ROH TV 4/7/2012

Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
April 7, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see a video highlighting the confrontation between Davey Richards & Kevin Steen from last week before the usual intro.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD. Kelly & McGuinness hype up tonight’s main event 4 way March Mayhem finals, and then take us to the opening match.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. “Technical Lightning” T.J. Perkins & Shiloh Jonze

Before the match starts, the Bucks, like always, do not adhere to the Code of Honor. Matt & Shiloh will start things off for their respective teams. Nick goes after Shiloh on the apron while Matt knocks Perkins off the apron on the other side and then Matt nails Shiloh from behind. Matt with a series of forearms to the back of Shiloh, followed by a snapmare takeover. Tag into Nick, who leaps off the top rope, but Shiloh nails him on the way down with a kick to the ribs. Shiloh with a right hand, followed by an Irish whip. However, Nick reverses it, followed by a leapfrog, but Shiloh catches Nick with a headscissors takeover. Shiloh then with an armdrag into an armbar. Tag into Perkins, who wrenches Nick’s arm multiple times before locking him in an abdominal stretch. Matt tries to come in to break it up, but Perkins breaks as he saw him coming. However, the distraction allows Nick to nail Perkins with a knee to the ribs. Irish whip by Nick, but he misses a clothesline and then Perkins does his taunt in the ropes. Nick charges, but Perkins moves and Nick goes sailing over the ropes to the outside. Perkins tags in Shiloh as Nick comes back in and then Shiloh nails him with a flying back elbow. Shiloh then with a dropkick and then heads up top. Shiloh leaps and connects with a flying forearm for a nearfall, but Matt breaks up the pin attempt.

Matt taunts Shiloh, who charges, but Matt pulls down the top rope and Shiloh goes sailing over the ropes onto the apron. Matt then does his backflip headscissors as Nick then comes in and connects with a dropkick that knocks down Shiloh. Nick with a shot to Perkins on the apron and then the Bucks do their taunt to mock Shiloh & Perkins. Nick with a stomp and then he taunts the crowd. Shiloh tries to come back with a kick to the gut, but Nick nails him with one of his own. Headfirst goes Shiloh off the top turnbuckle and then Nick tags in Matt. Matt goes up top and hits a double stomp across Shiloh’s back for a nearfall. Matt then with a couple of mocking pin attempts for a couple of nearfalls. Shiloh tries to fight back again, but Matt scores with a suplex for another nearfall. Matt then applies a front chancery as Perkins tries to will on his partner. Shiloh tries to get to his feet, but Matt knocks him back down with a series of clubs to the back. Matt talks trash to Shiloh and scores another nearfall. Matt with a right hand, followed by an Irish whip. However, Shiloh holds on to the ropes and then as Matt charges at him, Shiloh gets his boot up. Nick tries to nail Shiloh with a clothesline, but Shiloh evades him. Matt charges again, but Shiloh with a forward roll to duck and then he tags in Perkins.

Perkins ducks under Matt’s clothesline and nails Nick on the apron. Perkins with a series of strikes to Matt, then as Nick tries to go up top, Perkins crotches him and places him in the Tree of Woe. Perkins gets the crowd fired up as he sets to charge, but Matt nails him with a knee to the ribs. Matt sets up for a tornado DDT, but Perkins headstands while in motion to avoid the brunt of the move and then kips to his feet and charges at Matt, hitting him with double knees, followed by a hesitation dropkick to Nick, who was still in the Tree of Woe. Perkins then charges at Matt, but Matt gets his boot up. Perkins then comes right back and hits a leaping neckbreaker. Tag into Shiloh, who hits a pair of leaping forearms to Nick, followed by a dropkick to Matt. Shiloh charges at Nick, but Nick gets his boot up. Nick goes onto the apron, but Shiloh nails him with a enziguri to knock Nick off the apron. Perkins then charges and connects with a tope dive onto Nick on the outside, sending Nick crashing into the barricade. In the ring, Shiloh drills Matt with a Trouble in Paradise style kick for a nearfall. Shiloh heads up top, but Nick grabs onto his foot. Shiloh kicks him off, and then Perkins comes in to help. Perkins misses a roundhouse kick and then Nick drills him with a superkick knocking Perkins off the apron and to the outside. Nick grabs onto Shiloh again and Shiloh again kicks him off. Shiloh then leaps off the top, but Matt catches him coming down with a superkick.

The Bucks then hit More Bang for your Buck for the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks by pinfall (More Bang for your Buck)

The Bucks celebrate and mock the Code of Honor once more as we go to commercial.


During the commercial, we see a hype promo for the next Internet PPV, Border Wars on Saturday, May 12th from the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Canada as Kevin Kelly interviews Jay Lethal, who says all he wants on that show is a match with Tommaso Ciampa.

Back from commercial, we see a video highlighting the feud between Matt Taven & Mike Mondo before our next match.

“The Biggest Man In Town” Mike Mondo vs. Matt Taven

Mondo goes to adhere to the Code of Honor, but Taven instead slaps him and we are underway. Mondo sends Taven into the corner and nails him with a pair of forearms. Taven then spins Mondo into the corner and nails him with some forearms. Mondo then spins Taven around and nails him with some forearms. Both men then exchange forearms with Taven getting the advantage. Taven with a side headlock and then Mondo with an Irish whip. Mondo with a leapfrog, but Taven puts on the brakes and nails Mondo with a right hand to knock him down. Taven then with a clothesline that sends Mondo over the ropes and to the outside. Mondo gets on the apron, but Taven nails him with another right hand to knock him back down. Mondo tries to get on the apron on the other side, but Taven knocks him right back down with another right hand. Mondo tries again and this time succeeds, as he pokes Taven in the eye. Mondo tries to throw Taven over the ropes and to the outside, but Taven holds on and skins the cat to get back in. Taven then with a clothesline to Mondo for a nearfall. Taven goes for a back suplex, but as Mondo lands on his feet to counter, he lands awkwardly on his right foot and seems to have hurt his ankle.

The referee keeps Taven away from him as Mondo is untying his boot, obviously frustrated as to what has happened. Mondo goes to the rampway as Taven goes to the outside to bring Mondo back in. However, it was all a ruse as Mondo drives Taven into the barricades, and then proceeds to do it multiple times. Mondo gets back in the ring and does a victory lap around the ring to show that he was never hurt. The referee begins his 20 count on Taven, but Mondo goes out after him on the outside and then proceeds to drive Taven’s head repeatedly into the barricade. Mondo sends Taven back into the ring and gains a nearfall. Mondo then goes to a reverse chinlock as the crowd tries to will on Taven. Taven gets to his feet and breaks loose with gut shots. Taven charges, but Mondo sidesteps him and Taven goes through the ropes to the outside. Mondo goes to the apron and leaps off, but Taven catches him and drills him with a powerslam on the floor.

Taven then proceeds to send Mondo multiple times into the barricade, followed by into the ringpost. Taven then takes Mondo to the rampway and drills him with a suplex on the rampway as the crowd is fired up. Taven sends Mondo back into the ring and heads up top. Taven then leaps off and hits a crossbody for a nearfall. Mondo tries to get away, but Taven pulls him back and stomps on the exposed ankle from the foot that Mondo took his shoe off of. Taven hits a slam and then heads back up top. Taven goes for another crossbody, but Mondo catches him in mid-air and connects with a Flatliner.

Mondo then hooks Taven and hits a Future Shock version of the double-arm DDT for the victory.

Winner: “The Biggest Man in Town” Mike Mondo by pinfall (Double-Arm DDT)

The crowd chants “That was Awesome” as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, instead of going to this week’s “Inside Ring of Honor”, where go to video of the private press conference that took place last Monday to announce the “Border Wars” Internet PPV on May 12th from Toronto, Canada. We see comments from ROH COO Joe Koff, Jim Cornette and then finally, ROH World Champion Davey Richards.

However, Richards is interrupted by Kevin Steen, who says that Cornette should make the match that everyone has been wanting to see for Border Wars and that’s Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title. Cornette refuses, but Richards chimes in and makes an ultimatum to Cornette: Either make the match or I forfeit the title and go to Japan, because Richards says, “You know I will, I have done it before”. Richards says he’ll sweeten the deal, he tells Steen to “bring his piledriver”. Cornette says he cannot do that because of what happened to El Generico. Richards says “Do I look like El Generico to you?” Cornette says can you take him, because Steen cannot be anywhere near the ROH World Title. Richards says yes and finally Cornette agrees to the match. Steen is walked out by security as he is obviously happy as Cornette is disgusted by the decision he had to make as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see pre-match comments from the 4 participants in the finals of the March Mayhem Tournament before the main event.

Main Event in a 4 Way Elimination Match to determine the winner of the March Mayhem Tournament and the prize of $24,000: Adam Cole vs. “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy Ltd. vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/”Brutal” Bob Evans & “The 1st Lady of Ring of Honor” Maria Kanellis vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal goes after Ciampa as the bell rings to start the match. Lethal with a flurry of right hands and chops to Ciampa, followed by a dropkick that sends Ciampa to the outside and then Bennett tags in. Lock-up and Bennett sends Lethal to the corner. and he tries to nail Lethal with a right hand, but Lethal moves and nails Bennett with a chop. Bennett then comes back with a shoulder tackle. Lethal then blocks a hip toss and hits the hiptoss/cartwheel/dropkick combo for a nearfall. Cole then tags in to face Bennett as Ciampa wanted in to face Lethal before Lethal made the tag to Cole. Lock-up and Cole with a wristlock. Bennett comes back with a kick and then goes into a side headlock. Cole then counters with a hammerlock into a side headlock. Bennett then counters with a back suplex and both men are down. Bennett piefaces Cole in the corner, but Cole comes back with an inverted atomic drop. Cole with an Irish whip, but Bennett with a leapfrog and then catches Cole coming in with a dropkick for a nearfall. Cole with a snapmare takeover, followed by a series of knees to the back and finally a dropkick for a nearfall. Cole with a chop to Bennett and then he tags in Lethal. Lethal goes up top while Cole has Bennett in a headlock and then Lethal with a double sledge to the head of Bennett. Lethal with a chop, followed by a right hand. Lethal pulls Bennett to the floor and they exchange right hands. Ciampa then nails Lethal from behind and drives him into the apron. Cole then proceeds to head up top and nail everybody on the outside with a crossbody as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Lethal with a chop Ciampa in the corner. Lethal with an up and over move in the corner, but Ciampa comes back with a clothesline for a nearfall. We see that during the commercial break that Bennett drilled Cole with a spinebuster on the apron. Back to live action as Ciampa nails Lethal with some right hands, but Lethal gets his 2nd wind and nails Ciampa with a series of right hands and chops. However, Ciampa comes back with a kick, followed by a Russian leg sweep for another nearfall. Lethal comes back with a right hand and goes for a handspring move, but Ciampa with a dropkick as Lethal was in mid-handspring. Bennett then tags himself in and then Ciampa and Bennett have words with one another. Then, Ciampa and Bennett begin to double team Lethal, but Lethal with a kick to Ciampa to prevent that.

Lethal then nails Bennett with the Lethal Injection to eliminate Bennett.

Mike Bennett has been eliminated (Lethal Injection by Jay Lethal)

Instantly, Ciampa drills Lethal with the running knockout knee to eliminate Lethal.

Jay Lethal has been eliminated (Running Knockout Knee by Ciampa)

Adam Cole struggles to get back into the ring as Lethal & Bennett are being led to the back by referees. Ciampa waits for Cole to get into the ring and kicks Cole’s arm away. Ciampa sends Cole into the corner and then pulls down the kneepad. Ciampa goes off the ropes and hits not 1, but 2 running knees in the corner. Ciampa goes for the hat trick, but Cole pops up and drills Ciampa with a superkick and both men are down.

Cole then gets a 2nd wind and charges at Ciampa, looking for a dive. But, Ciampa catches Cole as he dives and then nails Cole with an Air Raid Crash on the floor. Back in the ring, Ciampa can only get a nearfall as Cole barely kicks out. Ciampa sets up for Project Ciampa, but Cole nails him with right hands to break out of the hold. Cole then locks in a sleeper on Ciampa, but Ciampa escapes with a series of elbows. Cole then comes back with another superkick and goes back to the sleeper, only this time with a body scissors also applied.

The referee checks Ciampa’s arm and after 2 times, the arm goes down. On the 3rd check, Ciampa is not done yet. Ciampa backs Cole into the corner to break the hold and then connects with an elbow. However, Cole comes back with an elbow of his own. Cole then heads up top while Jay Lethal comes back to go after Ciampa, but has to be held back by many referees. While this is going own, Ciampa backs himself into the ropes to crotch Cole on the ropes to knock him down to the mat.

Ciampa then lifts up Cole and this time hits Project Ciampa for the victory.

Winner of the March Mayhem Tournament and $24,000: “The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Project Ciampa)

The Embassy Limited celebrate in the ring as Prince Nana sings on the mic, “We in the Money, We in the Money, Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do”. The Embassy Limited continues to celebrate as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Another good episode this week.

The opening tag was decent, although I felt Shiloh Jonze was a little out of place with how fast the Bucks & Perkins work. Perkins was solid in his role, especially off the hot tag. The Bucks were fine in their heel role as they have done well at making their heel personas work. Overall, decent opener.

Holy moly, as Kevin Kelly said on commentary, what a match between Mondo & Taven. Loved the intensity shown between the two as they really brought the hate. Mondo was great as the conniving heel with the feigned injury and then just going off on Taven with the repeated shots to the barricade. Taven was a good FIP here and showed good fire on the comebacks. The bumps they took were vicious and the finish was good in that it came out of nowhere and Mondo got the win by the skin of his teeth. Great performance by 2 lower card guys in ROH and hopefully, these two earned themselves permanent positions on the ROH roster. Hats off to both.

Liked the set-up to Davey & Steen at Border Wars with Davey throwing down the ultimatum of either you give me the match, or I walk out. Liked the call-back to what ROH fans have hated about Davey for a while in that he is non-committal and goes to Japan, liked that was brought up. No doubt, however, that this match to me, is hot-shotted because of what happened with GFL last weekend and them no longer using GFL going forward. This should have been saved til June, but if they wanna to have a great crowd in Canada, then unfortunately is the best option I guess they can go with. I don’t agree with it, but I can understand where they are coming from with doing that.

The main event was a fun match as it did a good job in really putting some sizzle on the Lethal-Ciampa feud. Ciampa going over was the right call as he needed a high profile win after the draw at 10th Anniversary. Cole & Bennett were solid in their roles, but Lethal & Ciampa made the match to me with their interactions and Lethal showing some real intensity in wanting to get at Ciampa towards the end. Fun main event.

Overall, another good episode, but it will be the last one for a bit as the next 2 weeks will be clip shows from the “Showdown in the Sun” Internet PPVs. But, still good nonetheless.

My Grade: B-

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