron and Orton sets him up for the suspended DDT. It connects! Instead of covering him, Orton drops to the mat and starts to power up for the RKO. Cody Rhodes runs down to the ring and tries to distract Orton. It works just enough for Henry to lift Orton up for the World’s Strongest Slam. Orton counters the move and gets to his feet, only to connect with the RKO! Cover – but Rhodes runs into the ring to break the cover.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton 

Rhodes tries to continue the attack after the match, but Orton quickly gains control. This doesn’t last for more than 30 seconds before Henry is able to get back up on his feet. Henry connects with one World’s Strongest Slam, and then another! Henry grabs his Title and walks to the back and Orton is left curled up in the middle of the ring. Cody slides back in the ring and lifts Orton up to his feet. Cody connects with Cross Rhodes! Cody’s bagman runs down to the ring and hands him a paper bag to place over the face of Orton. He grabs a mic and says cut the head off a viper and all the venom goes with it. He asks if Orton would like a receipt for his paper bag. Cody then laughs for a good ten seconds before finally exiting the ring.


Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres v. Tamina & Rosa Mendes 

Kelly and Rosa start the match off. Kelly hits her cartwheel elbow and then employs a half tarantula. Kelly lets go of the hold and gets back into the ring to stomp Rosa in the gut. Tamina gets the tag and knees Kelly in the gut. Tamina drops her knee once against Kelly, but Kelly rolls out of the way of the second knee. Eve gets the tag and is brought into the ring by Tamina, but lands on her feet and connects with a clothesline. Rosa comes into the ring to help her partner, but Kelly runs in and knocks her out of the ring. Eve flattens Tamina and then heads up to the top rope. She leaps and connects with a moonsault, and this match is over!

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres 

After the match, John Laurinaitis walks down and enters the ring with a mic. The crowd is booing, so he asks for a little respect. He says that he is a little nervous. The fans may not like him, but he has a job to do. The first order of business is that at Vengeance Alberto Del Rio will defend his Title against John Cena. Laurinaitis claims that the fans may not like him, but he has ethics and morals. Keeping with those beliefs, he calls Jim Ross into the ring. He says that Ross is an ingrate. As Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and as the General Manager of RAW – Jim Ross is fired! Ross walks out of the ring and shakes Lawler’s hand, then heads to the back.


Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne v. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & David Otunga w/ Vickie Guerrero 

Bourne and Ziggler start the match off. Kofi gets a quick tag and hits a stereo dropkick with his partner. Ziggler slides out of the ring to catch his breath, but Mason lifts him up over his head and throws him back in the ring. Kofi clotheslines him right back out, and Evan takes to the top turnbuckle. Evan leaps to the outside with a huge crossbody as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, Kofi is thrown against the bottom rope and David Otunga gets the tag. He hits a vertical suplex and goes for a cover. Kofi kicks out. Ziggler gets the tag and punches the back of Kofi’s head. Ziggler taunts Kofi’s corner, but gets caught with a kick. Ziggler goes for a roll up, but Kofi kicks out. Swagger gest the tag and knocks Evan off the apron. Kofi hits a nice Swedish lift and makes the tag to Mason. Ziggler gets the tag as well, but is flattened with a couple of clotheslines and a running shoulder. Huge boot from Mason leads to a cover. Otunga runs in for the break. Kofi knocks him out of the ring, but Swagger enters to knock out Kofi. Bourne tries a double knee drop, but Swagger slams him down to the mat hard. Ryan is back on his feet and hits his black hole slam – esque finisher and goes for the cover. This match is over.

Winners: Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Mason Ryan 


CM Punk v. Alberto Del Rio 

They square off and exchange jabs back and forth. Del Rio is pushed back into the corner and Punk stomps on his gut. Rio slides out of the ring to catch his breath and Ricardo is there for emotional support. Rio gets back into the ring and locks on a rear headlock. Punk gets his wits about him and locks on a headscissors. Rio is sent into the corner and Punk charges at him for a splash. Rio moves out of the way and Punk crashes into the corner, and then tumbles out of the ring.

John Laurinaitis makes his way out on the ramp and announces that as the GM he is stopping this match. Instead, it will be a tag match. CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio versus two men he has just reinstated – The Miz and R-Truth.

CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio v. The Miz & R-Truth 


Back from the break, Truth is in the ring with Alberto Del Rio. Miz gets the tag and stomps on the gut of Del Rio. Del Rio decides to slide out of the ring, and Ricardo is there for support. He is claiming a bad knee and looks to head to the back. It seems as though CM Punk will have to lead his team on alone for the rest of the match. Punk gets in the ring with Miz and connects with a couple of punches. Miz regains his ground and tags in Truth. Punk is on the mat and gets caught with a couple of stomps before being placed in a rear headlock. Punk is struggling to breathe as he gets to his knees. Punk gets to his feet but Truth quickly knocks him down to the mat and tags in Miz. The Miz is stalking Punk and pushes him back into the corner. Miz punches him in the skull a couple of times, and Truth gets in a cheap choke with his foot. Miz goes for another punch, but Punk counters. Punk knocks Truth off the apron and connects with a running knee on Miz. He hits the running bulldog and once again knocks down Truth. Punk heads to the top turnbuckle and leaps for the elbow. It connects, and Punk calls for the GTS! Punk gets Miz up on his shoulders but R-Truth runs into the ring and kicks him in the gut. Miz punches him in the face and Truth joins in. The referee calls the match.

No Contest 

After the match Miz & Truth continue their attack, but HHH runs down to the ring to come to Punk’s aid! Together they get Miz and Truth out of the ring and throw them into barricades, steps and more. Punk rips the cover off the commentator’s booth and throws Truth over the table. Truth runs away into the crowd as Miz runs up the entrance ramp. CM Punk & The Game celebrate in the ring.

John Laurinaitis is in the back with David Otunga. John says he wants to put HHH & CM Punk together in a tag team to take on R-Truth and Miz at Vengeance!

CM Punk and HHH shake hands in the ring as we go off the air.

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