WWF RAW 11/25/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: New Haven, CT

1.) Bret Hart defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion Owen Hart by disqualification
2.) The Executioner defeated Freddie Joe Floyd
3.) Rocky Maivia defeated Salvatore Sincere
4.) Marc Mero defeated Billy Gunn by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The trend of starting the show with a match continues as Bret Hart makes his way down to the ring to make his in-ring return to RAW against his brother Owen Hart.

2.) Bret and Owen lockup with Bret backing Owen into the corner and very little action taking place. Bret works over the left arm of Owen early on but the match is rather slow early on. Bret backdrops Owen after sending him hard into the corner. Owen knee lifts Bret to gain control of the contest. Owen pummels Bret in the corner with several strikes and stomps in the corner. Owen drives Bret down with a back breaker and sends Bret back first into the corner before locking in a camel clutch. Owen hits a belly to belly suplex but can’t keep Bret down long enough on the pin attempt. Owen nails Bret with a kick to the side of the head as RAW goes to commercial.

Owen goes to the top but Bret slams Owen to the canvas. Bret hits a side Russian leg sweep but only gets a near fall. Bret continues with a back breaker and hits a middle rope forearm drop. Owen rolls Bret up but is shoved to the floor on the kick out. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter but Steve Austin enters the ring and whacks Bret over the back with a steel chair to end the match in disqualification. (**. A basic match between these two and lacked any real energy or anything. It was really just a big name match and lacked substance.) After the match, Austin is going to break Bret’s ankle but the British Bulldog comes out and prevents it while Owen wanted Austin to do it. Austin whacks Bulldog over the back with the chair and Owen yells at Austin before Austin leaves.

3.) Shawn Michaels and Jose Lothario are with us via satellite from San Antonio. McMahon asks for an update on Lothario and his health. Jose blames himself for Michaels losing the WWF World Championship at Survivor Series. He will be getting his heart looked at since it was damaged at the pay per view. Shawn will be getting a rematch at the Royal Rumble which will be taking place in Texas. Shawn says that in the last eight months he lost his edge and he won’t make any excuses. Jerry Lawler chimes in and calls Lothario a fossil and blames Jose for the title loss. Michaels is pissed and says that Sid crossed the line at the Survivor Series. Michaels wants Sid at the Royal Rumble and will tear him up. Michaels was not mad about the fans cheering for Sid and he will not beg the fans to support him. He is going to do whatever he wants to do at the Rumble. Shawn is confident that he will regain the WWF World Championship at the Royal Rumble in San Antonio.

4.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley is on commentary for the main event. Early on, Mero hits a slingshot leg drop from the apron back into the ring. Mero boots Billy as he ran towards the corner and heads to the top and hits a double springboard moonsault but only gets a near fall. Billy comes back with a Fame Asser to get in control of the contest. Billy dropkicks the knee of Mero and continues to work over Mero. Billy drives Mero down with a neck breaker and gets a near fall. Billy delivers another swinging neck breaker and heads to the top rope. Mero crotches Gunn on the top as we go to commercial.

Mero takes Billy over with a top rope hurricanrana but can’t get a three count. Hunter leaves commentary table and goes over to Sable. Marc drops Billy with a Samoan Drop and notices Hunter going to Sable and goes to the floor but drops Hunter with a right hand. Mero is attacked by Billy from behind and Hunter enters the ring to cause the disqualification. Hunter works over Mero with right hands but here comes Jake Roberts to make the save. Roberts and Mero send the heels to the floor. (*. A few decent spots but it wasn’t a great ending to the show. I’m at the point where Roberts doesn’t matter or lacks any real direction.)

Final Thoughts:
Not a good episode this week as Bret/Owen was disappointing and the rest of the matches were unappealing. Michaels gave a good promo to promote his title match at the Rumble. However, the show just wasn’t entertaining.

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