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Yearly Review: ECW May 1993

Paul E. Dangerously shows up!

ECW World Championship Scene: (currently held by: The Sandman)
Sandman successfully defended the championship on 5/4 against Sal Bellomo. Sandman teamed with Peaches to wrestle Rockin’ Rebel and Tigra on 5/11, but it ended in a no contest.

On 5/18 Don Muraco made it apparent that he wanted the ECW World Championship. On the same show, Sandman wrestled Rebel to a no contest after Peaches and Tigra came down to the ring. That had been barred from ringside.

A match between Muraco and Sandman was signed to take place on the 5/25 show.

ECW Television Championship Scene: (currently held by: Jimmy Snuka)
Snuka successfully retained the championship against Glen Osbourne on 5/25 in a rematch from the finals last month.

ECW World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: The Super Destroyers)
On 5/4 the Super Destroyers retained the titles by defeating Tony Stetson and Larry Winters. Later on in the show, Hunter Q Robbins III signed a contract for a no disqualification hair vs title match. Robbins wasn’t aware that he would be handcuffed to Tommy Cairo.

Stetson and Winters won the championships on 5/11.

The Suicide Blondes, Chris Candido and Johnny Hotbody attacked Stetson and Winters with steel chairs after losing a title match on 5/18.

On 5/25 the Suicide Blondes won the titles for the first time after Hotbody hit Winters with a chain.

Other Happenings:
• The feud between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert continues. On the 5/4 show, Funk talked to a horses ass about their upcoming chain match.

• Paul E, Dangerously made his debut on 5/4. He quickly formed an alliance with Eddie Gilbert and Jimmy Snuka. Dangerously tried to cancel the chain match on 5/11 but was unsuccessful. Dangerously threatened that he would end ECW.

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