WWF RAW 5/5/1997

Written by: Matt Peddycord

WWF: Raw is War
May 5, 1997
Green Bay, WI
Brown County Expo Center

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: The Undertaker (3/23/1997)
Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart (4/28/1997)
European Champion: Davey Boy Smith (3/3/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (9/22/1996)

Very thorough highlights package of last week involving Steve Austin looking around backstage for the Hart Foundation, Owen Hart defeating Rocky Maivia to win MORE gold for the Hart Foundation, and then the Hart Foundation suckering Steve Austin into a false sense of security only to be attacked by none other than the returning Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

And what do you know? We start the show with the Hart Foundation. Anvil wheels Bret down the ramp and Owen holds all the belts and Slammy awards. Bret thanks all his international fans (especially his Canadian fans!) for their support. As for his American fans, he says something that gets muted. Bret thanks his fellow Hart Foundation members for their contributions. But back to the American fans, they would have LOVED to see a wheelchair laden Bret get thrown off the side of the stage last week, because they (well, we) are a sick, violent society. Bret says he doesn’t think Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t going to be here tonight because he doesn’t have the “jam”. I’m assuming that means “balls”. Right now, Austin is just a broken up pile of bones. Bret asks the crowd if they hate him, and they respond with a resounding yes. That’s fine with Bret because he hates them too. They’re just jealous because the Hart Foundation has all the gold. There’s even gold in Neidhart’s teeth! As for Pillman, he’s the expert on the golden rule. Do unto others and enjoy it. Bret feels he’s got the absolute best to fight violence in America. Bret also feels like he wants to destroy another American hero: Shawn Michaels. Well, they do kind of hate each other. Mixed reaction for HBK, too. They’re coming after you now, Shawn. Bret still thinks that he’s disingenuous about his injuries since he’s always running in and trying to hit his crew with chairs. Time to settle the score, Shawn.

Castrol Super Clean Slam of the Week: Austin and Undertaker exchanging finishers last week.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Rockabilly (w/the Honky Tonk Man)
Has Ahmed just stopped wearing tights and sticking with black sweat pants now? No more wedgies! Let Us Take You Back: Raw is War, 4/28/97. Rockabilly KABONG’d Flash Funk. Johnson is all over this guy to start until he rolls to the apron and snaps Ahmed’s neck off the top rope. Faarooq joins us on the split-screen to say that Ahmed Johnson will not make it through the Nation of Domination gauntlet at the In Your House PPV. Tonight, he’s getting Crush ready for the match by setting up a little gauntlet match of his own consisting of the Three Biggest and Baddest Ghetto Men. Back to the match, Rockabilly cuts off Ahmed with a sleeper. He gives up on the hold when the ref raises Ahmed’s arm on two. Idiot! While Honky Tonk distracts the ref, Rockabilly grabs the GEETAR. When HTM sees Ahmed gets the guitar away from Rockabilly, he drops down to the floor as the ref turns around to see Rockabilly get KABONG’d for the DQ. (3:58) JR – “We may worse than that this Sunday LIVE on PPV!” ½*

Meanwhile, the Hart Foundation start the search for Shawn Michaels. He’s not in the Bob Holly and various other jobbers locker room? No way.

After a break, we witness the Hart Foundation checking another room. Shawn is nowhere to be found.

Ken Shamrock video package. Quite the special treatment given to him with the intent to humanize him. He’s just a little league coach of a dad by day, the baddest man on the planet by night. Still so strange hearing JR hype an upcoming UFC PPV.

Vader vs. Goldust (w/Marlena)
JR announces that the Shamrock/Vader ‘No Holds Barred’ match can only end in submission or knockout. Ken Shamrock heads out to do color commentary. By the way, these two worked well together in WCW. Let’s see how it goes here. Vader tries to keep his mind off Shamrock long enough to beat Goldust. He spits at Goldust, which triggers a rigorous beatdown. Goldust goes for the sunset flip, but Vader sits down on him. Vader goes out after Shamrock for a confrontation as we go into commercial. When we return, Vader splashes Goldust and then lifts him up at the count of two! He goes for a splash in the corner, but Goldust catches him for a powerslam. The Flip Flop Fly takes down Vader, but he fires back and slams Goldust for the VADER BOMB for the win. (4:22 shown) Vader gets Shamrock to attack him, which brings out Mankind to try a double-team. Goldust winds up making the save for Shamrock as he delivers the Running Bulldog on Mankind to send him walking. *½

Right after Goldust jobs to Vader, they give us a special sit-down interview with the REAL Dustin and Terri Runnels. Dustin spills his guts on who he is and how he always lived in the giant shadow of his father Dusty. He felt as though as he had no identity and that’s part of what sparked the Goldust character. People would sure notice him now! He said he hadn’t talked to his dad since he and Terri left WCW. He goes on to talk about how Scott Hall not wanting to work with him because of how bizarre (homosexual) his character was and that he understands a little bit of what “the gays” go through when it comes to discrimination. That’s either a long shot of a dig at a top-level WCW star (IMO, that angle was equivalent to the Bruno and Ron Paul incident, if Ron Paul had beat up Bruno for attempting such advances) or a brilliant way to make “the gays” your biggest fan. Either way, this Goldust character is making yet another transition. From total queen to ‘just playing mind games’ to ‘a regular guy who does crazy things to feel validated.’ We’ll get part two of this sit-down interview next week!

In the back, the Hart Foundation attempt to attack Shawn Michaels coming out of the bathroom. However, it’s just some other long-haired dude. He gets beat up anyway.

Crush (w/the NOD) vs. Three Biggest and Baddest Ghetto Jobbers – Gauntlet Match
The first two jobbers are destroyed in short order, but this third guy comes out wearing panty hose over his face and a Packers jacket. PEARL RIVER PLUNGE on Crush! That gets the three-count in 2:30. Off comes the panty hose and the jacket to reveal the obvious. Ahmed leaves victorious as the Nation of Domination throw a tantrum in the ring.

Now the Hart Foundation have given up looking for Shawn Michaels inside the building. They start searching the parking lot.

Back in the arena, Sable comes out modeling the classic Austin 3:16 t-shirt.

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Your hosts are still the same guys as before.

Shawn Michaels kicks off the 9PM hour for an interview In This Very Ring with Vince McMahon. Hey Hart Foundation, he’s in the ring. Let Us Take You Back: Two weeks ago on Raw. Steve Austin punched Shawn Michaels in the face for interfering in his business. Shawn’s response is that he’s not there to help Austin, but to hurt the Hart Foundation. He’s also noticing this trend of other wrestlers bashing the fans. Shawn doesn’t follow trends and says he’ll start the trend of sucking up to the WWF fans. That goes over like a lead balloon. Shawn also tells us that there’s no more powerful faction than the Kliq, let me tell ya. More of the same mixed reaction. As for when Shawn Michaels will return to the ring, he thinks King of the Ring would work for him. Vince asks if his return would be a rematch with Bret Hart? Shawn gives Bret the ‘love it or leave it’ ultimatum. However, if he has to go through the whole Hart Foundation to get to Bret, so be it. When he does get his hands on Bret, Shawn guarantees he will tear him to pieces. As Shawn makes his exit, the Hart Foundation appears on the TitanTron to challenge Shawn to an impromptu match with Jim Neidhart. That is, if Shawn has the jam. Out comes Neidhart. Owen and Bulldog aren’t far behind for a three-on-one attack. Oddly wearing muscle shirts that match their tights, the Legion of Doom head down to clean house.

After the break, looks like Shawn Michaels is looking for Bret Hart.

Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon vs. The Legion of Doom
Rematch from last week. On the split-screen, Furnas and LaFon call themselves the most exciting tag team in the WWF. Hawk and LaFon start us off. No surprise, but Hawk NO-SELLS and throws LaFon around. They switch and we get the two powerhouses to meet. Furnas can’t take Animal down with clotheslines, but he can with his all-powerful dropkick. Animal fires back with the Jumping Shoulder Block. Another split-screen appearance shows Shawn Michaels finding the Hart Foundation for a big pull-apart brawl. Commercials! When we return, JR tries to describe the upcoming episode of La Femme Nikita while Furnas escapes a chinlock and backdrops Animal to the floor. While Furnas draws in Hawk, LaFon gives Animal a snap suplex before tossing him back inside. More double-teaming as they deliver a double suplex to Animal. Another fancy dropkick from Furnas. They try another double suplex, but Animal takes them both over to allow the HOT TAG TO HAWK! Clotheslines everywhere. Meanwhile, Davey Boy comes down the ramp to distract Animal while Owen sneaks in and snaps Hawk’s neck on the top rope. Cover by LaFon, he gets the upset 1-2-3. (4:58) First jobbing to the Godwinns four weeks ago, now the Can-Am Express taking them out? The LOD haven’t lost twice on TV in one month – EVER. That is until tonight. *

Shawn Michaels still either refuses or can’t leave the backstage area where the Hart Foundation is at. Next thing we know, Stone Cold Steve Austin finally makes it to the arena and joins in on the fray.

Now Vince McMahon meets the Undertaker In This Very Ring. Somebody has stolen his WWF title belt and he wants it back. His patience is wearing thin, guy. Before this night is over, the soul who stole the belt of the Creatures of the Night will pay dearly. As for Steve Austin, it’ll be a Cold Day in Hell before he’ll become the WWF champion.

Sunny comes out modeling the Austin 3:16 t-shirt. She’s not even wearing any pants! Lawler seems to think her t-shirt would look good on his bedroom floor.

Let Us Take You Back: Last week, Steve Austin refused medical attention as always. What has this guy got against American health care? It’s the best in the world, Steve!

WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
This is non-title, says JR. The reason is plain and simple – Davey Boy just didn’t want to defend the belt. Jim Ross explains that due to Psycho Sid’s absence, his match against Mankind will no longer be a part of the PPV. Mankind will go up against a mystery opponent. Austin tries to WRESTLE Davey Boy on the mat working the arm leading up to commercial. AND WE’RE BACK! Davey Boy kicks Austin in the nuts to stop the onslaught on his arm. JR mentions updates on Psycho Sid, some beauties in the WWF who want to take it all off this summer, and a huge deal striking with Shawn Michaels regarding the King of the Ring. Tons of dirt on WWF Hotline! Vince thinks the Hart Foundation are conspicuous by their absence. Austin comes back after a chinlock and hits the Thesz Press. Sharpshooter gets kicked away and DBS runs him down with a clothesline. Back to the chinlock. Austin escapes with a back suplex to set up another commercial break. We return again to see Austin slipping out of the RUNNING POWERSLAM to stomp a mudhole. DBS telegraphs a backdrop and takes a kick followed by the STONE COLD STUNNER! Crowd knows it’s over. Because it is. (7:59 shown) Naturally, Owen and Anvil come out to attack Austin. Owen starts beating Stone Cold with the WWF title belt! The Legion of Doom head down to even the odds. Here comes Shawn Michaels. Now the lights go out and it’s safe to say the Undertaker is coming to get his championship belt. After HBK beats a couple guys out of the ring using the strap, he drops the belt and leaves. Once it’s just Austin and Taker, Austin picks up the belt and Undertaker is certainly not cool with that. They end up brawling all over ringside in a giant pull-apart brawl. **¼

Now THIS is how you do a go-home show!

WWF In Your House presents: A Cold Day in Hell
LIVE on PPV – May 11 from Richmond, VA
Here is the card as it looks at the end of this show:

MAIN EVENT: WWF World Champion The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin
Ken Shamrock vs. Vader (No Holds Barred)
Ahmed Johnson vs. Nation of Domination (Gauntlet Match)
Mankind vs. A Mystery Opponent

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