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WCW Thunder 6/24/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

West Texas Rednecks sing their song for everyone and are going on tour. This was actually played on the radio in some markets!

Match 1: Psychosis v. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie is upset about Psychosis taking off the colors….so that is what they are doing with him. I could think of better. The fans chant Eddie over and over.

Eddie starts strong but Psychosis kicks him to the floor and then leaps on top of him. Back in the ring and the Eddie chants continue. Eddie strikes with a hurracarana and then low dropkicks him in the head. He uses the ropes in order to choke him out. Psychosis is sent into the railing and then the steel steps. Back in the ring he slingshots into a diving headbutt and even Eddie is taken aback by the fan reaction. Eddie keeps after him and calls to the fans…..He puts him in abstretch.


He has Psychosis in a type of Figure Four. Psychosis is up and front suplexes Eddie. Eddie trips him up and goes back to work on the leg. Psychosis fights to his feet but is knocked to the floor. Eddie is flung into the railing though and dropkicked. Eddie is rolled back into the ring but he makes a comeback and bodyslams Psychosis and heads up top and leaps right into an atomic drop. Psychosis flies from the top and crashes into him. Another nice move….sorry eating. He gets two and keeps after him. He places Eddie up top and scissors him off the top and gets a near fall. Psychosis goes up top and goes for a flying crossbody and misses. Frog Splash onto the back and over!

***1/2 Damn was the crowd hot for him!

Ric wants a favor from Evan Karagias and that is to lose to David. Evan does not want too as he is young an this is his shot. Flair tells him that if he does not do it he could be taken out. After tonight the skies the limit.

Here comes Nash. He does his thing to a loud pop. He is giving us a history lesson about coming to WCW three years ago. Three years have passed and he may be champ he is still an Outsider. WCW does not want him to be champ. Savage knows that he cannot beat him by himself, so he brought in Sid and both of them cannot beat him for the belt. He knows Sting is on their side. He refuses to trust Luke. If Macho wants his belt he will have to pry it from his dead hands. Big Sexy has left the building.

Match 2: Fit Finlay and Dave Taylor v. Chris Benoit and Saturn

Fun match with a hot crowd. They went back and forth and Benoit pins Taylor with the flying headbutt.


Steven Regal is already back in WCW. Classic. He is trying to shake hands with Dave and Fit and they all hug.

Gene is in the ring and here comes Flair with Asya. Flair calls Louisiana a state filled with illiterates and the women are so dumb they did not recognize him when he got off the plane. He is the law. At the PPV it will be the tag champs against Saturn and Benoit. He goes off on Bagwell and Malenko and since they think they are hot stuff they will face Sid and Macho. He is going to take mothers and sisters home. Nash has a surprise in store on Nitro in Chicago and then he freaks out about turning on the power…..

Match 3: Lenny Lane v. Curt Hennig

Curt utterly dismantles him. Lodi throws in the towel and Lodi eats a Plex just for fun.

* Squash.

Savage and Sid have come down. Savage wants to know if Nash can feel it. The Madness that is. Savage will soon be champ. He assures Nash that neither he nor Sid were the driver. He is stacking the deck and he will reveal his plan or something like that. It may have been Hall who drove the Hummer or was it Sting. Or both. Sid has the mic and he rambles about nonsense. Something about fire and pain. Buff and Malenko will feel pain forever. Jesus Christ.

Match 4: Evan Karagias v. David Flair

David is getting worked over. Evan chops away an clotheslines him and gets two. He rolls up Flair for two. Evan rolls him up for two. He hammers him some more and goes up top. Arn does not like that and Evan yells at him but a stungun puts an end to that. David wins.

* Not sure where this is going.

Match 5: Hugh Morrus v. Van Hammer

This is a Hardcore match. Hammer is belted with garbage cans. Hammer is slammed on top of the garbage can. He makes a comeback and pummels him in the corner. Hammer grabs a garbage can and runs over Morrus with it. Hammer brings in the ladder but he is whipped into it and then Morrus shoves it into him. Hammer is whipped into the corner where he is squashed. Hart puts a can over his head and Morrus squashes Hammer again. Jimmy hits him in the head with the lid over and over. Now Morrus takes the can and belts him in the head and down goes Hammer. Table time. It is finally set up and Hammer is put on it and hammered. Flair screams Jimmy Hart over and over and demands the show be stopped. He yells at some fans. Flair states there will be never be another Hardcore match in a WCW arena. Morrus yells that Flair never cared about him and he wants Flair to get out of his match. Flair agrees if he wants Hardcore then he can have it. Hammer runs both over with the table. Now no more Hardcore again! Hammer slams Morrus through the table and the match is called off.

** Angle Advancement.

Match 6: Macho Man and Sid Vicious v. Dean Malenko and Buff Bagwell

Savage calls it a tune up. Savage is the most feared, past, present and future. He included Sid in that.

Buff is playing to the crowd and starts off against Savage. They finally lock up and Savage misses a punch. Buff dances. Savage works the arm but is taken down and nearly pinned. Buff follows up with a dropkick. Malenko gets the tag and Savage goes over and whispers to Sid. Malenko trips him up but they reverse and counter holds. Savage back elbows him and tags in Sid who kicks him a couple of times. Dean slides under him and he and Buff doublteam Sid. But Sid comes back and chokeslams Buff. He drops the legs and gets two. He uses the ropes to choke him out. Goldberg chants. Savage is in and he beats on Buff and Sid is back in and he lays into poor Buff with clubbing blows. The ladies help too. Sid kicks him in the head a couple of times. Savage gets the tag and he kicks Buff in the chest and drops him with a hard right. Madusa holds Buff and Savage accidentally nails her. Malenko is in and he strikes with a missile kick. He hits Sid but turns into a clothesline. He fends Savage off and gets two after a flying crossbody. Savage takes him down and Miss Madness sunset flips Malenko over! But he rolls through and puts her in the Cloverleaf! Savage just stands there. He finally belts him from behind. Sid has taken out Buff and powerbombs Dean. Savage wants to go up top but the ref stops him. Nick is taken out. Another ref eats a spiked piledriver. Buff is beaten up some more. Savage tells Nash that the tag match at the PPV will be the match from hell. He tells Sid to powerbomb the ref and he does so.

*1/2 Really? I know Buff and Malenko did not lose but did they have to get dismantled. How do you build up new stars and then allow them to get pummeled. At least have them get in more offense or have interference. It is shit like this that pisses me off about WCW.

*** The main event, though done to make Savage and Sid look strong it still dragged the show down a 1/2 star. Silly to make new guys look weak after building them up. Stupid. Still there were some good matches and they actually worked some angles. Shocking!

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