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Yearly Review: NWA-TNA August 2002

Titles changes hands as TNA heats up in Nashville.

NWA-TNA World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Ken Shamrock)
The reign of the first ever NWA-TNA World Champion came to an end on the August 7th pay per view event. Ken Shamrock defended the championship against Ron Killings, the same guy who recently lost to NASCAR drivers. Killings pinned Shamrock after hitting a diamond cutter. The victory saw Killings become the first ever African American champion.

Jeff Jarrett steps up wanting to be the guy who challenges Killings for the belt. However, management will not let it happen, yet. Instead, Killings successfully defended the championship against Monty Brown on August 21st.

NWA-TNA X-Division Championship Scene: (currently held by: AJ Styles)
AJ Styles also lost the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship on August 7th in a match where he defended against Low Ki and Jerry Lynn. Ki pinned Lynn to win the championship. Ki’s first defense was against the Flying Elvises on August 14th. Ki won a four way elimination match last eliminating Sonny Siaki to retain the championship.

Ki would defend the championship on August 21st in a similar match against The Maximo Brothers and Amazing Red. Once again, Ki managed to retain the championship.

Ki defended the championship in a triple threat ladder match against AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn. Lynn was able to capture the championship and begin his first reign as NWA-TNA X-Division Champion.

NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships Scene: (currently held by: AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn)
The titles are held up on August 14th after a match with Jeff Jarrett and Ron Killings. The finish saw Styles pin Killings while Jarrett pinned Lynn and two referees counted the falls. Thus, the belts were vacated.

Other Happenings:
– Apolo revealed on August 7th that Ricky Steamboat was corrupt and wasn’t happy with him. This stemmed from Steamboat overlooking Apolo in favor for Killings in the title match against Shamrock. The same night, Apolo lost a match to Jeff Jarrett that Steamboat was the official for adding more issue.

– August 7th also saw the Dupp Cupp Invtiational created by the Dupp Brothers. It’s basically a hardcore match with a points system. The first person to ten points would win the match. Here are how the points were handed out. Ed Ferrera, lost the first example of the match, by the way.

  • Put your opponent through a table you get 2 ½ points.
  • Put your opponent through a flaming table you get 5 points.
  • Put your opponents head in a toilet you get 2 ½ points.
  • Put your opponents head in a toiler with crap in it you get 3 ½ points.
  • If you touch a woman’s butt you get 2 ½ points.
  • If you touch a man’s butt you get 3 ½ points.
  • If you hit Jeremy Borash you get 2 ½ points.
  • If you hit Sarah the ticket lady you also get 2 ½ points.
  • If you use a farm animal you get 2 ½ points.
  • If you spank your opponents bare ass with their play horse you get 2 ½ points.
  • If they like the above action, you lose 2 ½ points.
  • If you introduce your opponent to Jay you get 2 ½ points. (they don’t know who Jay is)
  • If you cry in the ring like a pussy you lose 5 points.
  • If you stick your opponents head into the cotton candy machine and completes one rotation you get 10 points.

– Elix Skipper continued his feud with Monty Brown when he attacked Brown outside during an interview by dumping yellow paint on the former football star. On the August 14th show, Brown defeated Skipper in a Detroit Street Fight (in Nashville) to end the short feud.

– On the August 14th show, Brian Lawler attacked Jarrett in the ring after a promo with Ron Killings. Lawler was heard saying “I know it was you, Jeff.” Lawler would not reveal what happened during the month. On the August 28th show, both men would attack each other throughout the program. It turns out that is has something to do with his girlfriend and Lawler is becoming a jealous boyfriend.

– Miss TNA winner Bruce continued to defend the title throughout the month. Bruce went on to offer up $5,000 for anyone would could beat him fro the crown.

– Malice, who was a championship contender a month prior, has been feuding with Don Harris. Malice won a first blood match, but lost a last man standing match.

– Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles continued their feud on the August 21st show. They competed in a best two out of three falls match. The falls were falls count anywhere, no disqualification and an Ironman match. Lynn and AJ traded falls for the first two stipulations. They wrestled to a draw in the Ironman match. The winner would have been the number one contender for the X-Divison Championship.

– Jeff Jarrett also started a feud with Bob Armstron. On the August 28th show, Jarrett had a match with someone dressed up as Bullet. Eventually, Bob Armstrong came out and was hit with a steel chair by Jarrett causing him to bleed. We don’t know who the man under the disguise is.

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