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WWF Superstars 11/19/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Burlington, VT

1.)The Undertaker defeated Jim Neidhart via count-out
2.)Adam Bomb defeated Reno Riggins
3.)Jeff Jarrett defeated Mike Bell
4.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Nick Barberry
5.)King Kong Bundy defeated Ben Jordan

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Neidhart avoids Taker in the early stages of the match and Owen backs off as well. Neidhart hammers away on Taker but that doesn’t last all that long. Taker drops Jim with a big boot and chokes Neidhart in the corner. These two already don’t seem to click very well. Taker walks the top rope and drops down across Neidhart’s arm. Neidhart is dropped with a short am clothesline but Taker misses a cross body and crashes to the canvas. Neidhart follows up his advantage with a clothesline but his offense is short lived. Neidhart displays some good strength with a power slam and begins to choke Taker. Owen Hart apparently ran Paul Bearer to the backstage area. Neidhart hits a vertical suplex but only manages a near fall. Bearer has returned with a casket! Taker ducks a clothesline to hit a leaping shoulder block! Taker sends Neidhart into the casket and Neidhart freaks out. Jim and Owen leave the ringside area and loses by count out. (*1/2. It started off like these two just didn’t have any chemistry, but it turned into a match that had some decent action featured.)

2. IRS is back with his issues with the dead and their inability to pay their taxes. He is calling these “Tales From The Crypt”. Irwin has dug up another grave and says he is repossessing the grave. He puts a sign “Property of IRS” next to the grave.

3. WWF World Champion Bret Hart and the British Bulldog are the guests this week on the Heartbreak Hotel. Michaels brings up the title match that Bret will have at Survivor Series with Bob Backlund. He wants to know the pain Bret felt thanks to Backlund, but cuts Bret off. Owen Hart and Bob Backlund come out and Owen says that he will never toss the towel in. Owen thinks the Bulldog will toss the towel in. Backlund notes that blood is thicker than water and he has the king of the Hart family in his corner. Bob says he was up instantly after having the Sharpshooter on him. Bob isn’t even looking at Bret when he cuts the promo he is looking at the camera. To his credit, he plays the deranged role rather well. Bret says it is scary to see what has happened to Backlund. Bret is fighting for every single person who supports him and for the New Generation!

Final Thoughts:
A solid edition of Superstars for the go-home show before Survivor Series. The featured bout was nothing special but Heartbreak Hotel segment was good in promoting the title match.

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