WWF Superstars 4/2/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Bethlehem, PA

1.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Steve Smyth
2.)Crush defeated Tom Alton
3.)Sparky Plugg defeated Jeff Jarrett
4.)Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated John Paul
5.)Earthquake defeated Reno Riggins
6.)Doink the Clown defeated Mike Bell

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Before his squash match, Ramon tosses his toothpick at Johnny Polo, who is on the aisle way with Vince McMahon. Polo threatens to sue Ramon and all that.

2. Footage from WrestleMania X is shown. The highlight focuses on the Luger/Yokozuna match where Mr. Perfect ended up screwing Luger over from winning the championship. Luger shoved Perfect and that caused the disqualification. The fans didn’t like that and neither did Luger.

3. Next week on Superstars, Shawn Michaels will debut the Heartbreak Hotel with WWF World Champion Bret Hart!

4. Early on, Jarrett has control on Plugg with a hip toss and a simple headlock. Jarrett follows up with a scoop slam before going back to his basic rest hold. Plugg hits a running cross body but only gets a near fall on the cover. Jarrett cheap shots Plugg in the corner and regains control by sending Sparky into the corner. Plugg is dropped throat first across the top rope by Jarrett. Jeff drives Plugg down to the canvas with a snap suplex. Jeff misses Plugg in the corner and is slammed down to the canvas. Jarrett quickly recovers by hitting a clothesline. Jarrett connects with a dropkick and gets the win. However, Plugg’s leg was under the ropes and the referee waves off the victory. So, the match continues! Jeff is not happy about that decision. Sparky nearly gets a surprise victory, but Jarrett kicks out. Jarrett misses a top rope fist drop and Plugg knocks him down with a back elbow and a knee lift. Plugg is going for several pin falls but isn’t able to keep Plugg down. Plugg pins Jarrett following a clothesline but Jeff gets his foot on the bottom rope. But, the referee didn’t see that. So, Plugg wins. (**1/4. A mediocre match here as they failed to get the crowd into it. The finish was rather lame to me. Oh well, it protects Jarrett, I guess.) After the match, Jarrett is protesting in the ring!

5. Johnny Polo comes out with microphone to interview Jarrett about the controversy. Jarrett is pissed that Plugg screwed him over. He isn’t leaving until Plugg returns to the ring. Instead of Plugg, we get Doink the Clown and Dink. Jarrett has a chair and threatens to hit them with the chair! Plugg returns to the ring from behind and rolls Jarrett up again to pin Jarrett with Doink counting the fall. Sparky dropkicks Jarrett to the floor to piss Jeff off even more.

6. Jarrett is done with his bitching about the earlier loss. He comes out over to McMahon and Polo at the announcers table. Jarrett says he pinned Plugg one, two, three in the middle of the ring. Jarrett hypes up his match with Sparky Plugg next week on Superstars. Jeff thinks the promotion will be changed to being JJF! That is amusing!

Final Thoughts:
An average show this week that gave Jeff Jarrett a lot of airtime. I’m looking forward to the next show that features Michaels debut of a talk show. There wasn’t anything awful here but it was just an average effort here.

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