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Yearly Review: WWF November 1992

The card for Survivor Series changes around as two stars leave the company. A couple of title changes occur and two babyface turns happen during the month!

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Bret Hart)
Bret’s first complete month as WWF World Champion saw Bret successfully defend the championship against the Berzerker and Virgil on WWF television. Bret also defended the championship against Papa Shango at SNME #32 which aired on November 14th. Remember, Shango claimed to have put a curse on Bret to cause him to lose the Intercontinental Championship on Bulldog at SummerSlam. Bret was able to force Shango to submit with the Sharpshooter. This would be the last significant angle for Shango before leaving the company and being repackaged a couple of years later.

Bret Hart was able to successfully defend the WWF World Championship against Shawn Michaels, who had just won the WWF Intercontinental Championship. It was a 25+ minute match and is considered a underrated match by most people. These two would have quite the history moving forward.

On the house show market, Bret defended the championship against former champion Ric Flair.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: the British Bulldog)
At SNME #31 Shawn Michaels won his first singles championship when he was able to pin the British Bulldog. Michaels countered a superplex attempt and got the pin-fall victory. Michaels would get a WWF World Championship shot at Survivor Series causing there not be any happenings in the WWF Intercontinental Championship division.

On the house show market, Michaels defended the championship against Marty Jannetty.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: the Natural Disasters)
Ted DiBiase and IRS regained the WWF World Tag Team Championships on the November 1st edition of Wrestling Challenge. DiBiase was able to force Earthquake to pass out to the Million $ Dollar. Prior to the match, the Nasty Boys were upset over being overlooked for the championship match by Jimmy Hart and attacked Money Inc. after they tried to give them money. After the match, the Nasty Boys tossed Jimmy Hart onto the new champs. This marks a babyface turn for the Nasty Boys.

Money Inc. retained the titles against Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware on the November 7th edition of Superstars.

At Survivor Series 1992, Money Inc. teamed with the Beverly Brothers but came up short against the Nasty Boys and the Natural Disasters. Sags pinned IRS to end the contest, which was under elimination rules.

On the house show market, Money Inc. defended the championships against the Nasty Boys.

Other Happenings:
– A mysterious clown begins to appear during matches in the WWF. This clown would be known as Doink the Clown.

– Vignettes promoting the return of Bam-Bam Bigelow started to air on television. Bigelow hadn’t been seen in the WWF since 1988. Bigelow made his return on the November 28th edition of Superstars.

– The feud between Big Bossman and Nailz came to a close at Survivor Series in a nightstick on a pole match. Bossman won the feud against Nailz by winning the nightstick on a pole match at the pay per view.

– Damien Demento made his debut for the WWF on the November 7th edition of Superstars.

– On the November 16th edition of Primetime Wrestling it was announced that the Ultimate Warrior would not be on Survivor Series show anymore. Randy Savage was given 24-hours to find a new partner and he chose Mr. Perfect. Less than an hour later, Perfect would join Savage after saying he was sick and tired of being the lackey for Flair and Ramon. Savage and Perfect won the match over Flair and Ramon by disqualification when the heels double teamed Perfect.

– Tatanka reclaimed his war feathers from Rick Martel when he defeated Martel at Survivor Series.

– The Undertaker finished his feud with Kamala by winning a casket match at Survivor Series. The experience of being inside the casket would really affect Kamala, which would be seen soon.

– Both Yokozuna and the Headshrinkers made their WWF pay per view debuts at Survivor Series. Yoko was able to destroy Virgil while the Headshrinkers beat Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware.

– Due to a steroid scandal, the Ultimate Warrior and the British Bulldog left the company prior to Survivor Series. Bulldog would be off to WCW in early 1993 while Warrior wouldn’t be involved in wrestling for over three years.

SNME #32: 6.1
Survivor Series 1992: 250,000

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