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WWF Superstars 1/28/1989

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Huntsville, AL

1.) WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated Tommy Casey & Alan Kinsey
2.) Mr. Perfect defeated Paul Bryant
3.) Hercules defeated Tony Burton
4.) The Brain Busters defeated Tim Horner & Jose Luis Rivera
5.) The Brooklyn Brawler defeated Reno Riggins
6.) Jim Neidhart defeated Jerry Price
7.) Bad News Brown defeated Steve Reese

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Paul Bryant, the jobber against Mr. Perfect actually got a pre-tape comment saying that there isn’t anything truly perfect and he is going to prove it. Of course, he lost easily.

2.) Ted DiBiase shared some pre-tape comments during Hercules match. DiBiase says he always gets what he wants and what he wants to do is put the myth of Hercules to rest. He is going to be the lord and master to Hercules.

3.) WWF World Champion Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan are guests on the Brother Love Show. Elizabeth is there, as well. Savage and Hogan will be teaming up to battle the Twin Towers on February 4th. Hogan says the match is going to be the greatest tag match of all time. Hogan says there is a really long history between them and the Twin Towers. Hogan recalls being attacked by the Bossman, as was Savage. They were both splashed by Akeem at Survivor Series. Love teases that he senses there isn’t love between Hogan and Savage like there once was. Hogan says there is a mega power triangle level of love. Hogan puts over the love between Savage and Elizabeth. Hogan says he loves Elizabeth like a sister and when the Twin Towers tried to hurt her he got involved. Hogan loves Savage like a brother. Hogan would fight with Savage if anyone tried to hurt him. Savage says that the Mega Powers is the strongest force and the richter scale is going to spin around forty-two times and the Twin Towers are going to crumble down. Brother Love wonders if Elizabeth will be more of a hurt than she would be a help. Hulk says that Elizabeth is the foundation of their team. They finish off with their trademark handshake.

4.) Red Rooster shared some pre-tape comments and says he trusted Bobby Heenan only to be attacked by Lombardi. Rooster is going to go through Brawler to get his hands on Heenan.

5.) Greg Valentine shared some thoughts during Jim Neidhart’s match. Valentine says nobody is going to be able to help Neidhart when they meet again.

Final Thoughts:
Just some hype for the Main Event, really. The promo by the Mega Powers was good as it tried to make it seem like they are fine, but Brother Love continually pointing out tension or creating tension really made the segment. A fine episode for Superstars this time around.

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