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Yearly Review: WWF June 1992

Another new wrestler is coming to the WWF.

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Randy Savage)
Savage continued to defend the WWF World Championship against Ric Flair on the house show circuit. Savage would win the matches by disqualification and reverse decision throughout the month.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: Bret Hart)
Bret continued to defend the championship against Shawn Michaels on the house show circuit and retained the championship each time.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: Money Inc)
Money Inc. continued to work with the Natural Disasters on the house show circuit. Each time they wrestled the Natural Disasters would win the match by count-out.

Other Happenings:
– Papa Shango continued his odd ways of operating when while being interviewed by Mean Gene during the June 6th edition of Superstars, a black liquid started to come from Gene’s sleeve.

– A vignette promoting a new wrestler named Razor Ramon aired on June 13th edition of Superstars. The character is from Miami and has a thick accent.

– On the June 27th edition of Superstars, the Legion of Doom and Paul Ellering returned to their roots where they found an old doll named Rocco. They said they would clean up the doll for future matches. The Beverly Brothers continued to call the LOD the legion of sissies.

– During the month, Big Bossman would call in and say that he will be returning to the company soon since the attack by Nailz the previous month. However, each time he was talking to either Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan, who would hang up on Bossman.

– Speaking of Nailz, he made his in-ring debut on the June 13th edition of Superstars. His finishing move is a choke.

There weren’t any major events this month.

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