WCW Saturday Night 1/9/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Gainesville, GA

1.) Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Al Greene
2.) Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Nick Dinsmore & Mike Sullivan
3.) Bobby Blaze defeated Dave Burkhead
4.) Bobby Duncum Jr. defeated Bill Payne
5.) Glacier defeated Lash LeRoux
6.) Chase Tatum defeated the Gambler
7.) Fit Finlay & Dave Taylor defeated Disorderly Conduct
8.) Steve McMichael defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
9.) Kenny Kaos & Bobby Eaton defeated La Parka & Silver King

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. As you can probably tell from the lineup, this is not a strong show whatsoever. The biggest star on the show is Bam-Bam Bigelow, who has been involved with Goldberg in recent weeks. Aside from him, most of the guys are no-names. Sorry, Glacier.

2. Backstage, Kenny Kaos meets up with Bobby Eaton. Kenny considers himself one half of the tag team champions with Rick Steiner. Kaos needs a partner and tells Eaton that he knows his career is coming to an end and wants his knowledge passed onto him. Eaton simply agrees and will team with Kaos tonight.

3. Mean Gene interviews Ric and David Flair. They will be wrestling Curt Hennig and Barry Windham at Souled Out. Ric was in awe of David Flair agreeing to team up against the New World Order. His instinct was to say that David wasn’t ready but his son told him he was and Arn Anderson said the same thing. David thinks he is ready to be his partner.

4. Mean Gene is with Barry Windham for an interview as well. Windham questions whether or not David is a man because he gets in a ring. Barry says that Ric gets to dancing when he is nervous and he has done that a lot. Windham knows Ric better than anyone else. Windham explains what he is going to do to David. Barry considers himself the nightmare on wheels and says he is going to teach David Flair how to be a wrestler and a man in the ring.

5. Barry Darsow issues a miniature golf contest. Yeah, you read that right. Norman Smiley comes out to accept the challenge. Darsow gives Smiley his putter but here comes Chavo Guerrero Jr. to attack Smiley! Remember, Smiley murdered Pepe the broom. Guerrero clotheslines Norman over the top to the floor and Norman runs away. I wanted the miniature golf contest!

6. Eaton and Parka kick off the main event tag match. Eaton slaps Parka as he was doing a little dance. Kaos comes in and clotheslines King as all four men stand in the ring briefly. Parka gains control with a knee lift and works over Eaton against the ropes. Kaos distracts the referee to allow double team on Eaton. King holds Bobby to allow a kick from Parka for a two count. Eaton stops Parka with a left am clothesline and here comes Kaos, but King tags in as well. Parka knee lifts Kaos from the apron and King super kicks Kenny to gain control. King follows up with a springboard moonsault for a two count. Kaos takes both men down with a leaping clothesline. Eaton comes off the top to deliver a spike shoulder breaker on Parka. Eaton is trapped into a corner and King delivers a clothesline before delivering a head butt to the groin area for a near fall. Parka delivers a slingshot double stomp onto the apron on Eaton! That was neat. Parka holds Eaton as King heads to the top rope but misses a missile dropkick and hits Parka on accident! Kaos enters and drops King with a gut wrench slam. Kenny hits a belly to belly suplex on Parka but is dropkicked by Silver King. Parka has his chair but misses Kaos and hits King on accident. Kaos slams King and Eaton hits a top rope leg drop for the win. (*1/2. Some decent moves there by King and Parka helped the match. Kaos was lost in the ring a few times and Eaton was clearly directing him on what to do. Could have been a lot worse.)

Final Thoughts:
I’ve always kind of liked shows that highlight guys you’d likely never see on Nitro or Thunder. This episode just didn’t hold my interest and the action was rather dull for most of it. The Darsow/Smiley/Chavo segment could have been humorous if it wasn’t so rushed. A thumbs down for the episode this week.

Thanks for reading.

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