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Yearly Review: ECW April 1993

Here is how the first month of ECW’s existence went. A drastic difference from what they would end up becoming.

ECW World Championship Scene: (currently held by: The Sandman)

Rockin’ Rebel is the number one contender for the championship. On the third show (4/20), Rebel tried to get a kiss from Sandman’s woman, Peaches. Rebel believed that he was better looking than Sandman. He was slapped for his efforts. Later on, Rebel would get some revenge by breaking a surfboard over Sandman’s head. Yes, Sandman is a surfer gimmick and not the drunk kendo stick swinging guy you all grew to love. Sandman suffered a mild concussion due to the attack.

Sandman retained the title against Rockin’ Rebel on April 27th by disqualification after Rebel’s woman Tigra got involved in the match.

ECW Television Championship Scene: (currently held by: vacant)
There was a tournament to crown the first champion. Jimmy Snuka, Larry Winters, Tommy Cairo, Sal Bellomo, Eddie Gilbert, JT Smith, Glenn Osbourne and Johnny Hotbody are the men involved in the tournament.

Jimmy Snuka won the ECW Television Championship on April 20th after pinning Glenn Osbourne in the finals for the tournament.

ECW World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: The Super Destroyers)
Tony Stetson and Larry Winters stepped up to be the first challengers to the Super Destroyers championships. Their feud started on the second show when they brawled to the backstage area. The Destroyers beat Stetson and Winters in their first match on April 27th by DQ. There was a stipulation where if the Destroyers lost the belts, their manager Hunter Q. Robbins would give up $500.

Other Happenings:

– Tommy Cairo is being pushed strongly and being promoted as being undefeated since ECW had an association with the USWA. Cairo appears to be starting a feud with Johnny Hotbody as they brawled on the second show after Cairo had a match. On the third show (4/20), Hotbody cost Cairo his spot in the ECW Television tournament by distracting him allowed Snuka to win the bout. That would be Cairo’s first loss in ECW.

– Eddie Gilbert formed a stable on the first show called “Hotstuff International.” Gilbert revealed that he had acquired Jimmy Snuka to be part of his group. It was also clear on the first show that Gilbert would start a feud with Terry Funk. On the second program, Gilbert was upset to see that Funk was on a television show, Quantum Leap. Gilbert’s frustration boiled over on the third show (4/20) when he hit Funk over the back with a chair shot from behind. Later on in the show, Funk attacked Gilbert after Eddie lost a match to Glenn Osbourne in the ECW TV Championship tournament.

– Don Muraco made his debut for ECW on April 27th. Muraco has joined Hotstuff International as well.

– On April 27th, the tag team Suicide Blondes made their debut. The team consisted of Chris Candido and Johnny Hotbody.

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