WCW Nitro 8/14/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship wrestling presents Nitro
From: Kelowna, British Columbia

1.)Billy Kidman & Big Vito defeated Shane Douglas & Reno
2.)WCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Lance Storm defeated Mike Awesome to retain the title
3.)WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T wrestled Jeff Jarrett to a no contest
4.)Norman Smiley defeated WCW Saskatchewan Hardcore International Champion Carl Ouelette to win the title
5.)Rey Mysterio Jr. & Juventud Guerrera defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions Vampiro & The Great Muta to win the titles
6.)WCW Cruiserweight Champion Elix Skipper defeated Kwee-Wee to retain the title
7.)Sting defeated Vampiro, Great Muta & The Demon

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Vince Russo and Tank Abbott open the show with Russo talking about how he wanted to fire Goldberg but brad Siegel wouldn’t let that happen because the fans liked Goldberg. Russo continues to mention how Goldberg doesn’t want to follow the storyline in place and whatnot. After a commercial, we return to see that Goldberg has come out to attack Abbott and gets the better of him. Goldberg sends Abbott into the guard railing and puts an arm bar on the fighter before the segment came to an end.

2.The opening bout saw Kidman and Big Vito pick up a victory over Douglas and Reno when Vito hit a top rope frog splash on Reno. After the match, Douglas dumps Vito over the top rope and attempts to handcuff Kidman a corner. Instead, Vito makes the save and handcuffs Douglas in the corner and beats him down. Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire come out and beat up Vito and Kidman.

3.Backstage, the Filthy Animals offer the Cat a partnership offering him Ms. Jones. That is an offer that Cat can’t refuse and accepts the offer.

4.David Flair makes his way down to the ring and wants to know what is wrong with Ms. Hancock. Major Gunns comes out and begins to cry for what happened at New Blood Rising. Flair gets angry with Gunns when Hancock comes out. She reveals that she is pregnant and Flair proceeds to let out a “WOOO” and struts.

5.Before the next match, Lance Storm talks about how Canada has real wrestling fans. The Cat comes out and calls Storm an ugly Power Ranger. Cat ends up putting himself as the special referee for the match tonight. Storm hits a sidekick and a spinning heel kick early on for the advantage. Awesome clotheslines Storm in the corner and hit a splash before sending the champ to the floor. Back in the ring, Awesome hits a release German suplex after absorbing some offesne from Storm. Awesome hits the Awesome Bomb but Jacques Rougeau comes in and kicks the Cat. Carl Ouelette comes out and saves Rougeau from an attack by Awesome. Cat gets up and kicks everyone until Elix Skipper comes out to take care of Cate. Storm has the Maple Leaf on Awesome and Ouelette taps Awesome’s arm for him and that’s it.

6.Backstage, Storm gives the Hardcore Championship to Carl Ouelette and the Cruiserweight Championship to Elix Skipper.

7.In another New Blood Rising rematch, WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T defended against Jeff Jarrett. This is apparently Jarrett’s last time to challenge for the championship. Early on, they trade some basic moves that saw Booker hit dropkick and short arm clothesline. Jarrett hit a top rope cross body but Booker rolled through for a near fall. They go to the floor and Jarrett sends Booker into the guard railing. Back in the ring, Booker nails Jarrett with a forearm shot. Booker avoids a guitar shot and goes for the Book-End but Jarrett gets out of it. Booker goes to grab the guitar but accidentally hits the referee. Booker hits a spine buster on Jarrett for a near fall. Booker drops Jarrett with an axe kick. Jarrett avoids the Harlem Sidekick and hits the Stroke! Goldberg comes out and pulls Jarrett out of the ring. Goldberg tosses Jarrett into the crowd before telling Russo that he has two more guys to take out.

8.Carl Ouelette already has to defend the WCW Hardcore Championship against Norman Smiley. Carl dropkicks a trash can into Smiley early on. He comes off the apron to hit a somersault splash. Smiley stops him with a mop to the groin. Carl hits a urinage and a sit out powerbomb. Smiley is placed on a table but Carl misses the Cannonball off the top. Smiley is able to cover Carl and wins the WCW Hardcore Championship! It is clear that Smiley doesn’t actually want the championship, though.

9.Backstage, Kevin Nash is interviewed. Nash wants to know why Vince Russo hasn’t been tested for drugs. Nash ends up challenging WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T to a match.

10.Kronik comes out to be on commentary for the title match. They cut a promo at the announcers table saying they are going to take care of the Harris Brothers. During the entrance of the champions, the Harris Brothers attack Kronik! They have a bawl into the crowd. Vampiro works on Rey to start the contest with a side slam. The champs work on Rey’s left knee for a few moments to keep the upper hand. Rey sends Vampiro into a corner but Muta enters to hit a vertical suplex. Vampiro drops Rey with a release powerbomb. On the floor, Muta hits Rey with a chair in the chest. Vampiro accidentally kicks Muta and Rey is able to hit a face buster on Vampiro. Juventud gets the tag and dropkicks Muta after Vampiro lifted him into the air. Guerrera cleans house with a bulldog on Vampiro and nearly pins Muta with a roll up. Muta spits mist into Juventud’s face and Vampiro hits a sit out slam on Rey. Sting’s music hits and he runs out to the ring with a baseball bat. He nails the champs with a baseball bat. Apparently, that is not a disqualification and the referee is oblivious to what happened even though Sting had music and everything. Rey covers Muta and wins the titles.

11.I’ve never seen a Cruiserweight have bigger muscles compered to Kwee-Wee. Are we even sure he is under the weight limit? Anyway, Skipper opens the match hitting a release suplex and an overhead suplex for the early advantage. Wee sends Skipper over the top rope after hitting a backdrop suplex. Skipper ends up taking Wee out on the floor with a twisting dive on the floor. Wee attempts a running cross body but Skipper does the matrix to avoid the move. Skipper gets a two count after a full nelson suplex. Skipper gets another near fall after a flying cross body. Skipper comes off the top to hit a missile dropkick. Skipper looks to hit a diving elbow but misses. Skipper manages to plant Wee with a DDT. Skipper puts a ring on his finger and hits Wee. Wee drives Skipper down to the mat with a powerbomb for a near fall. Skipper puts Wee away with a loaded punch to retain the title.

12.Next up we have a four corners match with Sting taking on the Dark Carnival. As per usual, Sting is able to take care of business with help of the Demon. Demon actually turned Vampiro when he hit him with a kendo stick. Sting forces Muta to submit to the Scorpion Deathlock to win the match in just over two minutes. After matches, Demon is beaten up but Sting comes back to the ring to make the save. He isn’t able to and is brought to the back where Demon saves his new buddy.

13.Kevin Nash comes out with a cardboard cut out of Scott Hall. He says that the fans want Scott Hall back and he wants him back too. Nash ends up calling Booker T out, who comes out but is attacked by Scott Steiner from behind with a pipe. Steiner works on Nash as well. Goldberg has Midajah backstage. He looks to hit the Jackhammer but they cut away from it. Steiner runs to the backstage area and chases Goldberg away to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
Not a good show this week. There were a few things that bugged me. I don’t understand why Lance Storm can’t be booked a strong champion. The fans have been giving him some good heel heat and yet he can’t get a convincing win. I understand they may want to keep Awesome strong, but they are hurting there champion with this booking. The only bright spot on the night was the Skipper/Kwee-Wee match. Those two put together a solid match on an otherwise poor show.

Thanks for reading.

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