WWF Superstars 12/5/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Terra Haute, IN

1.) Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware defeated Barry Horowitz & WT Jones
2.) Yokozuna defeated Mark Morgan
3.) Max Moon defeated Brian Costello
4.) Kamala defeated Buck Zumhoff
5.) Jim Duggan defeated Dale Wolfe
6.) Tatanka defeated Louie Spicolli
7.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated John Paul

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Recently, Mean Gene sat down with former WWF World Champion Ric Flair at a restaurant. Flair tells Gene that he is obsessed with being great and to be great you have to be champion. Flair believes that Mr. Perfect is running away from his shadow all over the country. Flair says that Bret Hart is big time for having defeated him to be champion. Flair is on his way to a third WWF World Championship reign. Flair says Hart’s days as champion are numbered.

2.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with Nailz. Gene hypes up that Nailz will be wrestling the Undertaker. Nailz says he wants to get one thing perfectly clear that he was an innocent man that went to jail for crimes he didn’t commit. Nailz says that the Undertaker doesn’t really know what tough mean because he hasn’t been in prison. He talks about people trying to break your arms or legs while sleeping.

Final Thoughts:
Sadly, we’d never get a Nailz/Undertaker feud as Nailz would be fired by the end of the year. Flair’s promo was fine but he is completely done as a main event guy for a while in the WWF. There’s nothing left for the guy to accomplish.

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