WCW Thunder 8/16/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship wrestling presents Thunder
From: Kamloops, British Columbia

1.)Kronik defeated Four Local Talents
2.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire by disqualification
3.)The Great Muta defeated The Demon
4.)Team Canada defeated The Misfits In Action
5.)The Cat defeated Lance Storm by disqualification
6.)Mean Gene defeated Mark Madden in a street fight
7.)Big Vito defeated Carl Ouelette

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Kevin Nash is backstage getting water from a cooler until Rick Steiner comes over and argues with Nash that he should be the number one contender. They will wrestle in a number one contenders match later tonight.

2.The Cat greets Team Canada as they arrive to the arena and says that they will be wrestling in a match later tonight.

3.Kronik competed in a complete utter squash match to open the show. They hit the High Time and pin all four men because they are tough! After the match, we hear from the Harris Brothers who challenge Kronik to a match at a later date.

4.Backstage, Disco Inferno is unsuccessful trying to get Mike Sanders to join the Filthy Animals.

5.Backstage, Vampiro blames Great Muta for their loss to the Filthy Animals on Nitro. Muta growls at him because he can.

6.David Flair makes his way out to the ring. He calls out Miss Hancock and proposes to her. The Misfits in Action run out and Sgt. AWOL attacks Flair. He even choke slams Flair a few times. Hancock is mad that Flair can’t propose to her the right way. She takes the ring but isn’t happy with it as it must not meet her standards.

7.Backstage, General Rection says that no one touches Major Gunns and makes it very clear that he is going to take the WCW Canadian Championship away from Lance Storm.

8.Backstage, Crowbar is talking to Daffney. Crowbar tells her that he is here for her and she assures him that she is over David. Crowbar looks to make a move on her, but she got some candy from her secret admirer. Once she leaves, Crowbar is left mad at himself.

9.The important thing to note in the second match has nothing to do with the in-ring action. Sure, Rey and Juventud won by disqualification, but after the match a new group was formed. Mike Sanders maces Konnan and along with Chuck Palumbo, Reno, Shawn Stasiak, Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire beat down the Filthy Animals. These guys would soon be known as the Natural Born Thrillers.

10.Backstage, Mean Gene is talking to Norman Smiley looking for advice. Gene even says he wants to do a Frankensteiner. That would be epic.

11.The Great Muta avoids being planted with the Love Gun by Demon when he spits mist into his face. Muta delivers a back breaker and hits a top rope moonsault to thankfully win the match. After the match, Vampiro came down and attacked Demon with a kendo stick.

12.Backstage, Mark Madden is interviewed by Pamela Paulshock. Madden makes fun of her for seemingly showcasing her “fun bags” to make herself look like a real interviewer. Madden tells her that he will finish Gene tonight and she will need a new sugar daddy.

13.Sure, General Rection said he was going to take the WCW Canadian Championship away from Lance Storm, but tonight he was left looking foolish. Storm forced Rection to submit to the a Canadian Maple Leaf. After the match, Storm refused to break the hold and that prompted The Cat to come out with a chair. They end up agreeing to a match with the title and the Commissioners job on the line.

14.Mean Gene was helped by Pamela Paulshock to overcome Mark Madden in a street fight. Pamela delivered a low blow to Madden and that gave Gene the win.

15.Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Jeff Jarrett earlier in the day. Jarrett talked about young guys not being able to learn their trade. Jarrett believes that he has learned the right way. He doesn’t think the guys who train at the Power Plant for six months and arrive on Nitro have learned the business the correct way. Jarrett considers leaving the WWF a good decision. Jarrett finishes off the interview, which seemed to be more of shoot, by saying that WCW is heading in the right direction.

16.Big Vito got what he wanted, and that was a match with Carl Ouelette. Vito earned the win after hitting an Implant DDT. After the match, Reno came out to hit the Roll of the Dice on Vito. Billy Kidman made the save and hit Reno with the Kidd Crusher. The Natural Born Thrillers came out to attack Kidman until the Filthy Animals made the save. It didn’t stop there. Team Canada and Mike Awesome also got involved in the brawl.

17.Backstage, Goldberg attacks Rick Steiner with a lead pipe. He grabs Rick’s cellphone and taunts Scott Steiner, who was on the other line.

18.Kevin Nash came out to the ring and wanted to call out Goldberg. Instead, WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T came out. Booker tells the fans that he and Nash are going to tear the house down at Fall Brawl. Nash has respect for Booker and they shake hands. Wait, Nash nails Booker with a clothesline and hits a Jackknife powerbomb as the show comes to an end!

Final Thoughts:
I guess the main point of this show was the apparent heel turn by Nash at the end of the show. I mean, it’s Thunder and nothing really happens on Thunder. This was no different. I didn’t care about the matches and they didn’t matter. I think Russo focuses only on Nitro and just wings it on Thunder. So, this one gets a thumbs down from me.

Thanks for reading.

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