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WWF Smackdown 2/15/2001

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, February 15th, 2001

Taped (2/13) from the Nassau Colliseum in Uniondale, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (10/22/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho (1/21/2001)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz (1/21/2001)
●  WWF European Champion: Test (1/22/2001)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Raven (2/11/2001)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Ivory (11/02/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Smackdown comes on the air with highlights of The Rock winning the representitives match for Triple H on Raw. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler then welcome us to the show while asking what Triple H will have planned for No Way Out. Maybe we’ll find out tonight.

~ However things kick off with Vince McMahon mkaing his way to the ring because he has to get his promo in first. Vince gets on the mic and says how he loves to share his life with all the fans as well as his family and his wealth and tonight he’s going to share a special Valentine’s Day moment he had with his wife Linda. Vince next brings Triple H out to tells us about naming the stipulations for his match with Steve Austin in 10 days. Once Triple H comes out Vince asks if Stephanie is still angry with him (Vince) and Triple H tells him that she is. Triple H then talks about coming up with a match that encompasses all the emotion between himself and Austin. Triple H says that on one had he’d like to get in the ring and defeat Austin just to prove who the superior wrestler is, but on the other hand he’d love to beat the daylights out of Austin and finish him off once and for all. Thus Triple H announces the match with Austin will be 2-out-of-3 falls but it’ll be unlike any best-of-three falls ever. Triple H says the first fall will be a normal straight-up match, just him and Austin one-on-one with a referee as well. Triple H promises that he’s going to break Austin’s spirit by defeating him and after that he’s going to break his bones in the second fall which will be a street fight, where anything goes and they just beat each other up. Triple H also says people might tell him it’s not a wise move since Austin can supposedly brawl with the best of them before reminding them how he destroyed Mick Foley in a street fight last year before retiring him. Triple H claims he’s not discrediting Austin at all since Austin is a tough guy and can go with the best of them so should Austin take one of the first two falls then the deciding fall will take place inside a steel cage. Triple H says what’s left of him and Austin will finish the game in that cage and whoever survives will be the best.

Before I go on I had a thought that I bet no one considered in the decade since this promo: why didn’t Triple H put Austin’s world title shot at Wrestlemania on the line as well? You’d figure Triple H would be thinking that beating Austin and taking away the title shot he worked so hard for in order to become champion himself would be the ultimate revenge. And make for a more compelling match. But that’s just me.

Anyway Vince takes the mic and decides to test Austin’s wrestling skill tonight by booking him one-on-one against Chris Benoit while Triple H wants to show his appreciation to The Rock by battling him in the ring as well. Vince decides to show to results of both matches by raising Triple H’s arm and there’s your opening 10 minutes.

~ We then get footage from yesterday in Greenwich of a motionless Linda McMahon staring off into nothingness. I have a feeling this will have something to do with Vince’s special Valentine’s Day moment as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we find Kevin Kelly waiting for Steve Austin’s arrival to deliver the news about the pay-per-view.

  • Edge (w/Christian) vs. Kane (w/The Undertaker)

We got a three-way title match set for No Way Out after the #1 contender’s match on Rawbetween these two sides ended in chaos and now we have to build it up. And naturally once both sides are out the Dudleys also come down the ramp with a table they set up at ringside. Edge attacks the distracted Kane from behind and works him over while Chrisitan jumps Taker on the floor. However Taker just shrugs off Christian’s blows and stalks after him before tossing him over the barricade. In the ring Kane whips Edge and hits a boot then press slams him while Taker pounds Christian in the crowd. Kane whips Edge but lowers the head and Edge kicks the face then comes off the ropes and slides under Kane. However Kane comes back with a clothesline then whips Edge into a corner and charges at him but eats a boot. Edge hops to the middle rope but Kane cuts him off with an uppercut then tosses him off the rope to the mat. Kane climbs to the top rope then connects with the flying clothesline and that gets the three! (1:55) Some nice bumping from Edge but not much to see here. Having a good chunk of the focus on the Taker/Christian brawl didn’t help any either. *

Kane then climbs out to the apron and confronts the Dudleys while Taker and Christian climb in behind him. Christian goes for a whip but Taker reverses him into Kane, knocking him off the apron and through the table. However Kane sets up and climbs back in the ring while the Dudleys get concerned enough to back up the ramp. The Dudleys watch as Taker and Kane chokeslam both E&C and the brothers are once again standing tall.

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly meets with the arriving Steve Austin and informs him of his match with Chris Benoit and the stipulations Triple H named for the No Way Out match. Austin just grins and laughs, as if he likes it.

~ Back form break we get footage of Kevin Kelly interviewing a departing Al Snow during the commercial. Snow say he’s not going to stick around just so Vince can have him beaten down again and if Mick Foley isn’t welcome in the WWF then he’s going to go to Foley’s house and visit him for himself.

~ We then get another shot Linda McMahon just sitting in Greenwich to remind us of Vince’s upcoming segment.

~ Backstage Lillian Garcia interviews Chris Benoit about his game plan for his match with Steve Austin later. However Benoit asks Lillian what she thinks his game plan should be and when Lillian says “win” Benoit tells her very good. Benoit then demands that Lillian tell him how he should win the match and Lillian responds by saying beat Austin. Benoit says that’s exactly what will happen and there’s nothing Austin can go about it. Benoit asks Lillian why that is and Lillian starts to answer him but Benoit cuts her off saying how he’s the best technical wrestler in the WWF. Benoit then asks Lillian why she’s asking the questions when she knows all the answers before heading out.

~ Out in the arena Cole and Lawler buzz about the Austin/Benoit match as well as Matt Hardy taking on Perry Saturn after what happened on Raw. We then get footage of the Hardys trying to explain to Lita how this situation with Malenko is getting out of hand. Matt feels Lita needs to remove herself from the situation and let him handle it. Lita insists she’s part of the team while Matt tells Lita that Malenko is going to try his hardest to get involved tonight and get his hands on her once again. Lita insists she’s going out there while Jeff assures Matt that he has her back so he just needs to focus on Saturn.

  • Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy & Lita) vs. Perry Saturn (w/Terri Runnels)

Saturn gave Lita a backbreaker after the intergender match on Raw so Matt’s looking for some revenge here. Matt meets Saturn on the floor and gets in the first shots before tossing him in the ring to start us off proper. Saturn greets Matt with a sledge and hits a chop then whips him but Maat comes back with a flying clothesline. Matt follows up with a neckbreaker but Saturn hot shots him on the top rope then connects with a superkick. Saturn hits a short-arm clothesline then rams him upside-down into the buckles and whips him into a corner. Matt comes out but Saturn hits a powerslam and Matt hits a jawbreaker but Saturn tosses him through the ropes. Saturn goes out and tosses Matt onto the apron but Matt does a handstand then falls back down and hits a DDT. Matt tosses Saturn in the ring then climbs to the top rope but Saturn catches him into a Death Valley Driver, which Lawler says Saturn calls the “moss covered, three-handled family gredunza”. Both men are back up and Matt goes for a whip, Saturn reverses it but Matt hits the takedown clothesline. Matt hits a hangman’s neckbreaker then climbs to the top rope and connects with the guillotine for a two count. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate when Saturn picks him up and sets him on the top rope then goes up after him. Matt fights Saturn back down to the match then nails him with a flying crossbody but that only gets a near fall. Matt then goes for the ropes but Terri grabs his ankle allowing Saturn to nail him from behind and hit a suplex. Lita then hops on the apron as we see Dean Malenko coming out to get involved, just like Matt said he would. Saturn scoops Matt up but Matt floats over and shoves him into Lita, knocking her right into Malenko’s arms while Matt manages to roll Saturn up and grab the three. (3:38) Acceptable match. **

Out on the floor Malenko gently sets Lita down and kisses her so Lita responds by slapping him in the face. Saturn goes out after Lita but Jeff cuts him off with a clothesline before the two of them join Matt in the ring. Malenko starts heading up the ramp when Lita gets on the mic and tells him this thing between them has to stop. Lita admits that she’s pulled some pranks on Malenko but feels she can’t help it since Malenko is such a sucker. Lita says what a woman wants from a man is a ring so she challenges Malenko to face her in the ring on Raw. Matt wants to know what Lita is thinking while I’m hoping that it means this angle is finally wrapping up.

~ Chris Benoit and Steve Austin are shown heading to the ring for their big confrontation as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Johnathan Coachman interviews Raven on his Hardcore Title defense against The Big Show tonight. Raven says he’s accepted Show’s challenge just as Jack climbed the beanstalk and Arnold challenged the Gooch because by beating Show and his gargantuan cranium tonight he’ll become the greatest Hardcore champion ever. Coach then asks Raven if Vince McMahon didn’t force him into the match and Raven reluctantly admits that he did.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit

Austin gets in the first shots and hammers Benoit in a corner but Benoit reverses positions for his shots. Austin regains control and stomps Benoit down in the corner and Benoit bails out to the floor for a breather. Benoit hops on the apron and rams Austin into the buckles then goes in and hits a snap armwringer takedown. Benoit kicks away at Austin then hits some chops and goes for a whip but Austin reverses him into a corner. Austin clotheslines Benoit from behind and lays the boots to him then whips him and hits a knee to the chest. Austin hits a suplex followed by a vertical suplex but does rub his chest to sell how much Benoit’s chops stung. Austin chokes Benoit on the middle rope and hits the straddle then covers but Benoit grabs the bottom rope. Austin goes for a suplex but Benoit floats over and hits more chops then goes for a whip but Ausitn reverses. Austin reverses it and goes for the Stunner, Benoit shoves him away but Austin comes back with a clothesline. Austin goes for the Stunner again when Benoit counters and goes for the Crossface but can’t get it locked in. Benoit eventually gets the Crossface locked in and Austin grabs the rope but Benoit refuses to break the hold. The referee pulls Benoit off so Benoit continues stomping away at Austin in a corner and hits another chop. Austin catches a kick then goes into a STF but Benoit grabs the rope.

At this point Triple H makes his way down the ramp and watches from ringside as Austin points him out to the referee before kicking Benoit below the belt. Austin goes out and rams Benoit’s leg into the apron but Benoit kicks him away and over the announce table. Austin tries to recover when Benoit clotheslines him back over the table then unloads on him with right hands. Austin fights back with chops but Benoit rams him into the timekeeper’s table then tosses him back in the ring. Both men exchange shots when Austin whips Benoit but Benoit kicks the face and follows up with a clothesline. Benoit whips Austin into a corner and hits a suplex then climbs to the top rope and hits the diving headbutt. Benoit goes to cover him when Austin surprises him with a rollup but Triple H distracts the referee from seeing it. Austin glares at Triple H when Benoit nails him from behind then throws him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Ausitn tumbles out to the floor as Triple H walks towards him and grabs a chair…but just slides it in the ring. Benoit brings Austin in the ring then grabs the chair as Triple H distracts the referee but Austin cuts Benoit off. Benoit comes back and readies the chair again but Austin nails him with the Stunner and that gets the three! (8:13) Triple H is not happy that his plan backfired while Austin gives him the double bird for his troubles. Another good match between these two guys, even with the slightly out of nowhere finish. Some may not like Benoit jobbing to Austin again especially after he looked like a real threat but this gives Austin a strong win going into the pay-per-view. ***

~ Backstage we find Vince McMahon making his way somewhere with a heart-shaped box of chocolates in hand. I’m guessing this means his Valentine’s Day segment is coming up next as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Vince is in the ring because having one long talking segment from him isn’t enough tonight. Vince gets on the mic and announces that he’s going to share the Valentine’s Day he spent with Linda yesterday. We then go into footage of the seemingly comatose Linda sitting in a chair with a bunch of meds laying on a table. Vince comes in and tells Linda how they’ve had many Valentines’ Days in the past but feels this one is the sweetest. Vince says he knows that Linda can hear and understand every word he’s saying so he tells her that he still loves her, enough to put her in this private sanitarium which his costing him a ton of money. Vince gives Linda some flowers and says it’s a shame she can’t appreciate them just like she never appreciated him. Vince shows Linda that he’s still wearing his wedding bad which he says reminds him how much he really still loves her. Vince mentions that he originally wanted a divorce and they were headed that way but suddenly had a realization, that when Linda got sick and had to take her medication he got 100% control of everything they jointly owned. Vince says if they got divorced then Linda would receive 50% of his fortune and he’s too smart to let that happen. Vince then says that Valentines’ Day is also about friendship which is why he invited Trish Stratus to come meet her. Trish comes in and says Linda looks so tired and mentions how she reminds her of her grandma at the nursing home. Trish gives Linda a kiss on the forehead then tells Vince she’s cold as ice and Vince says some things never change. Vince then decides that since Linda can’t appreciate the roses he’ll give them to someone who can appreciate them. Vince gives the roses to Trish instead and they head off while leaving Linda starting blankly at the world. This angle was pretty stupid yet had a very satisfying payoff in the end.

However we’re not done yet as back at the arena Vince brings Trish and William Regal out to join him in the ring. Regal and Trish come out arm-in-arm and Vince gives Trish the chocolates just as Stephanie comes down the ramp. Vince warns Stephanie not to come in the ring but Stephanie ignores him and takes Trish down then wails away on her. Regal pulls Stephanie off Trish so Stephanie slaps him and Vince holds her back while Regal gets Trish out of the ring. Trish and Regal head up the ramp followed by Vince as we wrap of 10 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Vince’s Valentines’ video that led to Stephanie and Trish coming to blows. We then find Vince and Regal trying to get Trish to climb in their limo but Trish wants to fight Stephanie right now. Vince refuses that idea and Regal ushers Trish into the limo but suggests that Vince let Trish and Stephanie fight. Vince is appalled until Regal talks about the money that could be made if he allows it to happen on pay-per-view. Vince actually warms up to that idea and decides to green-light a match between Trish and Stephanie at No Way Out. Wow, that’ll drive up the buyrate.

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Chris Jericho © vs. X-Pac

Just like Eddie Guerrero, X-Pac made his return on Raw and attacked Jericho for putitng him out. And also just like Eddie he’s already getting a title shot. Jericho is out first and gets on the mic talking about how much X-Pac has changed during his 3-month absence, that X-Pac has gone from a greasy-haired jerky in green tights to a greasy-haired jerky in silver tights. Jericho then says that whether it’s Eddie Guerrero, X-Pac or his newfound buddy, none of them is taking his title. Jericho attacks X-Pac as he comes in the ring and kicks away at him then whips him and hits a shoulderblock. Jericho follows up with a clothesline but X-Pac comes back with a spinning heelkick and gets in his offense. X-Pac goes for a whip, Jericho reverses him into a corner and eats a boot but his his own spinning heelkick. X-Pac rolls out to the apron but Jericho hits a springboard shoulderblock that takes both guys out to the floor. Jericho drops X-Pac onto the barricade but X-Pac sends him into the barrier then nails him with the spinkick. X-Pac tosses Jericho in the ring then climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody but Jericho rolls through it. X-Pac kicks Jericho down and goes for the Bronco Buster and Jericho dodges it but X-Pac lands on his feet. Jericho hits an enzuigiri then comes of the ropes with a foream and drills X-Pac with a bulldog for a two count. Jericho hits a chop and goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses it but lowers the head and Jericho kicks the face. X-Pac hot shots Jericho on the top rope then chokes him in a corner and this time hits the Bronco Buster. X-Pac decides to pose on the ropes allowing Jericho to powerbomb him and put him in the Walls of Jericho. X-Pac grabs the bottom rope and the referee tries to pull Jericho off but Jericho ends up shoving him aside. X-Pac nails Jericho below the belt then hits the X-Factor as we see Eddie Gurrerro running down the ramp. X-Pac covers Jericho but Eddie breaks it up and attacks Jericho and that’s going to result in a DQ. (3:06) At least Jericho didn’t job to X-Pac for the hundredth time. **½

Eddie hammers away on Jericho when X-Pac pulls him off, not happy that he ran in just as he has the title won. Eddie decks X-Pac but Justin Credible is in and nails Eddie from behind then helps X-Pac double-team him. Jericho brings a chair in the ring and scares away X-Pac and Credible then nails Eddie with it for good measure.

~ The Big Show and Raven are both shown heading to the ring for their Hardcore Title match as we go to commercial.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Raven © vs. The Big Show

Raven brings his shopping cart of plunder out with him and greets Show with a trash can as he slides in the ring but it has no effect. So Raven tries hitting Show with a road sign and a broom handle with the same result. Raven then tries nailing Show with a trash can lid and a kitchen sink but both those weapons are just as effective. Raven sprays Show with a fire extinguisher then tries to whip him but Show easily flings him over the ropes then pounds on him on the floor. The ninja woman appears and tries attacking Show with a PVC pipe, getting Show’s attention while Raven hits him with a stop sign. Raven tries rammping his shopping cart into Show but Show stops that with a boot and knocks Raven aside with a right. Show then throws the cart at Raven but Raven dodges it then tries fleeing back in the ring. Show goes after Raven then whips him and connects with a thrust kick. Suddenky the Kaientai guys come in with Fuanki covering Raven to steal the pin but Show grabs him in a choke. Taka climbs to the top and leaps off but Show catches him with the other hand and hits a double chokeslam. Show turns his attention back toward Raven when Albert suddenly runs in and nails Show with the bicycle kick. Albert does the same to Raven then covers him but Show breaks it up then clotheslines Albert over the ropes. K-Kwik slides in trying to steal the pin but Show Show pulls him off then chokeslams him right onto a trash can. Raven grabs another trash can but Show punches it in his face and sends Raven tumbling out through the ropes. Val Venis appears and covers Raven on the floor but Show saves it then rams Val back-first into the ringpost. Raven desparately tries to escape into the crowd but Show chases him down and throws him into a guardrail. Show signals for a chokeslam when Tazz tries to cover Raven but Show stops it and drops Tazz onto the rail. Show follows Raven to the back and rams him into an anvil case then tosses him onto a nearby basketball hoop. Hardcore Holly appears and nails Show but Show headbutts him while Steve Blackman is working Raven over. Show grabs Blackman but Hardcore breaks a 2×4 over Show’s back then helps Blackman double-team him. Blackman goes back to Raven but Show tosses Hardcore into the grandstands then throws Blackman into a wall. Show turns back to Raven as the ninja woman appears and helps Raven escape with Show stalking after them. We then get replays of everything that’s happened so I gues this match is over even though no pin was scored.(5:16) Good for a few chuckles but not much else. DUD

~ We then find Kevin Kelly standing outside The Rock’s door waiting to be verbally abused by him yet again but starts picking his nose in full view of the camera as we go to commercial. Eww!

~ Back from break Cole and Lawler remind us about Al Snow heading out to visit his friend Mick Foley earlier. We then cut over to Foley’s hose and find Snow entering a room (where a camera crew just happens to already be). Snow sees an exercise bike and feels he must be in the wrong house then calls a haning picture of Mankind ugly. Foley then comes in and greets Snow before asking what he felt was so important that he had to come to his house. Snow asks Foley if he’s been watching the show and mentions his attempts to address the unfair way Vince fired him. Snow feels Foley needs to stand up for himself and Foley admits he didn’t like the way he was humilaited on television. Foley tells Snow now that he’s home, he’s happy, even as Snow asks him if he misses the fans and the cheap pops. Foley says he has plenty of that in his basement then presses a button on a remote that cues up some crowd noise. Foley tells Snow how he’s had time to write another book and play with his kids and has decided not to come back. Snow chuckles and wishes that Foley had told him this before he got the tar beaten out of him on three occasions. Foley says he appreciates Snow’s efforts to carry on his legacy before asking him if he wants to get back at Vince. Snow says he wants revenge against Vince for the both of them and Foley suggests two words: Commissioner Snow. Snow starts warming up to that idea and Foley gives him his commissioner’s gavel which he kept for some reason. Foley then asks Snow to head upstairs and get them a hero sandwich so they can watch the best of Steve Blackman.

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock about the main event and Rock starts with the usual “Finally” intro. Rock then asks Kevin if he wasn’t picking his nose then chastises him for picking his nose outside The Rock’s door. Rock feels Kevin wants to act like a kid so he forces him to stick his finger up his nose and Kevin looks ready to cry. Rock says Triple H thinks Rock did him a favor by beating Rikishi on Raw to give him his stipulation at No Way Out. Rock also claims that Triple H feels he’ll skate through his match with him just because there’s nothing on the line. Rock says he beat Rikishi for hismelf and there is something on the line in the main event, namely Triple H’s rear end. Rock says he’s not going to beat Triple H just for himself but also for his pay-per-view opponent, Kurt Angle. Rock says the countdown is on till he beats him for the WWF Title at No Way Out and goes on to Wrestlemania. Rock finishes by saying that Angle, Triple H, Vince and not even Steve Ausitn can stop him, if ya smell and etc. Watching that you just have a feeling that Kevin Kelly was *this* close to snapping. Too bad he never does

~ Triple H is shown heading to the well as Steve Austin? Maybe we’ll see what’s up as we go to commercial.

  • The Rock vs. Triple H

Remember when this meeting was main eventing pay-per-views and not simply used to build up other feuds? Steve Austin comes out and joins the announcers for commentary since Triple H got involved in his match earlier. Triple H is out next and has a staredown with Austin as we get another reminder of Vince’s zero tolerance order. Triple H meets Rock on the apron and Rock gets the advantage until Triple H stops him with a knee to the chest. Triple H goes for a whip but Rock sends him into the barrier then clotheslines him and rams him into the steps. Triple H drops Rock onto the announce table and follows it up with a clothesline then glares back at Austin. Triple H tosses Rock in the ring to start the match proper and Rock comes back but Triple H hits a neckbreaker. Triple H lays the boots to Rock and chokes him then hits a suplex and a kneedrop to the face for a two count. Triple H stomps Rock out to the apron and elbows him in the chest repeately while glaring at Austin each time. Triple H heads back in when Rock fights back and goes for a whip, Triple reverses but Rock hits a neckbreaker. Rock goes for another whip but Triple H reverses it and this time connects with a high knee that gets a near fall. Triple H unloads on Rock then climbs to the top rope but naturally Rock catches him and tosses him to the mat. Rock works Triple H over and caps it off with the Smackdown then drills him with a DDT that gets a two count. Rock whips Triple H and Triple H hits the facebuster then charges but Rock catches him with a spinebuster. Rock puts Triple H in the Sharpshooter but Triple H grabs the bottom rope and Earl Hebner calls for the break. Rock goes for the Sharpshooter again but Triple H kicks him away into Hebner, knocking him through the ropes. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses it and Rock kicks the face but Triple H tosses him over the ropes. Rock tries to recover on the floor when Kurt Angle runs down and waffles Rock with the championship belt. Angle tosses Rock back in the ring then Triple H orders him to revive Hebner while he hits the Pedigree. Triple H covers Rock but Austin attacks Angle and throws him into the barrier before he rolls Hebner back in. Triple H goes over to yell at Austin before going for another Pedigree but Rock counters into the Rock Bottom. Now Austin rolls Hebner in as Rock covers Triple H but Angle is in to break it up and I guess that’s the match. (8:10) The usual good match from these guys but apparently the bookers felt they couldn’t job either one this close to the pay-per-view. ***

Angle stomps away on Rock when Austin goes in and wails on Angle before stomping him down in a corner. However Chris Benoit runs in and nails Austin then pounds on him with Angle joining in for a double-team. Benoit continues beating on Austin while Rock is up and clotheslines Angle. Rock readies for a Rock Bottom but Triple H nails Rock allowing Angle to slap on an Anklelock! Benoit also gets Austin in the Crossface and Rock and Austin are both struggling while Triple H just stands and watches the carnage with a beer in hand. Triple H pours beer over Austin’s head and Austin and Rock are both left in dire straits as we fade to black.

Conclusion: A fiarly good episode of Smackdown this time around. It started with a long talking segment and had two other lenghty non-wrestling segments but still had some solid in-ring action for the most part, including two good main events. Plus there was some nice angle advancement for the pay-per-view and as I said the Vince/Linda segment was dumb but would lead to something bigger. And it’s not everyday where a show ends with both Austin and Rock trapped in submission holds. So overall we’ll go thumbs slightly up for this one.


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