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ECW Hardcore TV 10/19/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: “Fabulous” Shane Douglas
TV: Terry Funk
Tag: Tony “Hitman” Stetson & Johnny Hotbody

We open up with Paul E. Dangerously in the ring he is ready to announce the all new Dangerous Alliance but first we go to the opening video.

We get a run-down of what’s on tonight’s show.

Public Enemy vs. Badd Company ref John Finnegan
Well instead of the rest of the interview we go to our first match. Paul Diamond and Johnny Grunge start off. Grunge with the early advantage but Diamond comes back with a drop kick, hip toss, and flying back elbow. Grunge bails to the floor as we go to commercial break. Back from break and Rocco Roc is coming into the ring and Pat Tanaka also gets tagged in. They go back a forth a little until Roc goes for a leap frog but is caught midair into a sit out powerbomb by Tanaka for 2. Both men tag out. Diamond comes in and takes over on Grunge with a spin kick in the corner. Diamond works over the arm and hits a DDT. Roc breaks up the pin attempt. Tanaka tagged back in. Tanaka uses some karate moves and then Diamond is tagged back in. Grunge slams Diamond and hits a Vaderbomb off the second rope. Roc tagged in and he goes to work on the knee of Diamond. PE make a few tags continuing to work the leg. PE ends up having a miscue that leads to them crashing together. Diamond makes the tag and Tanaka comes in and takes out both his opponents. They hit the leapfrog guillotine on Roc and Diamond gets the belly to back but Grunge breaks it up. Diamond goes for another belly to back but Roc flips out. Roc pushes Diamond towards the ropes to roll him. Grunge is on the apron and swings at Diamond but he ducks and Roc gets nailed. Diamond covers and gets the win for Badd Company in 13.05.

A video package of Sal Bellomo playing with his own kids in the park airs with Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven playing over it.

“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. Chad Austin ref Jim Molineaux
Snuka beats on Austin, doing nothing worth typing here, and pins him 3 minutes after a sling shot suplex.

Jay Sulli is in the ECW Control Center to bring us a special report and he brings us to the Dangerous Alliance promo. Paul E. announces Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas as the first member of the new Alliance and dubs him “The Franchise”. Paul E. brings out the new Director of Operations Sherri Martel. Paul E. brings out Douglas’ bodyguard Sabu. Shane is not happy with this decision and they begin to argue. Sherri gets in his Paul’s face and they all argue a bit. Paul calls Sherri a broad and that sets her off. He goes to the floor and tries to calm down Sabu who is still strapped to his cart. Matty in the House has his own personal camera backstage now at the Dangerous Alliance dressing room and Willie “Scoop” Watts is going to try and get an interview. Lots of noise is coming from behind the door. Watts opens the door a bit and there doesn’t seem to be any lights on. He quickly closes the door and says he can’t go in for his own personal health.

Matty is in the House again and is in the dressing room with new manager Jason Knight. Jason tells Matty to please only call him Jason. Matty wants to know whom Jason will be managing but Jason just talks about himself and his clothes.

ECW Tag Team Champions Johnny Hotbody & Tony “Hitman” Stetson (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. JT Smith & Sandman (w/ Terry Funk), ref John Finnegan
Sandman starts off with Stetson. Sandman gets two quick pin attempts. The champs quickly cheat and use double team tactics to take control of the match. Sandman hits a crossbody on both guess for 2 and then tags to Smith. Stetson goes after the still injured knee of Smith for a bit. Smith makes the tag and rolls to the floor with Funk. Sandman gets backdropped out of the ring onto both Smith and Funk. Sandman puts on the sleeper on Hotbody. Funk comes in and smacks Sandman with a chair causing a DQ in 4.15. Smith tries to explain that it was an accident as Funk slaps Sandman a few times.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Tazmaniac, ref John Finnegan
Tazmaniac tries to attack before hand but gets hip tossed and body slammed. Joey calls Tazmaniac a “little gremlin” and it has me cracking up. Dreamer is in blue pants and yellow suspenders and in nice shape. Tazmaniac with a t-bone suplex to take over on Dreamer. Tazmaniac stays on Tommy Dreamer comes back with a crossbody. Tazmaniac goes for a backdrop but Tommy grabs on for a DDT. Tazmaniac reverses that with a release northern lights. Dreamer comes back with a bulldog but then misses and elbow. They go to the floor where Taz uses a chair. Dreamer comes back and uses it himself and then hits a DDT on the floor. Back in the ring Dreamer with an enzuigiri for 2. Slam by Dreamer and he goes up top but Taz knocks him down. Tazmaniac with a super northern lights for the win at 6.40. Dreamer gets a few claps after the match and Joey hypes is like they gave him a standing ovation playing up on the fact that Dreamer is a “pretty boy” and the Philly fans are hardcore.

My thoughts on the show…
A pretty good episode this week. A nice long opening tag match, a good main event, and of course Paul E gets back into the action with the Dangerous Alliance making its return.

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