WCW Worldwide 2000: The Forgotten Show Part Three

The third installment for the forgotten show that was WCW Worldwide is upon us. This edition has some TNA/Impact stars before they rose to fame. Plus, Tammy Sytch in a mixed tag match. You know that’s gotta be fun, right?

Match #1: Fidel Sierra vs. Sonny Siaki
April 29th, 2000
Reason Reviewed: Mostly because I’m a fan of Sonny Siaki, who should have been a much bigger deal in the early days of TNA, but that’s a rant for another time. I vaguely remember Sierra being amusing during this timeframe.

They lockup but neither budge causing Sierra to claim a hair pull. Siaki controls Sierra with a hammerlock. Sierra gets out with a few elbows and a shoulder block. Siaki hip tosses Sierra followed by a couple of arm drags. Siaki keeps control of the arm on the canvas. Sierra gets out of it but quickly gets taken down to the mat again. Sierra hammers away on Siaki a few times backing Sonny into the corner. Siaki nearly wins with a sunset flip but Sierra quickly regains control with a clubbing blow over the back. Siaki avoids Sierra in the corner and hammers away on Fidel. Siaki drops Sierra with a forearm shot and a clothesline. Siaki backdrops Sierra but is met with a headbutt to the midsection. Siaki counters a power slam attempt and finishes off Sierra with his version of a Un-Prettier. (1/2*. Siaki is way too green to expect anything good from him at this point. They kept it very basic and Sierra led him along. Crowd didn’t care about this and there really wasn’t any reason to. Apparently, Siaki is part of the New Blood?)

Match #2: Misfits In Action vs. Kory Williams, Cassidy Riley, James Storm & Rick Michaels
May 6th, 2000
Reason Reviewed: Checking out simply for the job team. Storm would go onto to be a top guy in TNA. Rick Michaels was often promoted as a big deal for NWA Wildside, I believe. It will be the first time I see Michaels compete.

Riley and Van Hammer kick off the match. Hammer shoves Riley down but Riley quickly comes back with a dropkick but misses a handspring elbow in the corner. Hammer puts Riley on the top turnbuckle hitting a delayed vertical suplex. Williams comes in but Chavo tosses him to the floor. LeRoux and Michaels enter with LeRoux hitting a backdrop and jabs Michaels several times. Chavo tags in and works over Michaels with strikes. Williams gets tagged in but gets taken over with an arm drag, clothesline and dropkick. Storm runs in but Chavo keeps control of him, as well. Morrus tags in and stomps away on Storm in the corner. Morrus lifts Storm up hitting a press slam. Storm sends Morrus into his corner and Morrus gets mugged by all four men. Hammer and LeRoux help out their leader. Morrus splashes Storm in the corner and LeRoux does as well. Hammer big boots Storm. Chavo plants Storm with a tornado DDT and that’s good for three. (*. An effective squash match for the MIA stable. Hammer actually looked decent in his limited role. The jobbers bumped well with Riley and Storm standing out the most out of the four.)

Match #3: Mona vs. Madusa
May 13th, 2000
Reason Reviewed: Madusa wrestled maybe ten matches in her WCW career. Mona is the new gal on the block.

Madusa trips Mona, but Mona is able to leg sweep Madusa as well. Madusa gets control of the right arm but Mona gets out of it and kicks Madusa to the canvas followed by a northern lights suplex for a one count. Madusa decks Mona with a standing spin kick. Madusa follows up with a leaping spin kick and comes off the middle rope with a missile dropkick. Madusa hits the move a second a time. Mona sidesteps Madusa and stomps on Madusa a couple of times. Mona rams Madusa into the corner but gets slapped for her trouble. Madusa takes Mona over with a snap suplex and stands on her hair while pulling Mona up by her arms. Mona misses a handspring elbow in the corner and Madusa gets the victory with a German suplex. (1/2*. Well, this was essentially a squash match for Madusa. Madusa is still trying to become the WCW Women’s Champion. However, the championship is defunct and there isn’t even a women’s division to begin with. Mona deserved better, and luckily she ran to the WWF.)

Match #4: Chris Harris vs. Curt Hennig
Date: May 20th, 2000
Reason Reviewed: Man, Chris Harris was really good like ten years ago (2006/07). Hennig is a personal favorite and I’m hoping for a solid effort between these two. Harris worked as security on TV for WCW a lot throughout the year.

Hennig goes behind Harris, but Harris reaches the ropes and tries to elbow Hennig, but misses. Hennig comes off the ropes and dropkicks Harris to the floor. Hennig quickly follows and chops Harris on the floor. Hennig rams Harris face first onto the announcers table. Hennig tosses Harris back into the ring and kicks Harris in the ribs. Hennig comes off the ropes to deliver a knee lift. Hennig continues to work over Harris with strikes. Hennig looks to be quite frustrated and chops Harris followed by a rolling snap mare. Harris hip tosses Hennig followed by a dropkick. Harris is slapping Hennig until Hennig fights back with strikes. Hennig finishes Harrs off with the Hennig Plex. (*1/2. It seemed like Hennig got really pissed with Harris trying to deliver a back elbow early into the match. It was nice to see Hennig have some fire and it made for a better match than I expected, if I’m being honest.)

Match #5: Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch vs. Shawn Stasiak & Mona
May 27th, 2000
Reason Reviewed: If Tammy Sytch is in it, I’m willing to bet it’s going to be an absolute train wreck. Candido is someone that always entertains me and hopefully Mona gets a moment to shine. I’m anticipating that she doesn’t.

Candido and Stasiak start the match with Stasiak working over Candido with strikes. Candido misses an elbow and gets power bombed by Stasiak. Candido avoids an elbow drop and hip tosses Stasiak. Tammy gets tagged in and Mona is tagged in as well. Tammy gets a hammerlock but that doesn’t last long. Tammy takes Mona down with a snap mare and taunts the fans. Mona is looking at Shawn, who has decided to leave the ring and walks up the ramp. Tammy tosses Mona across the ring and Candido tags in. Candido just casually drops Mona with a flapjack and tosses Mona to the floor. Mona gets on the apron and hits a suplex off the apron to the floor! Tammy plants Mona with a stunner and wins the match. (*. I’ve got to give some love to Mona. She gets the crowd into it with her suplex and of all people Tammy gets the victory with a stunner. Tammy is just all sorts of awful.)

That wraps up this edition of the forgotten show. The next installment will feature the following matches:

– Juventud Guerrera will be in singles action against Alan Funk
– The Mamalukes are in tag action against Chris Harris & Cassidy Riley
– Crowbar is surely going to be reckless in his match with Mike Sanders
– Shane Douglas battles Chris Harris in singles action
– Chris Candido competes in singles action against Christopher Daniels

Feel free to leave suggestions or memories on Worldwide.

Thanks for reading.

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