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The latest update to the blog features show reviews for independent companies JAPW, 2CW, IWC, PWS, CZW & Beyond ranging from 2001 to 2016!

ICW Expect The Unexpected 11/30/2001
USA Pro End Of An Era 11/29/2003
JAPW Seasons Beatings 2003 12/13/2003
IWC No Excuses II 8/5/2006
PWX Lighting The Fuse 9/13/2006
AIW Absolution VII 7/1/2012
2CW MayDay 5/16/2014
2CW Living On The Edge Night One 4/4/2015
2CW Living On The Edge Night Two 4/19/2015
CZW Cage of Death XVIII 12/10/2016

PWU Exit Sandman 6/23/2006
IWC A Call To Arms IV: Controlled Chaos 12/8/2007
JAPW Wild Card IV 2/16/2008
JAPW Wild Card VI 3/20/2010
Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2013 7/21/2013
2CW Comes Home 4/19/2014
PWS Frozen Fallout 1/31/2015
2CW Superkicks In The Southern Tier 3/18/2015
PWS 8/22/2015
NEW Rumble In Rockland 8/25/2016

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