WCW Saturday Night 3/27/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Steve Regal defeated Mike Moon
2.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Tommy Angel & Mike Winner
3.) Van Hammer defeated TJ Maverick
4.) Rick Rude defeated Vic Bell
5.) Davey Boy Smith defeated Vinnie Vegas
6.) Paul Orndorff defeated Robbie V

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Steve Regal is not the hated man that he will become in a few short months. He has no character and is playing the role of a typical babyface.

2.) Davey Boy Smith and Michael Hayes are in England where Smith is looking for Vader. A couple of random fans say they are picking Smith to win the championship.

3.) We get a special look at Max Payne playing a guitar named Norma Jean.

4.) Ric Flair and Arn Anderson come out to chat with Tony Schiavone in what is becoming a weekly thing, apparently. Flair says that everyone is begging for the Horsemen and they are back in WCW. He says everyone has been asking when they are going to team or when Flair is going to wrestle Rude and Vader. He will do that when he is ready to do so. Anderson will be returning to action next week.

5.) Tony Schiavone talks with Rick Rude after his squash match. Rude says that WCW is under siege thanks to him. Rude says that nobody will escape his wrath.

6.) The Smith/Vegas match took place in Manchester. Vegas tries to shoulder block Smith a few times but has no luck knocking him off his feet. Smith dropkicks Vega against the ropes but doesn’t follow up. They play to the fans with Smith obviously getting cheered and Vegas getting greeted with jeers. A test of strength sees Vegas get control at first and drops Smith down to a knee. Vinnie has a sleeper hold on Smith but can’t maintain the hold for a long period of time. Smith backs Vegas into a corner trying to break the hold but can’t successfully do so. Vegas has the hold now on for seemingly forever. Smith fights out of the hold but runs into a big boot from Vinnie. Smith clotheslines Vegas in the corner and knocks Vinnie down several times. Smith follows up with a power slam and a suplex. Smith runs into a big boot in the corner. Smith avoids a slash in the corner and hits the running power slam for the win. (*. A bad match as they somehow managed to take a red hot crowd out of the match. I’m not sure why they would have Smith wrestle in England against someone who isn’t important at all.)

7.) Tony Schiavone talks to WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes. Dustin says he feels pretty good to be champion. Rhodes talks about Rude and Orndorff again. He just repeats the fact that both men need to sign their name. A rather pointless promo that added nothing to the situation.

8.) Robbie V is better known as Rob Van Dam. The match was a typical squash match which Orndorff won with the piledriver.

Final Thoughts:
Another forgettable show delivered by WCW. They have to quickly turn things around to get some proper hype and interest for Slamboree in May.

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