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Yearly Review: NWA-TNA July 2002

A whole lot is going on in NWA-TNA as the first full month goes by for the company.

NWA-TNA World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Ken Shamrock)
Shamrock has three challengers he has to deal with this month. First off, it is Malice who he defeated to win the championship in the first place. Shamrock would be attacked by Malice on the July 3rd show during an interview. They would have a match later on in the night, which Shamrock won after a belly to belly suplex.

Shamrock defended the championship on July 10th against Takao Omori, but that wrestled in a no contest due Jeff Jarrett attacking both men with a steel chair.

Jeff Jarrett was supposed to get a championship match on July 17th, but that was stripped when be brawled with Scott Hall backstage. So, Sabu ended up making his debut and won a ladder match against Malice to become the new number one contender. The following week, Jarrett made it clear that he wanted the championship and he attacked several officials and Bill Behrens with a steel chair. Jarrett would also hit Shamrock over the head with a chair to add fuel to their eventual feud and match.

Sabu got his championship match on July 24th but wrestled Shamrock to a no contest in a submission/ladder match. That was due to Malice choke slamming Shamrock off the ladder and stealing the championship.

The Truth was given a title shot by Ricky Steamboat for the equal rights. Truth had been very vocal about not getting a fair shot due to his skin color. The match would happen next month.

NWA-TNA X-Division Championship Scene: (currently held by: AJ Styles)
Styles defended the championship against David Young on the July 3rd show. Low Ki won the number one contendership on July 10th.

AJ was able to retain the championship over Low Ki on July 17th. However, he was brutally attacked by Jerry Lynn who made it clear that Styles would respect him. Styles retained the championship over Elix Skipper on July 31st, as well.

NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships Scene: (currently held by: vacant)
Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles, two rivals at the time, would become the first NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions after they defeated the Rainbow Express (Lenny & Lodi). They would defend the championships on July 10th defeating the New Church, but Lynn was clearly getting frustrated with Styles, who was more focused on stealing the spotlight, it seemed.

On July 17th, AJ Styles attacked Jerry Lynn after being told he hadn’t paid his dues in the business. Styles hit a Styles Clash on Lynn and told him he didn’t need him.

Despite their issues, Styles and Lynn continued to retain the championships by beating the Flying Elvises on July 24th, but Styles was still very unhappy with Lynn taking his spotlight.

Other Happenings:
– Buff Bagwell decided he had enough and that he lost his spark for wrestling on July 3rd after he and Apolo lost to the Rainbow Express in a tournament match. Buff wanted to be known as Marcus and no longer Buff, because the moniker had ruin his career.

– Jeff Jarrett continued his feud with Scott Hall. Jarrett was able to recruit Brian Christopher to turn on Scott Hall on the July 3rd show. Jarrett made it apparent that he was going to run Hall out of the company just like he did in WCW and WWE. They would finally get their hands on each other in a singles match on July 31st in a stretcher match. Jarrett won the stretcher match after Ricky Steamboat accidentally cost Hall the match by preventing him from using a chair.

– Brian Christopher has developed an ego and believes the world revolves around him, thus the heel turn. He wants to get out of Jerry Lawler’s shadow. Scott Hall would get a pin fall victory over Christopher on July 17th. However, Hall was viciously attacked by Krush, Christopher and Jarrett.

– K-Krush had developed a feud with NASCAR racer Hermie Sadler on July 3rd and vowed to shut Hermie up about racing once and for all. Krush would lose the match on July 10th by reverse decision. Krush retired his name on July 24 and now goes by The Truth. He started a feud with Monty Brown calling him an “Uncle Sam sell out.” Truth was able to get Elix Skipper to set Monty Brown up for an attack on the show as well. They would have a brawl on July 31st.

– The Flying Elvises made it clear they were going to take over the X-Division whether the officials liked it or not on July 10th.

– Chris Harris and James Storm formed a team and had a feud with the Hot Shots starting on July 24th. The Hot Shots attacked them after losing the bout.

– Malice started a feud with Don Harris, a leader of the security team on July 31st. Don found himself saving talent from having blood splattered on them.

– Bruce won the Miss TNA Crown on July 31st from previous champion Taylor Vaughn.

– Jasmine St. Claire debuted on July 10th to give TNA some real tits and ass.

– Amazing Red made his debut on July 24th, losing to Low Ki.

– Disco Inferno revealed that he would be starting a Jive Talking talk show on July 31st. His first guest was Goldylocks and he tried to get her to show her breasts, but she wouldn’t. Paulina, from Tough Enough, made her debut and attacked Goldylocks.

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