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Yearly Review: WWF May 1991

A new tag team debuts, while another tag team is formed after a heel turn. Plus, Earthquake takes out a legend.

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Hulk Hogan)
During the May 28th taping of WWF Superstars, Sgt. Slaughter vowed that he would barbeque Hulk Hogan and take the WWF World Championship in the process. Aside from that, it was a easy month for Hulk Hogan. Hogan would work only with Slaughter and while he would lose a few matches by disqualification, he also beat Slaughter several times throughout the month.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: Mr. Perfect)
During the May 28th taping of WWF Superstars, Mr. Perfect revealed a new manager to replace Bobby Heenan. His name was simply Coach. Perfect would continue to wrestle Davey Boy Smith on the house show market, but wouldn’t get a clean victory over Smith.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: The Nasty Boys)
The Nasty Boys mainly wrestled the Legion of Doom throughout the month, but would lose to Hawk and Animal by disqualification or count-out each time to hold onto the championships. There weren’t any more developments in the tag team title scene.

Other Happenings:
– During the May 6th taping of WWF Superstars, Andre the Giant declined Jimmy Hart’s offer to become his manager. This led to Earthquake attacking Andre’s knee with Jimmy’s megaphone. Andre vowed he would get revenge on Earthquake and make his life a living hell.

– Tugboat turned heel by attacking the Bushwhackers during the May 28th taping of WWF Superstars and aligned himself with Earthquake and the Nasty Boys. Tugboat would change his name to Typhoon and begin a tag team with Earthquake, known as the Natural Disasters.

– The Beverly Brothers made their debut during the May 28th taping of WWF Superstars. Coach is also their manager.

– The feuds involving Ted DiBiase/Roddy Piper and Ultimate Warrior/Undertaker didn’t have any major advancements. They continued to take place on the house shows.

There were no major televised events this month.

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