WCW Worldwide 2/6/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Anderson, SC

1.) WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes & Erik Watts defeated Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce
2.) 2 Cold Scorpio defeated The Executioner
3.) Maxx Payne defeated Rex Cooper
4.) Barry Windham defeated Johnny Gunn
5.) Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Brian Pillman
6.) Ron Simmons & Sting defeated WCW World Champion Vader & Paul Orndorff by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Barry Windham is interviewed following his victory by Jesse Ventura. Windham is destined to win the NWA World Championship from the Great Muta at Superbrawl. Barry says the championship belongs in the United States and belongs to him. Barry says he is going to make very short order of Muta. As he speaking, Dustin Rhodes appears on the aisle way but is being held back by several officials. Windham tells Dustin he is going to have to wait in line. Barry isn’t taking Rhodes all that seriously.

2. Bagwell and Pillman have a nine-second match as Bagwell pins Pillman after Brian went to attack Douglas on the apron. After the match, Steve Austin runs in and hits the Stun Gun on both Bagwell and Douglas.

3. All four men are on the floor with Simmons picking up the ring steps to make sure that Vader and Orndorff back away. Simmons and Orndorff start the main event legally. Orndorff backs Simmons into a corner but misses a right hands. Ron decks Orndorff with a right hand of his own and controls Orndorff with a headlock. Orndorff works over Simmons against the ropes with right hands. Simmons blocks a vertical suplex attempt and hits a snap suplex. Simmons shoulder blocks Orndorff and scoop slams Mr. Wonderful. Sting tags into the match but here comes Vader as well. Simmons drops Vader with a spine buster and Sting runs over Vader with clotheslines sending the champion over the top to the floor! Simmons tags back in and hammers away on Vader in the corner with a series of headbutts. Simmons misses a leaping shoulder strike in the corner and Vader focuses on the shoulder before tagging in Orndorff who comes off the top with a knee drop. Orndorff sends Simmons shoulder first into the corner. Vader drops Simmons with a short arm clothesline and taunts his rival. Vader attempts a shoulder breaker but Ron breaks free and tags in Sting. Sting hammers away on Vader and hits the Stinger Splash two times! Sting puts Vader on his shoulders to hit a Samoan Drop but Orndorff enters to break up the pin attempt. All four men are going at it on the floor until Harley Race pulls down the top rope to cause Simmons to crash to the floor. Sting plants Vader with a DDT while Orndorff spikes Simmons with a piledriver on the concrete floor! Sting has the Scorpion Death Lock on Vader but Race hits Sting with the strap to cause the disqualification! After the match, Sting knocks Race down and sends Orndorff to the floor. Sting has the leather strap and whips Race several times! Vader comes in from behind and strikes Sting across the head. Vader puts Sting in a Torture Rack and hangs Sting over the top rope. Barry Windham enters to help the heels clean house as the locker room empties. (***. A good match with the last several minutes and aftermath being really entertaining. This is how to present heels and get them the proper heat.)

Final Thoughts:
The feature match was highly entertaining, especially the aftermath.

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