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WCW Thunder 9/6/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

MI Smooth has taken the Thrillers to the PowerPlant and they tell him to keep the car running. It was from earlier and they will go back to it later.

Match 1: Kwee Wee v. Lt. Loco

Back and forth match. Skipper with Gunns has come out and gone to the announce table. About two minutes in and Loco misses and Wee goes for a powerbomb but Loco punches him down and then dropkicks him and clotheslines him over the top rope. Wee comes back into the ring and goes off on Loco who was jawing with Skipper. He hammers him and gets two after a slam and then punches him a few times and sprinkles in some stomps. They roll each other up and get two. Wee is tossed to the floor and Loco springs into him. He taunts Skipper and the chops up Wee and rolls him back into the ring. He kicks him in the gut and back suplexes him. Two count. Loco hammers him in the corner and has him down. He goes up top but is crotched by Paisley. Wee spikes him off the top and gets the win.

**1/2 Nice, long match. Kwee Wee winning irks me but Chavo as Loco irks me too. Still both can wrestle.

Wee is beating on Loco as Gunns wails on Paisley and now Tigress runs down and Skipper carries off Gunns. MIA run down but it is too late. They suck.

Bret Hart has arrived! Sweet.

Back to the Thrillers at the PP. Sanders taunts one of the trainers and gets shoved and they beat his ass. They take out another guy and finally corner Orndoorf in his office and they jaw back and forth. The assault begins and Paul is overwhelmed and dragged out of his office. Security finally pulls them off with a couple of trainees.

Tenay, in a pre-recorded interview with David Flair and Hancock. They have no idea where Ric is at. Tenay is stunned and he calls her a gold digger! He questions if David is in love and Tenay wants David to speak and now he gets in David’s grill. David is irked with him and Hancock ends the interview as no one is ruining her special night and they leave. Tenay gives them six months! Classic.

Goldberg is looking for Hart.

Match 2: Three Count v. Kronic

Count is in the ring with sticks and calls out Kronic. They mock Count and now the fight is on. Count gets in some offense but Clark kills one with a cool looking chokeslam. Another is full nelson slammed. Here come the Harris’ and they brawl on the floor. Count wins by countout and they brag that they cannot be beaten and start singing and dancing. I like how Helms can barely move.


Tank comes down and destroys them.

Security is surrounding Bret’s dressing room.

Crowbar is happy for Daffney. He breaks Kayfabe by using his real name and talks about how Shane tried to take food off his table and he will not make it to the PPV.

Jesus, Awesome has his own show with a Lava Lamp and he loves the ladies: Lava Lamp Lounge and he welcomes Paula Pamshock! Classic. She is dressed as a 70s babe and corrects him on her name. She likes all men but Awesome does not have a shot as they are just friends. He tries some lines such as she is the only Ten I See…..Jesus as she is from Tennessee and here comes JJ and Awesome is not happy to see him. JJ wonders what the hell is wrong with him! JJ attacks and after some fighting gets the best of him. Pamela is threatened and Gene protects her. Awesome eats the guitar and JJ leaves. That was really bad.

Franchise and Torrie comes out and mocks the Texans for losing their college game. This is on the A and M campus. Franchise brags that he beat up Goldberg and makes fun of him and now it is time for Crowbar to get Franchised.

Match 3: Franchise v. Crowbar

Crowbar attacks him and then bites him in the corner. He chokes him out on the ropes and then flings him back and rakes the eyes. Douglas is crotched on the ropes and then dropkicked to the floor. Crowbar takes his time but hits the splash from the apron. Crowbar works him over but his ribs get thrust into the steps and Douglas works them over for a bit. Back in the ring he is put in an abstretch. Crowbar is put in it that is. Crowbar finally hiptosses him and then smacks him with his belt and chokes him out with it. Northern Lights bridge and he gets two. Crowbar spikes him again and gets a near fall. Douglas reverses the whip and but misses. Dragon Sleeper and he slams him down. Torrie comes in and intervenes and Crowbar knocks her down but turns right into the Franchiser and it is over.

**1/2 Unlike Test in his match, Crowbar looked good and got some measure of revenge.

Torrie and Daffney are now fighting on the floor with Daff getting pummeled. Her boyfriend just watches. Madusa runs down and make the save.

Goldberg is stopped at Hart’s door and then he wipes out security and there is no Hart.

Here comes Bret! He cannot believe what has happened to wrestling. He mocks what Awesome has become. He knows Russo controls everything and he has a lot to say. He is the greatest wrestler ever and he has been screwed over from the start since coming to WCW. Ray agrees. He has beaten every wrestler in the WWF including Vince McMahon. He has beaten everyone in WCW including Sting and Goldberg. Russo was the only guy to give him a chance and he got what he deserved. He replays the Goldberg kick over and over and talks about all the brain issues he has had and all the money he has lost. Goldberg was cruel and he tried to end his career and life and no one tried to do anything about it. Fans chant for Goldberg and he comes out and Bret wants him to finish the job and get a bat etc. Goldberg asks if Bret is wondering why he does not rip his head clean off. He questions that too. Everytime he steps into the ring he is prepared to go to war. He can tell Bret and the people that he has some remorse and feels for him and he wishes it was him. Bret does not buy that and wishes it was him too. He did not even get a phone call and Goldberg only cared about himself and his merch etc. Goldberg just did his job but he has heard his whining and crying and is essentially sick of it. Goldberg leaves as Bret is not worth it and he may do something he regrets. Bret tells him to leave as he has never had it and never will. Goldberg grabs him after Bret threatens to sue him and then Scotty comes down and bashes him with a pipe and chokes him out with the Recliner as Bret mocks Goldberg for being stupid and how he will always fall for it. Steiner tells him that he will finish off Goldberg once and for all at the PPV.

Match 4: Filthy Animals (c) v. Harris Brothers for WCW Tag Titles

Konnan does his thing and the Harris Boys will put us to sleep. Agree.

Rey uses his speed but is got and slammed with alacrity. Rey is whipped front first into the corner and powerslammed off the rebound. Rey is launched up and down with a short powerbomb. Juve runs in to make the save and now he is in and he works over a Harris and mounts and pounds him in the corner but he is crotched on the rope and then sideslammed. The tag is made and Harris uses his shoe to choke him out. Juve is driven through the mat with some authority. Rey has to make the save. Rey keeps running in to try and help. Juve ducks and nails Harris with a spinning forearm but he cannot follow up. The other Harris is in the ring and he kicks Juve into the corner. He misses a charge and Juve springs into a bulldog. Juve is finally able to make the tag and Rey stomps on Harris and Tigress runs in for the Buster! Rey comes in from behind and does it too and now Juve! But the boot is up and he is nutted. Rey tosses one over the top rope. Disco stops Kronic or tries to and gets decked as they come down. Harris has Rey and drives his throat into the railing. Kronic unloads on the Harris’ and FA win.

**1/2 Another solid match.

Recap of the Nitro main event.

Here come Vampiro and ICP.

Match 5: Vampiro v. Sting

ICP is at the announce table. They start brawling and the fight spills int othe crowd. Vamp is hammering Sting with punches to the back of the head. Sting fires back and rocks Vamp with a flurry and tosses him back over the railing but is met with some kicks and punches but Sting rakes his eyes and flings him into the railing and works him over. Chairshot to the back and now he drives it into his gut but Vamp fires right back with some punches and ICP lends a helping hand too. Vamp clotheslines Sting from the top of the announce table but Sting blocks and reverses the suplex and then clotheslines him. An atomic drop sends Vampiro over the table and onto ICP. Sting has a chair and belts Vamp with it. Back in the ring and Sting hammers him but he is slammed and now Vamp is in control. Vamp goes up top but is grabbed and tossed off. After a couple of clotheslines, Vamp goes low and hits the knee and then DDT’s him. Vamp works over the leg, plls him up but lowers his head off the whip is kicked but he drops Sting with a standing sidekick. Sting reverses the whip into the corner. Stinger Splash. He misses the second. Vamp goes for a suplex but Sting counters with the Deathdrop and it is over.

**1/2 A nice long brawl. But what irks me and stops it from getting an extra half star is that Vamp lost again and so why have a PPV match?

Muta comes down and pulls out Sting but the mist is sprayed into someone…..ICP is back up as Sting and Muta fight to the back as Goldberg comes out and takes out ICP and Vamp. Goldberg has the mic and he is not worried about Steiner as he has him at the PPV and demands Bret Hart to come out. Storm shows up on the Tron and they will fight for him….

After the break they come out.

Match 6: Goldberg v. Elix Skipper and Lance Storm (c)

Before Storm comes down to kick his ass the fans need to rise of the Canadian Anthem. Goldberg finally stops it and yells at them some more. They finally come down and Skipper ducks but he is speared! Storm tries to leave but Rection is right there and brings him back into the ring. Goldberg tosses him across the ring and then spears him. Jackhammer time! Match.

*1/2 It is hard to applaud the US champ getting destroyed but it was angle advancement and gives Rection some revenge and gets Goldberg back on track.

*** Now this was pretty good. Nice to see whiny heel Hart back at least for the time being. They helped set up for the PPV and actually had some solid wrestling. Very little backstage nonsense and other than the Hart/Goldberg segment no long ass interviews. Everything flowed fairly smoothly and overall the show was fun. A couple of long matches. Sure the Cruiserweights are nowhere near what they were 2 years ago but they are decent. Hopefully Nitro can top this show but with the wedding and shit I doubt it….

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