NWC Slammin’ TV 9/17/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-09-17 Slammin’ (matches taped 1995-08-25 at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

The assholes tell us that tonight we finally get footage from the Tag Team Title Tournament.

Powers of Pain vs. Silver Wings & Kerry Love ref Jesse Hernandez 1st Round Match
Larry Powers is on commentary with TC Martin. I don’t know if this is an upgrade from Al Lorenz or not. I love the Powers of Pain. Wings and Barbarian start off. Wings goes for a cross body but he gets caught and slammed. Wings sent into the ropes and Barbarian just throws him up into the air. Slam and tag to Warlord. Gut wrench slam by Warlord and a big clothesline. Wings is allowed to tag Love. He comes in and catches a boot to the stomach. Barbarian tags back in and nails a headbutt and big sledge to the back. Double flying shoulder tackle by P.O.P. Warlord lifts Love up in a bear hug and Barbarian comes from the top with a clothesline for the win in 4.06.

Bill Anderson interviews Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Neidhart hypes the match with Warrior coming up at the next show.

NWC Update hypes the Warrior/Anvil match some more.

Ariel Assault vs. Mercenaries ref David Hogg 1st Round Match
Ariel Assault gets attacks before the and thrown to the floor. The Mercs go out after them but get hit with springboard moonsaults. Bobby Bradley starts off in the ring but gets called Rob Van Dam like 5 times by Martin. Van Dam actually tags in now and the Mercs take over on him. Van Dam able to reverse an arm bar using some flipping. Bradley tags back in. Bradley loses a test of strength but hits a monkey flip. Merc hits a belly to back suplex followed by an elbow for 2. Drop kick by Bradley. Merc with a slam. Clothesline and another slam. Merc goes up top but Van Dam comes in the ring and pulls Bradley out of the way. The other Merc comes in the ring and gets drop toe hold right where Bradley used to be. Moonsault onto his own partner. Van Dam flips Bradley onto the Merc then hits a standing moonsault. Bradley goes up top and hits a twisting senton. All back to back to back really fast and awesome. The other Merc is up on the apron. Van Dam throws him into the air and he lands on the shoulders and ranas him back into the ring!!! Suicide bomber for the win in 7.12. Wow the ending to that match had some sweet shit in it. Just read online that Mercs are Bill Anderson and Cincinnati Red

Bill Anderson brings in Little Tokyo and discuss the feud with Lil Haystacks.

Lil Haystacks is in the Doctor’s Office again and Haystacks has a pet pig with him! Haystacks says he’s going to win tonight. Martin says he hopes he would win cause he’s wrestling midgets.

Lil Haystacks vs. Little Tokyo & Cowboy Lang ref Jesse Hernandez
Haystacks chases Lang and Tokyo with his pig. All three men in the ring at once. Haystacks charges at Tokyo but he ducks and Haystacks goes through the ropes. Lang gets slammed. Haystacks picks up Tokyo but Lang trips him up and counts the 3. The ref yells at Lang since that’s his job so Tokyo bites him in the ass. The ref things it was Haystacks for some reason. They do the gimmick where you duck behind the guy and then someone else pushes him and pin him in 3.41.

Bill Anderson brings in Native Warriors they are in a feud with Dreaded Paine and they cut a very bad promo.

Dreaded Paine vs. Native Warriors ref Jesse Hernandez 1st Round Match
Judge Dread and Johnny “Psycho” Paine attack Dancing Wolf and Navajo Kid before the match. Paine slams Dancing Wolf face first into the ring bell on the floor. Dread with a side slam on Kid. Dread misses a corner charge but Paine attacks Kid from behind. Paine with a powerslam. Wolf is knocked out on the floor. Dread hits kid with the gavel buster getting the win for his team in 2.15. Paine is sorta awesome. I also just learned that he teaches at a special needs high school so he’s kinda awesome for real.

Same Warrior promo from last week. Insane.

We get a run down of what the brackets look like after tonight. The Power Twins beat the Bushwackers in the final first round match not aired on TV. Next week Dreaded Paine against Power Twins and Powers of Pain take on Ariel Assault.

My thoughts on the show
One of the better episodes. All the tag matches were pretty decent.

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