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Yearly Review: WWF July 1992

A championship changes hands at a house show. The main event for SummerSlam is set.

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Randy Savage)
It was announced on the July 18th edition of WWF Superstars that Savage would defend the championship at SummerSlam against the Ultimate Warrior. They had a face to face confrontation the following week on Superstars, which led to Savage to being attacked by Flair and Mr. Perfect until Warrior made the save and two of them argued about the situation again.

Savage continued to work with Ric Flair on the house show circuit throughout the month.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: Bret Hart)
During the July 25th edition of Wrestling Challenge it was announced that Bret Hart would defend the championship against the British Bulldog at Wembley Stadium. Bret continued to retain his championship on the house shows by defeating Shawn Michaels each time they met.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: Money Inc)
On July 20th, 1992 at a live event in Worcester, MA the Natural Disasters were finally able to win the WWF World Tag Team Championships by defeating Ted DiBiase and IRS. The match is featured on Coliseum Video release named Grudges, Gripes and Grunts.

Other Happenings:
– Vignettes promoting the debut of Razor Ramon continued to air during the month.

– Big Bossman gave an update to Mean Gene during the July 4th edition of WWF Superstars saying that he was still injured thanks to Nailz’s attack. He would be back in the WWF soon, though.

– The Berzerker and Mr. Fuji attacked Paul Bearer and the Undertaker during the July 11th edition of WWF Superstars when they used a cane and salt on both men. The attack didn’t have much effect on the Undertaker.

– Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel started a feud on the July 20th edition of Primetime Wrestling. Martel appeared to have the WWF Intercontinental Championship within his grasps until Shawn Michaels got involved and made sure that the belt remained on Hart so he could beat him. This would lead to an altercation between the two of them.

– Kamala, Kimchee and Harvey Wippleman terrorized Gene Okerlund during the July 11th edition of Superstars by having Gene beg for mercy so that he wouldn’t be attacked by them.

There weren’t any major events this month.

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