WWF Smackdown 6/21/2001

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, June 21th, 2001

Taped (6/19) from the Waterhouse Center in Orlando, FL

List of WWF Champions at the time:
● WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin (4/01/2001)
● WWF Intercontinental Champion: Kane (5/20/2001)
● WWF World Tag Team Champions: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho (5/21/2001)
● WWF European Champion: Matt Hardy (4/26/2001)
● WWF Hardcore Champion: Test (6/21/2001)
● WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy (6/14/2001)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with Diamond Dallas Page being revealed as The Undertaker’s stalker. After the intro Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and reminds us we’re just 72 hours from King of the Ring, but instead of Tazz we have Paul Heyman as Tazz is busy with Tough Enough which debuts tonight after Smackdown on MTV.

~ As for this show, things kick off with Kurt Angle coming to the ring as Cole mentions Angle could conceivably have three matches on Sunday. Angle gets on the mic and accuses the fans of feeling he’s cocky for calling himself a superhero, though he’s super and a hero because he can take down anyone and he also stands for truth, justice and the American Way. Angle says Shane McMahon may think he can fly but he’ll show how much of a mere mortal Shane is at King of the Ring. Angle says he talked to Shaquille O’Neal (whom the Orlando fans still haven’t forgiven for bolting the Magic for the Lakers) about how great it feels to repeat which he will do with his KOTR crown. Angle mentions the four guys in te next round but calls it the ‘grown-up’s table’ and he’s a man playing with boys. Huh? Angle quickly realizes what he just said and tries to correct himself when Edge & Christian make their way to the ring. Edge grabs a mic when Angle stops him before he can say anything to keep talking yet continues to stumble over his words. Edge and Christian eventually tell Angle they agree he’s a man and a superhero but also a huge ‘Dorkamus Maximus’. Edge tells Angle they didn’t make it to the final four just to face him but to defeat him to take the crown for themselves. Edge adds if Christian doesn’t beat Angle in the semis then he will finish the job in the finals and Christian takes offense. Christian tells Edge that he will beat Angle in the semis then defeat him in the final match and the two start arguing. Angle chastises his pals’ ungratefulness and demands an apology form them, threatening to do something he will regret. Before they can answer Rhyno makes his way out to add his thoughts on the mic, telling Angle that E&C never needed him. Rhyno tells Angle that he may be facing Edge but the three of them will keep him from repeating, then Gores Edge! Christian checks on Edge when Angle lays him out with the Olympic Slam and leaves both E&C laying in the ring. Does this make E&C the faces in the semis?

~ Backstage we get a shot of The Undertaker waiting in the parking lot for Diamond Dallas Page to arrive. We also see that Taker has his wife Sara by his side also waiting for DDP. Will we get that confrontation tonight? Maybe we’ll find out soon as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Spike Dudley is with Molly Holly who expresses concerns about him wrestling Big Show tonight and Spike feels that he’s being punished for standing up to Steve Austin. Spike tries to assure Molly that he’ll be just fine then asks her to stay in the back since he’s worried about her getting hurt out there because of him. Molly reluctantly agrees to Spike’s wishes and even gives him a kiss for good luck as he heads out.

The Big Show vs. Spike Dudley – No-Disqualification Match
Both men are battered and bruised after what they each when through on Raw, Show suffering the ConChairto in his loss to Christian and Spike having been tossed through a table during the six-man tag. Spike gets in the first shots but Show shurgs them off and swats him down then hits the giant chop in a corner. Show press slams Spike over the ropes then goes after him and hits a wheelbarrow suplex onto the barricade. Show then charges at Spike but Spike dodges it, causing Show to tumble over the barricade into the crowd. Spike tries to recover but Show emerges from the crowd and then tosses him over the ropes back in the ring. Show comes off the ropes and misses an elbowdrop but is up and tosses Spike into a corner then splashes him. Show grabs Spike for then chokeslam but Spike kicks him belore the belt and manages to hit the Dudley Dawg! However the Dudley Boys run in the ring and lay Spike out with a 3D, just to make sure there isn’t an upset. Show is up and glares at the Dudleys for the intrusion but plants Spike with a one-armed chokeslam for the pin. (3:05) Yeah, Show needed help the finish Spike off after just about destroying him the whole match. Squash that was just there to build Spike’s issues with the Dudleys. DUD

~ Outside The Undertaker and Sara are still anxiously waiting for DDP to show his face when a limo pulls up so Taker goes over and pulls open the door, only to be disappointed when Vince McMahon climbs out instead of his quary. Vince tells Taker that he had nothing to do with DDP and promises that security will keep him away from the building. Taker disagrees with that idea and tells Vince if DDP does show up tonight or any other night, he’d better let him in. Taker also tells Vince that if he doesn’t let DDP in then the two of them are going to have their own major problems.

~ Back from break Cole announces Edge & Christian have challenged Kurt Angle and Rhyno to a tag team match. Cole also says the Dudleys will get their tag team title shot tonight against Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho as well. You know, the match we were “originally supposed” to get on Raw?

Kane & The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) vs. X-Factor

Cole mentions Jeff Hardy has signed to defend the Light Heavyweight Title against X-Pac at the pay-per-view. Yeah, I know, a Light Heavyweight Title defense on pay-per-view? What is the world coming to? Once everybody comes out Kane and Albert stand face-to-face but it’s Justin Credible and Jeff staring us off. Jeff gets an arm wringer, Credible fights out and whips him into a corner but Jeff lifts hismelf over Credible. Jeff hits a hiptoss followed by an armdrag then goes into an armbar but Credible rakes the face to break it. X-Pac tags in but he runs into an armdrag then Jeff slaps on an armbar and the two of them trade forearms. Jeff goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses and goes for a dropkick but Jeff fakes him out and hits the double legdrop. Matt tags in and the Hardys whip X-Pac into a corner, Matt drops into position and Jeff hits Poetry in Motion. Matt clotheslines X-Pac forand goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses it but lowers the head and Matt kicks the face. Matt follows up with the takedown clothesline for a two count then gets a hammerlock but X-Pac elbows out. Albert tags in and Matt greets him with some right hands then comes off the ropes but Albert presses him up. Matt slips out and goes for the ropes but X-Pac nails him so Matt knocks X-Pac and Credible’s heads together. However Albert hits Matt with the Avalanche in the corner then whips him and hits a flying shoulderblock. Albert covers Matt but Kane saves it then Credible tags in and works Matt over then hits a London bridge. X-Pac tags in and snapmares Matt then slaps on a chinlock but Matt fights out and shoves X-Pac into a corner. Matt charges at X-Pac and eats a boot but Lita trips X-Pac from the floor and pulls him by the legs into the post. Credible comes in when Jeff gets the tag and knocks Albert off the apron then hits Credible with a dropkick. X-Pac is in when Jeff tosses him back out through the ropes then backdrops Credible over the ropes as well. Jeff climbs to the top rope when Albert shoves him off to the floor but eats a flying clothesline from Kane. Kane wails away on Albert then whips him into a corner and hits a clothesline followed by a powerslam. Kane grabs Albert by the throat but Albert fights out of the chokeslam and hits Kane with a bodyblock. Albert comes off the ropes but Kane boots him down while X-Pac takes Jeff out with the spinkickon the floor. X-Pac climbs to the top rope and leaps off but Kane catches him in a choke and plants him with the chokeslam. Kane disposes of Albert while Jeff climbs to the top and hits X-Pac with the Swanton Bomb for the pin. (4:51) Yep, Jeff pinned his title challenger just three days before their match. Solid match but nothing of note. Plus too much emphasis was on Kane vs. Albert when those two already had their suppsoed blowoff and weren’t even locking up on the pay-per-view. **

~ Backstage Vince is complaining on the phone about Undertaker demainding he let some WCW creep into his house when Steve Austin comes in and asks Vince how he’s doing. Vince mentions his concern for this WCW invasion but Austin reminds Vince of his ultimatum on Monday of either himself or Linda and wants to know if he’s made his choice. Vince says it deserves a great deal of thought and he’s still thinking about it but Austin might know which way he’ll go. Austin says he does know who Vince will choose and has something for him … and presents him with his hunting bow. Austin tells about how he’s killed 14 deer with it including a 10-point buck last year and tells Vince he wants to have it. Vince accepts the present but Austin also wants to give Vince his own camoflague hat and even slips it on his head. Austin tells Vince how he’s a hunter now and slaps his back then heads off leaving Vince to regard his gifts.

~ Back from break we find Undertaker and Sara still waiting for Diamond Dallas Page and getting impatient. Taker says DDP better show up if he wants to be famous and starts kicking at some wodden pallettes.

~ Elsewhere Tajiri is watching a tape of loss to Rhyno on Monday when William Regal walks up and turns off the TV. Regal tells Tajiri not to blame him for blowing his King of the Ring spot, feeling that he wouldn’t listen to his help. Regal tells Tajiri he has to make it up to him when Kaientai come in with Taka demaning a WWF title match. Regal tells Taka he’s not wrestling Steve Austin tonight when Taka indicates he meant the Light Heavyweight title. Regal says Taka can’t fight Jeff Hardy because he’s fighting X-Factor, even though that match already happened. I guess this segment accidentally went out of order, which would explain why Cole talked over it to try and cover it up. Anyway Taka does some threatening moves when Tajiri hops on the desk with some martial arts moves of his own. Taka and Tajiri argue in Japanese and Regal gets the idea to book them in a match tonight.

~ Again elsewhere Kurt Angle tells Rhyno how he has the right idea about King of the Ring being every man for himself. Angle also says he’s glad Edge and Christian challenged them and wants to make the duo pay for calling him a dork. Angle tells Rhyno it could be the two of them in Sunday’s KOTR Final and that there’s no shame in being the runner-up. Angle it’s not championship gold but it’s still a solid silver then leaves but Rhyno doesn’t seemed thrilled.

~ Yet again elsewhere Vince gets another visit from Austin, and this time brings Debra who has a plate of cookies she cooked up in anticipation for his decision and because they’re good friends. Vince thanks Debra when Austin insists he tries one so Vince takes a bite of a cookie and chews with some difficulty. Austin then tells Vince how he’s always hated Debra’s cookies and always skipped them across a really calm pond. Austin feels Vince doesn’t like the cookies and starts yelling at Debra for putting too much sugar in them before they walk off. After they leave Vince chucks the cookie across the room as we go to commercial.

Edge & Christian vs. Kurt Angle & Rhyno
Team RECK explodes…for one night. Rhyno and Edge duke it out to start when Rhyno goes for a whip but Edge reverses it and hits a flapjack.Edge tags Christian and whips Rhyno into a corner then drops to the mat and Christian hits the crossbody. Christian follows up with the Slop Drop on the knee for a near fall then hammers rhyno and goes for a whip. Rhyno reverses it and Angle nails Christian from behind then Rhyno plants him with a spinebuster for a two. Angle tags in and stomps Christian down in a corner then chokes him with his boot before Christian fights back. Angle rakes the face and whips Christian into a corner then chagres when Christian gets his feet up to block. However Angle catches it and goes for the Anklelock but Christian grabs the bottom rope to ward him off. Angle lays the boots to Christian and hits a snap suplex for a two count then tags Rhyno in to take over on him. Rhyno whips Christian into a corner and eats an elbow but clotheslines him down and hits him with a powerslam. Rhyno climbs ot the top rope and goes for a flying splash but misses it and Christian makes the tag to Edge. Angle also gets the tag but Edge greets him with a series of clotheslines followed by a spinning heelkick. Edge nails Angle with the Edge-o-matic and covers when Rhyno makes the save so Christian goes after Rhyno. Chrisitan pounds on Rhyno while Angle goes to suplex Edge who flips out of it and sets him up for a DDT. Before Edge can hit it Christian tries to clothesline Rhyno but Rhyno ducks and Christian nails Edge instead. Rhyno nails Christian with a Gore then Gores Edge and heads out while Angle covers Edge and grabs the pin. (3:53) Okay match but kind of disappointing since it was too short. Angle celebrates when Shane McMahon runs in the ring with a kendo stick and cracks Angle in the head with it to hype their match then escapes back through the crowd. **

~ Backstage Austin visits Vince again and Vince thanks him for everything he’s done. Austin says he has someitng else for Vince and gives him a framed portrtait of their handshake at Wrestlemania. Austin reminds Vince that’s where their friendship started and even quotes an old Dionne Warwick song. Austin shows Vince that he signed it and tells Vince to put it where he wants but keep it near his heart.

~ Back from break we get footage of the Tough Enough premiere party held at WWF New York this past Tuesday. Cole reminds us the Tough Enough premiere is tonight after Smackdown over on MTV.

~ Backstage William Regal tries to speak with Perry Saturn while Terri looks on, doing nothing in particular. Regal mentions Test won the Hardcore Title last week with Shane’s help and wants to see that he’s punished so he grants Saturn a Hardcore title match. Saturn mumbles something about dogs eating applesauce so Regal claims Test said dogs eat kumquats and that gets Saturn upset enough to want to do Regal’s bidding. Whatever.

~ Out in the arena Cole and Heyman hype the tag title match when Steve Austin makes an unscheduled appearence. Austin does his posing in the ring then heads out to the floor and grabs a mic before getting in Cole’s face. Austin asks Cole about Tazz being at the Tough Enough premiere then claims that Cole knows why he’s out there. Heyman excuses himself while Austin calls Cole out for saying how he doesn’t have a shot to win at King of the Ring. Austin then mentions how Cole said he sold his soul to the devil and doesn’t like how he refered to Vince as the devil. Cole is scared stiff and tries to offer an explanation but Austin isn’t listening as he orders him to stand up which he does. Austin says he ought to whip Cole for what he said about him but he’s going to beat him for what he said about Vince. Austin tells Cole he can talk about him but he won’t stand for him talking about Vince like that and slaps his face! Austin shoves Cole down then forces him in a chair and orders him to never say another word about Vince again. However Austin is still determined to beat Cole up and Cole begs him off but Austin just tears right into him! Austin just completely decimates Cole with punches and stomps then takes a moment to show him his WWF title belt. Eventually Austin walks off while Cole is left in a quivering heap on the floor as we go to commercial.

Now granted Cole can be annoying as snot to listen to but this was a bit much to establish how much Austin wanted to kiss up to Vince (nowadays we’d long for anyone to take Cole out like this). Plus where was Benoit and Jericho to make the save? In fact we have yet to even see or hear from them all show.

~ Back form break Austin heads back to Vince’s office ready to brag about what he did to Michael Cole. However when Austin peeks through the door, Vince is nowhere to be found so he starts looking for him.

~ Out in the arena Jim Ross has taken Cole’s place at the announce table and Heyman is less than thrilled. JR betrates Heyman for running off just to save his own skin and Heyman doesn’t offer any argument. We get a replay of the beatdown as well as footage of Cole getting stretchered out during the break.

WWF HARDCORE TITLE: Test © vs. Perry Saturn (w/Terri Runnels)
Test has his ribs taped up after being injured in his battle with Rhyno last week. Saturn comes out next and someone actually has a “You’re Welcome” sign. Does that mean he’s finally “over”? Saturn starts off by attacking Test’s hurt ribs thwen whips him into a corner and nails him with a clothesline. Saturn goes for another whip but Test reverses him the other way then clotheslines him but favors the ribs. Test whips Saturn into another corner and hits yet another clothesline then clotheslines him over the ropes. Test goes after Saturn who slides back in the ring so Test starts in but Terri grabs his ankle on the apron. Saturn decks Test back off the apron then dives through the ropes and connects with a flying battering ram. Saturn throws Test in the ring followed by some plunder then grabs a trash lid but Test punches it in his face. Test pummels Saturn in a corner then wedges a trash can in a corner between the ropes and goes for a whip. Saturn reverses Test, sending him into the can, then grabs a kendo stick and whacks him in his injured ribs. Saturn climbs to the top rope but Test throws a trash can right to the head and Saturn is loopy on the buckle. Test climbs up after Saturn for a superplex but Saturn throws him off and Test lands ribs-first on a trash can. Saturn covers Test for a near fall then climbs to the top and leaps off but Test blocks him with a stop sign. Saturn grabs a trash lid but misses his swing while Test grabs the lid from him and connects with his shot. Terri comes in and grabs the lid from Test then swings at him but Test ducks and Saturn gets nailed instead. Test covers Saturn when Terri pulls him off by the hair then scampers to a corner and tries begging Test off. Saturn tosses the trash lid at Test who catches it but Saturn sperkicks it in his face and gets a near fall. Saturn goes for a Death Valley Driver when Test floats over and shoves him toward Terri but he stops himself. Test plants Saturn with the Full Nelson slam on the trash can but only gets a two count and is favoring the ribs. Test climbs to the top rope and leaps off but Saturn catches him in mid-air with a dropkick right to the ribs. Saturn grabs a mop but Test boots it into his face and that gets the three to retain. (5:14) They tried to make it interesting with the injury but it’s still the usual stuff. Test departs while Terri tries to dispose of the broken mop but Saturn grabs it away from her and holds it close to him as he heads to the back while Terri wonders what’s going on. Yes, it’s that. DUD

~ Backstage Undertaker and Sara are heading somewhere when Kane walks up telling Taker that he has his back should Diamond Dallas Page bring his WCW buddies with him tonight.

~ Back form break Austin is still looking for Vince when he bumps into the trainer and asks if he’s seen him. The trainer says Vince already left the building but Austin feels Vince wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye. Austin then continues frantically searching for Vince while the trainer just watches him go.

~ Out in the arena Undertaker makes their way to the ring with Sara and decides to address the fans on the mic. Taker asks who Diamond Dallas Page is and answers that he’s the sorry punk he’s going to beat up at the first chance. Taker says DDP hid in the woods videotaping his wife and showing his personal life to the world just to be famous. Taker says he’s compiled a list of the names he’s beaten in his Decade of Destruction but DDP’s name will go at the top. Taker promises to give DDP the worst beating he’s ever given and begs him to be at King of the Ring on Sunday. Suddenly a familiar voice rings out and DDP appears on the OvalTron showing that he’s back at Taker’s ranch. DDP proceeds to give a tour of the house, from the bathroom to the pool to the bedroom, and even tries out the bed. DDP finishes by telling Taker he’ll see him at King of the Ring and begs him to make him famous as the feed cuts out.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the building as JR mentions how chaotic this night has been. We then get ‘during the break’ footage of Austin and Debra returning to Vince’s office to find his gifts still on the sofa. Austin doesn’t understand why Vince would leave all the stuff he gave him and figures it had to be urgent business. Austin hands the stuff to Debra hoping to give them to Vince when they see him and mentions how special the photo is. Debra asks not to forget the cookies but Austin shoots her a look and they leave … without the cookies.

Tajiri (w/William Regal) vs. Taka Michinoku (w/Sho Funaki)
I believe this is the one and only meeting between these Japanese lightweights in the WWF. Taka gets on the mic and calls Tajiri a disgrace for his insluting and degrading portrayl of the Japanese then says Tajiri may serve tea and kumquats but the two of them serve evil and Funaki adds an “Indeed”. Taka assumes several postions when Tajiri answers with some kicks that send Taka scurrying to the corner. Taka and Tajiri exchange slaps when Taka jabs Tajiri’s eyes then connects with a windup punch for a two count. Taka hits a chop then whips Tajiri but Tajrii comes back with the handspring elbow and hits his own chop. Tajrii goes for a whip, Taka reverses him into a corner and charges but Tajiri grabs him with the Tarantula. Funaki hops on the apron and grabs Tajiri while Taka moves in for a shot but Tajiri escapes and Taka stops. Tajiri kicks Funaki off the apron then powrbombs Taka and hits the buzzsaw kick to the head for the pin. (1:45) How about some squash instead of kumquats, Taka? Regal seems pleased with his protigee as Tajiri celebrates then goes for a hug but Regal brushes him away.

WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho © vs. The Dudley Boyz
You have to feel for the Chrises by this point. Just a month prior they get that big win over Austin and Triple H to win the titles, suggesting a main event push was finally coming their way. Instead they each end up jobbing to Austin in separate matches and losing other meaningless matches while never getting the chance to look like they’re on Austin’s level. Heck, they’re both in the title match on Sunday yet this is the first we’ve seen them all night, no promo oppertunities or anything to sell their participation in the triple threat. Not to mention you can see the finish a mile away.

Anyway Bubba Ray locks up with Benoit to start and knees him in the chest then hammers him with forearms and chops. Bubba whips Benoit who slides under him and goes for a backslide but Bubba breaks it and pounds on him. Bubba goes for a whip when Benoit counters and hits a German suplex then holds on but Bubba fights him off. Bubba comes off the ropes but runs into a belly-to-belly suplex then Jericho tags in and kicks Bubba in a corner. Jericho goes for a whip, Bubba sends him into a corner but eats an elbow and Jericho hops to the middle rope. Jericho leaps off when Bubba belts him in the chest then tags in D’Von but D’Von runs right into a hiptoss. Jericho whips D’Von but D’Von comes back with a flying clothesline then hits a Russian legsweep for a two. D’Von whips Jericho but lowers the head and Jericho kicks the face then follows up with a jumping enzuigiri. Benoit tags in and hits a European elbow follwoed by a snap suplex but D’Von fights back and whips him. Bubba nails Benoit from behind but Benoit decks him off the apron then turns and slaps D’Von in the Crossface. Bubba is in to make the save and Jericho goes after Bubba before the referee orders him back to the corner. Bubba slams Benoit and sets him up while D’Von climbs to the top rope and hits the headbutt, but doesn’t say “Wassup” since the Dudleys are heels now. Bubba stays in without a tag and hits a seldge for a two count count while D’Von sets a table up on the floor. Bubba slaps on a headlock and Benoit fights out of it but Bubba blocks a clothesline and hits the Bubbabomb. Bubba clubs Benoit in the back and applies a Camel Clutch while Jericho sets up his own table on the floor. Bubba releases the hold and has words wiith Jericho when Benoit rolls him up from behind but only gets two. Bubba unloads on Benoit then tags D’Von in and D’Von goes for a whip but Benoit reverses him into a corner. Benoit charges at him but eats a boot and D’Von hops to the middle rope and goes for a legdrop but misses it. Both men get to their feet when Benoit plants D’Von with a German suplex then makes the hot tag to Jericho.

Bubba also gets the tag when Jericho goes for a whip, Bubba reverses it but Jericho hits a flying forearm. Jericho hits Bubba with a series of clotheslines then knocks D’Von off the apron with the springboard dropkick. Jericho whips Bubba into a corner and comes off the ropes with the bulldog then connects with the Lionsault. D’Von comes back in the ring but Jericho takes him down by the legs and puts him in the Walls of Jericho. Bubba tries to make the save but Jericho ducks his clothesline and hits a suplex before tagging Benoit back in. Benoit climbs to the top rope and nials Bubba with the diving headbutt then covers him but D’Von saves it. Benoit and D’Von start exchanging shots while Jericho goes after Bubba but gets backdropped over the ropes. Benoit is still attacking D’Von and goes for a whip but D’Von reverses and the Dudleys plant him with the 3D! Bubba covers Benoit as Earl Heber counts 1..2..but Jericho pulls Bubba out to the floor and they fight it out. D’Von goes after Jericho and brings him onto the announce table while Hebner tries to get them back in the ring. D’Von sets Jericho up for a powerbomb but Jericho counters with a backdrop that sends D’Von through a table. Bubba goes after Jericho and drops him on the barricade but ends up knocking Hebner over in the process. Bubba grabs the bell and brings it in the ring for Benoit but Benoit grabs him and puts him in the Crossface! Bubba is tapping out but Hebner is still out on the floor when to one one’s surprise we see Steve Austin running down the ramp. Austin bashes Benoit in the back of the head with his championship belt then departs while Benoit is KO’ed. Bubba drapes an arm over Benoit as Hebner gets in the ring to count 1..2..3 and again to the shock of no one we have new champions. (9:09) So Benoit and Jericho limp into the pay-per-view on a losing note. Good match but it was obvious the Dudleys were taking the titles since the Chrises didn’t need to carry them around anymore. In hindsight they should have done this match on Raw and have the six-man take place here, giving the Chrises the chance to go into KOTR strong. But alas. **½

~ We follow Austin backstage as he runs into Vince McMahon and gloats about costing Benoit and Jericho the titles before asking where he’s been. Vince explains that he was with Michael Cole at the emergency room and Cole threatened to sue both him and the company but he talked him out of it. Vince says Cole may still sue Austin, and if so it’s coming out of Austin’s wallet. Vince then tells Austin he’s still thinking about his ultimatim but he will not be at King of the Ring so Austin will have to defend the title on his own. Austin looks for a hug but Vince stops him and gives his own ultimatim: if he loses the title on Sunday, their alliance is through. Vince walks off leaving Austin with an expressonless look on his face as the show goes off the air.

Conclusion: Rather forgettable episode to take us into King of the Ring, as the WWF looked like they just didn’t care about building the pay-per-view up anymore and wanted to be done with it. Once again Austin’s wackiness dominated the show with his wackiness while Benoit and Jericho were once again pushed to the background and made to look weak, and none of the matches save the predictable main event are really worth your time. Unless you really want to see Austin at his most paranoid, skip this one.

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