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NWA Hollywood 10/29/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood

1.)Natural Selection defeated Los Luchas
2.)Skullcrusher Rasche Brown defeated Ruben Iglesias
3.)Joey Kaos defeated Nick Madrid
4.)Willie Mack defeated Claudio Castagnoli

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. I’m guessing that the Luchas will be playing the babyface role, even though they were heels a few weeks ago. Brian Cage and Phoenix Star start off the contest with Cage getting the upper hand with a forearm shot. Star nearly won with a roll up but keeps control when Zokre hit a top rope double ax handle shot. Zokre hits a springboard moonsault on Cage and Star gets a two count on the cover. Zokre is to fact for Richter who is arm dragged a few times. Richter drops Zokre throat first across the top rope. Zokre is driven down to the canvas with a double vertical suplex. Richter leg drops Zokre throat first across the middle rope. Richter catches Zokre in midair and connects with a power slam for a two count. Wow, they really did a bad job of teasing the hot tag as Cage looked to be too slow to cut it off, but did anyway. Star makes the tag and hits a cross body on Cage from the top rope. Double flapjack on Richter after Cage is sent to the floor. Luchas look for the double senton but Cage prevents Star from hitting his move. Cage works on Zokre on the floor. Richter hits the Selection on Star to win the match. (**1/4.There were several awkward spots during this match. It was okay, but they need to figure out their kinks before they get a title run or anything.)

2.Backstage, Colt Cabana is interviewed. He says that the Jews are ready to take over NWA Hollywood.

3.We hear from Adam Pearce who talks about the Sheik no showing for a match against Joey Ryan. He says that Joey Ryan has a lot of prove.

4.Backstage, Willie Mack insults Claudio Castagnoli several times saying that in the end he is going pin Claudio tonight.

5.Earlier in the day, Claudio Castagnoli was interviewed as well. He likes his opponents like his coffee.. bald. Claudio says that Mack’s ghetto style of wrestling will not hold up against his style. Claudio assures us that Mack didn’t get the better of him last week and he will win.

6.NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce is interviewed. Pearce says on November 3rd stars are made. Pearce says he isn’t a star, but rather a legend.

7.This is Brown’s debut for NWA Hollywood. He is a large powerful man for those of you who don’t know him. The crowd is already responding to his offense. Brown wins the squash match after a choke slam. After the match, Brown is interviewed. Brown says he doesn’t hide his messages but rather he tells everyone the way it is. He says that pain is coming everywhere no matter where you are!

8.Backstage, Joey Ryan is interviewed. Ryan talks about November 7th being his birthday and how he would want to celebrate on November 3rd, which is the next taping. He wants everyone to celebrate his birthday on November 3rd with him.

9.Joey Kaos won his squash after hitting Madrid with a running yakuza kick. After the match, Kaos is interviewed. Kaos says it is time for him to make a name for himself in the NWA.

10.Colt Cabana comes out to the ring with a bucket for Halloween candy. He throws some candy out to the fans. There are few scattered boos. Cabana says he is his mothers favorite wrestler or he may be the announcers father. This isn’t funny. Cabana says that Adam Pearce is wearing the costume of being the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Cabana says he will be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion at some time. Adam Pearce comes out and attacks Cabana by hitting him with the championship! Pearce gets the microphone and tells the fans to shut up. Yeah, he is trying to get the fans to hate him. Pearce is putting everyone on notice that if they call him out he wants a piece of them as well. He is not the hunted, but rather he is the hunter! Cabana gets up but Pearce leaves the ring.

11.The main event is all about respect. Claudio refuses to give Mack any, and Mack is looking to make an impact in NWA Hollywood. Mack counters an arm lock and twists Claudio down to the mat before Claudio bails to the floor to regroup. Mack drives Claudio down to the mat with a back suplex. Mack clotheslines Claudio and arm drags Claudio several times to maintain the early advantage. Claudio stops Mack by sending him gut first into a corner and stomps away on his opponent. Mack comes off the ropes but is met with a snap power slam for a two count. Claudio gets a another two count after a bicycle kick. He comes off the middle rope to hit an elbow drop but Mack kicks out again. Mack ducks a clothesline and kicks Claudio in the face followed by a clothesline in the corner! Mack with a t-bone suplex and a leg drop but Claudio kicks out at two. Mack hits a Samoan Drop and a standing moonsault for a near win! Mack is able to counter a roll up with one of his own and pins Claudio! After the match, Claudio attacks Mack. Mack recovers and backdrops Claudio! On the floor, Claudio is held back on the floor by referees but Mack goes to the floor to try and get his hands on his opponent but they don’t do anything else. (**3/4. A decent main event for this week. It has got to be considered a major win for Mack. He must be a major guy for the company moving forward.)

Final Thoughts:
This was a very good episode. The main event was the best match of the night, but the opener was a better match compared to the other squash like matches. This was the first episode to feature to high profile matches, really. The segment with Cabana may have backfired on them, though. There was clearly a few Cabana haters out there and it seemed to effect the segment. Anyway, I’ll give this weeks episode a thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.


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