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Yearly Review: WWF April 1992

Who prevailed at WrestleMania VIII? WWF sets the stage for a wild spring as a major name returns and a major name leaves the company. A crazy month for the WWF!

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Ric Flair)
At WrestleMania VIII Randy Savage was able to get his revenge on Flair by winning the WWF World Championship by rolling Flair up. After the bout, Flair kissed Elizabeth only to piss off Savage even more and making it evident that the feud between these two was far from ending.

Randy Savage defended the championship against the likes of Flair, Mountie and Shawn Michaels during the month. Savage’s match with Michaels took place in Germany and aired on television as part of a special event for the country. Michaels also got a title shot at UK Rampage ’92 but came up short in the effort.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: Roddy Piper)
Piper’s reign as WWF Intercontinental Champion came to an end at WrestleMania VIII when a bloody Bret Hart regained the championship from Piper. They showed each other mutual respect after the match as if Piper was passing the torch to Bret.

Shawn Michaels appeared to step up as the next challenger for Bret’s championship. They worked on the house shows several times with Bret picking up the wins each time.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: Money Inc)
The Natural Disasters were unable to take the WWF World Tag Team Championships from Money Inc. at WrestleMania VII but that was only because the champions took the cowards way out by getting themselves counted out.

Money Inc. worked the house show circuit with the Bushwhackers and would trade wins with them. The Bushwhackers would win their matches by disqualification.

Other Happenings:
– Hulk Hogan’s final match (yeah, right) took place at WrestleMania VIII where he was able to defeat Sid Justice by disqualification. More importantly, the Ultimate Warrior made his surprise return to the company after the match to save Hogan from a post match beating by Sid and Papa Shango. Warrior hadn’t been seen in the WWF since August 1991.

– The Undertaker won his second straight WrestleMania match by defeating Jake Roberts. Taker also kicked out of the DDT during the match. This would be Jake’s last appearance for the WWF until 1996. The April 25th edition of Superstars saw the Undertaker begin a feud with the Berzerker when the Berzerker hit a piledriver on the floor after trying to stab Taker with his sword. Taker would also work several matches with Sid Justice on the house show circuit. They had a match at UK Rampage ’92, which Sid won by disqualification.

– Shawn Michaels won his first singles match at WrestleMania by defeating veteran Tito Santana.

– Lex Luger made his first televised appearance for the WWF at WrestleMania VIII. He hyped up the WBF and was not there to promote anything wrestling related. That would come later on.

– The Legion of Doom issued a challenge to the Beverly Brothers on the April 19th edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge. The Beverly Brothers responded by painting “LOS” on a couple of jobbers to taunt the LOD. LOS stood for “Legion of Sissies.”

– Vignettes promoting the debut of Crush started to air on the April 26th edition of Superstars. Crush is from Hawaii and crushes coconuts.

– Repo Man started to use his rope to choke out opponents and did so to Tito Santana on the April 20th edition of Primetime Wrestling. The following month Repo would choke a bigger name with his rope.

– Miss Elizabeth would have her last appearance in the WWF on April 19th, 1992 which was the UK Rampage event.

– Sid Justice left the WWF on April 26th following a match with the Ultimate Warrior at the Boston Garden. Sid wouldn’t be back in the WWF until February 1995.

WrestleMania VIII: 2.3

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