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NWA Hollywood 9/24/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood
: 9/24/2010

1.)NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce defeated Brent Albright in a bull rope match to retain the title
2.)NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce defeated Joey Ryan to retain the title

Angle Developments:
1.Dave Marquez tells us that this show will focus on the NWA Heavyweight Championship and the title holder, Adam Pearce. Pearce says people on the “left coast” do not have his intelligence. They talk about a match he was to have with Larry Zbyszko but that never happened. After a commercial we will see how Pearce won the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Pearce says he demanded to be in the title tournament after TNA broke up their partnership with the NWA. Pearce talks about his fate and how Bryan Danielson got hurt, he was the guy to take his spot in the tournament. Pearce was able to beat Brent Albright in Puerto Rico to win the championship. We see footage of how Pearce won the belt. He held the championship for over 360 days before losing to Brent Albright at a ROH show in New York. During their feud, Pearce blew a fireball into Albright’s face.

2.We go to a bull rope match between Adam Pearce and Brent Albright back in 2008. I’ve never seen this one before. They were in Texas for this match. Early on, both men touch two corners before they are both stopped from going any further. Huh, looks like they are clipping this one. Albirght begins to touch the corners but Pearce stopped him with shoulder rams. Pearce knocks Albright over the top to the floor. Pearce’s manager chokes Albright for a few moments. Pearce nails Albright right in the head with the cowbell. That shot busts Albright wide open. Albright has his legs tied up as Pearce looks to touch all four corners. He has touched three but Albright prevents the win with a snap power slam. Albright slams Pearce off the top and nails Pearce with the cowbell. They are on the floor when Albright pulls Pearce into the ring post. They are both now bleeding. Albright has Pearce on his shoulders and they touch three corners. The referee falls down and Pearce touches the forth corner to win the match. It was actually a good match, with an alright finish. I get how some fans may have hated it, but it keeps heat on both men, really.

3.We hear from Brent Albright cuts a promo talking about how long they have been feuding. He just says he proved to Pearce that he could beat him and he did that in New York.

4.Back to Dave Marquez, he talks to Adam Pearce about winning the NWA Heavyweight Championship from Brent Albright for a second time in Philadelphia. Pearce talks about the history the NWA has in Philadelphia. He seriously a great heel. Pearce calls Sean Waltman a deadbeat. He is disgusted with how Waltman carries himself. He wants to know if anyone is testing Phil Shatter for drug usage. What about Colt Cabana? Pearce thinks there is something mentally wrong with Cabana because he calls him Boom Boom. Pearce respects Charlie Haas, though. He wants Haas to come around for a second round. Marques brings up Joey Ryan. Pearce says that Ryan cares about the crowd now.

5.We see edited footage from a match a few months ago between Joey Ryan and Adam Pearce for the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Pearce got the early advantage by attacking Ryan from behind. Ryan fought back with a backdrop. Ryan gets a near fall after a dropkick. Pearce caught Ryan as he leaps off the top rope with a power slam. Ryan nearly won with a spear but Pearce just managed to kick out. Pearce drives Ryan down to the mat with a running STO. Pearce leaps off the top and hits a big splash for a near fall. Ryan almost wins following a super kick. After a second super kick, Ryan looks for a move off the middle rope but Pearce pokes him in the eyes. Ryan backdrops Pearce off the top but is low blowed while the referee is distracted. Pearce hits a pile driver and wins the match. That was probably better than the other match they showed. If these matches are anything like the future shows, this could be a really fun show!

6.Back to Dave Marquez. He wants to talk about the Sheik attacking Adam Pearce. Pearce has no idea why Sheik attacked him. They don’t have a history against each other. Pearce is looking forward to showcasing excellence. In a few weeks, Pearce will wrestle Scorpio Sky on the program. Pearce puts over his talent and thinks Sky has all the tools. That is except for one, that being the gold! His dream match would be against himself! “I know one thing, the winner would be Adam Pearce!”

7.Next week, Colt Cabana, the Sheik and Willie Mack will be on the program. The main event will see Joey Ryan square off against TJ Perkins!

Final Thoughts:
It was a fine episode. Yeah, there wasn’t any new matches or anything like that, but they did a great job of highlighting the NWA Heavyweight Championship and Adam Pearce. Seriously, Pearce is a phenomenal heel and any of the old school fans will really like what he has to offer. I’m interested to see what they have to offer in programming for sure.

Thanks for reading.


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