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WCW Thunder 3/18/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Thunder
From: Lexington, KY

1.)Bobby Duncum Jr. defeated Kenny Kaos
2.)El Vampiro defeated Prince Iaukea
3.)WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Juventud Guerrera to retain the title.
4.)Disco Inferno defeated Disciple
5.)Horace defeated Brian Adams
6.)Meng defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow in a first round match in the WCW United States Championship Tournament
7.)Hulk Hogan defeated Curt Hennig

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene interviewed Curt Hennig and the former WCW United States Champion issued a challenge to WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair for a title match. Apparently, Hennig doesn’t have patience tonight and tells Gene that he will give Flair fifteen minutes to respond to him.

2. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair talks to Gene shortly thereafter and notes that he is the champ whether people like it or not and he is the President of WCW and guess what, he hates the Kentucky Wildcats. Flair ends up stripping Scott Hall of the WCW United States Championship because he simply can’t find him. So, a tournament for the championship will begin tonight. Bam-Bam Bigelow will meet Meng in first round action. The conclusion of the tournament takes place at Spring Stampede. Curt Hennig comes out and is told he can’t wrestle Flair tonight. Instead, Hennig will wrestle against Hulk Hogan in the main event tonight. Hennig is fine with that as he could use a warm-up match before he meets Flair.

3. The regular viewers of Thunder were treated with a Cruiserweight title match between Rey Jr. and Juventud. This is sure to deliver in many ways. Juventud chops Mysterio to start the match and soon hits a head scissors takedown. Mysterio blocks a second head scissors and face jams the challenger. Rey hits a split legged moonsault off the top but doesn’t go for the cover. Juventud drops the champ throat first across the top rope. Guerrera catches Rey on a springboard moonsault but is sent chest first into the corner and Mysterio sends the challenger with a spinning heel kick! Rey takes Juventud out with a somersault dive on the floor! Rey continues his offense with a guillotine leg drop for a near fall! Guerrera hits a running powerbomb and both men are down. Rey drives Guerrera face first into the canvas after coming off the ropes. Rey hits a head scissors or his own but Juventud kicks out before three. Guerrera plants Mysterio with the Juvenal Driver but Rey gets his foot on the bottom rope! Juventud misses a splash in the corner but crotches Rey on the top rope. Guerrera goes up top but he is crotched as well. Mysterio hits a top rope hurricanrana and wins the match. (***1/2. A really good match that got the crowd into the show. These two never seem to disappoint when they square off.)

4. Mean Gene interviewed Rick Steiner. Apparently, Rick wants to get hardcore in WCW. That statement brings out Fit Finlay, the definition of hardcore in WCW, I suppose. Finlay calls Steiner a wuss and they agree to settle their disagreement on Nitro.

5. To continue the interviews, Gene calls out Hulk Hogan for a chat. Hulk tells Gene that he is changing his ways. He isn’t going to back away from anyone in WCW anymore. As you may know, he is going by Hollywood Hulk Hogan, again.

6. It’s time for the main event on Thunder! There is about eight minutes left in the show so it will be a quick one, most likely. Hogan takes Hennig down to the mat early on to put an arm breaker on Hennig. Curt chops Hogan in the corner but that does virtually nothing to Hulk. Hogan clotheslines Hennig and maintains control with a running clothesline in a corner. Horace Hogan makes his way down to ringside while Hennig works over Hulk with chops and a knee strike. Hennig hits a rolling neck snap but Hogan battles back with right hands and locks in an abdominal stretch. Curt powers out with a hip toss and scoop slams Hulk a couple of times. Hogan bails to the floor but yanks Curt to the floor. Hogan tosses Curt into the guard railing and whips him with his weight belt. Hulk chokes Hennig with it until Hennig low blows out of it and hits Hogan with the belt. Hennig goes for the Hennig Plex and he hits it! However, Horace Hogan makes the save. Hogan gets a second wind and hammers away on Curt. Hogan slams Hennig and connects with the leg drop to win the match. (*. Well, that was pretty bad. Hogan isn’t about to do anything all that great on a normal day let alone a day when he competes on Thunder of all shows. A predictable main event to close the show.)

Final Thoughts:
An uneventful show outside of Rey/Guerrera which never fails to provide entertainment.

Thanks for reading.

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