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Booking WCW Monday Nitro: (04/02/01)

WCW Monday NitroWe are just one week removed from a landmark night in World Championship Wrestling history, when “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair became the sole owner of WCW! With a new face at the head table, what immediate changes will be made? What does “the Nature Boy” have to say to the World Championship Wrestling roster? Who is the number one contender for the WCW Heavyweight Championship? What will the next chapter of WCW history hold? There is only one way to find out… Tune in live to this week’s episode of WCW Monday Nitro from Dallas, Texas!

WCW MONDAY NITRO (04/02/2001)

Dallas, Texas (Broadcasters: Tony Schiavone & Scott Hudson)

– Tony Schiavone welcomes the viewers to another groundbreaking and exciting episode of Monday Night Nitro! Scott Hudson confirms that the packed house here in Dallas is ready for some action and that is exactly what they’re in store for! After going thought a brief recap of the major events that unfolded last week, Tony and Scott were interrupted by Ric Flair’s theme music. With that, they left it to “The Nature Boy”…

– The new owner of WCW, Ric Flair, made his entrance to a welcoming crowd. Once in the ring, it was all business and it was very obvious that Flair was glad and proud to be here. After a pause, he began. “Here we are. HERE. WE. ARE. WCW alive and well, with a new chapter to unfold… Right here, in Dallas, Texas! That’s right! I am your owner and I am ready, willing, and able to make the absolute best decisions that only “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair can. I promise you that! SO, first thing is first, as of right now, WCW Thunder is a thing of the past! I officially cancel it! WCW will no longer put resources into trash, and let’s be honest here, Thunder has been nothing but trash for a long time! With Thunder gone, Nitro will be on an upswing like no other, man! You fans got a new owner and a Nitro headed in a new direction! But, what is an owner without some advisers? To aid me, I need soldiers by my side, fighting this battle right along with me. To keep me grounded and secure, these men will watch my back as well as the back of World Championship Wrestling. There men are my friends… My brothers. Former Horsemen Barry Windham, “The Total Package” Lex Luger, and of course, “The Perfect One” Curt Hennig!” Once revealed, the three men made their way to the ring to a decent reaction from the crowd. After they joined Flair, Flair continued. “I promise you this, with these three guys, “The Nature Boy”, and the all the dedicated talents in the back, WCW will be unstoppable!” The four men talked something over quickly off the microphone and then Flair returned to address the audience. “As my first order of official business… After finalizing it with my staff, I have decided that tonight, in the main event, there will be a number one contender, over-the-top-rope battle royal to determine who will face the WCW Heavyweight Champion Booker T at Spring Stampede on April fifteenth! WOOOOO!” Flair’s theme hit, the crowd cheered and the owner and his staff headed to the back.

– Backstage, “Sugar” Shane Helms is standing by for an interview with Gene Okerlund. “Listen Okerlund, all anybody wants to talk about around here is Ric Flair becoming the new owner of WCW… Yeah, so what? What about the owner of WCW’s Crusierweight division, “Sugar” Shane? Well, I’d be more than happy to tell you. Tonight, the WCW Cruiserwieght Champion makes a statement. Tonight, I invite any cruiserweight competitor to meet me down in the ring for a shot at the only man that matters, Shane Helms, for the only belt that matters, the WCW Crusierweight Championship!”

WCW Cruiserweight Title match: “Sugar” Shane Helms © open challenge: “Sugar” Shane Helms made his way to the ring and awaited a potential opponent. After a few moments, his close friend, Shannon Moore, made his entrance with a microphone. After claiming that he’s only looking to give Shane some friendly competition, Helms hastily agrees and the two shake hands before the bell begins the match. After a surprisingly close bout, with Moore nearly knocking off Helms for the championship several times, Helms came away with the victory. Shane Helms goes to again shake hands with Moore, who is too busy complaining to the referee about how close he was to winning.

– Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon stand backstage in the interview area with Gene Okerlund. A disgruntled Bam Bam begins to unload on his most recent adversary, Shawn “The Star” Stasiak. Bam Bam states that although Stasiak was able to dodge the ink tattoo last Monday, he won’t be able to avoid the tattoos Bigelow plans to leave on his chest and face tonight with his own bare hands! He claims that last Monday Stasiak was lucky to walk away scott-free and that tonight during thier rematch from last week, his luck finally runs out. Bam Bam walks away and Kanyon gives him a friendly slap on the back. Off camera, Bam Bam shouts to Kanyon that he wants him to stay backstage. Watching Bam Bam leave Kanyon shouts back, “You got it, buddy! Go take care of your business!” After a few moments, Gene awkwardly asks Kanyon if he has anything more to say and Kanyon talks into Gene’s microphone, “Shawn, you betta’ run, brotha’.”

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Shawn Stasiak w/Stacy Keibler: A heated Bam Bam Bigelow jumped Stasiak during his entrance with Stacy. The match never officially began, as things just got completely out of hand. Weapons, lowblows, and furious fists were thrown by both men in this unsanctioned brawl. Finally, Stasiak was able to gain a distinct upper hand. With Bigelow down, he placed a chair around his neck in the center of the ring. Officials attempted to stop “The Star”, but he wiped them out with ease and climbed to the top rope as a helpless Bigelow struggled to remove the chair from around his neck. Suddenly, Kanyon rushed to ringside, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by Stacy Keibler who blasted him with a steel chair. With Kanyon out, Stasiak jumped from the top rope with a stomp on the chair that Bam Bam was unable to remove. Bigelow squirmed as Shawn continued to stomp the chair after the damage was done. Stacy dragged Shawn Stasiak away as the timekeeper continuously rang the ringbell. WCW Officials came down to the ring to aid Bam Bam and check on Kanyon.

– As Bam Bam is stretchered to the back, highlights from last Monday Nitro are shown and explained. Tony and Scott also give a brief recap of the nights events thus far. We are then taken to the ring where Boogie Nights now stand with microphones.

– Disco Inferno and Alex Wright proceed to explain to the live audience how they have been repeatedly denied their opportunities to succeed in WCW. They claim that it is no wonder why so many of their favorite Cruiserweight stars have left this company. They were never given their just dues, just like Boogie Nights. Disco also states that they had to sneak out here and steal the airtime, as they weren’t even scheduled to appear tonight! After a little bit more complaining from both men, The Filthy Animalz appeared on the stage to great applause. Mysterio, Jr. and Kidman both agree that cruiserweight wrestlers deserve more respect in WCW, yet whining and complaining is the wrong way to earn it. With that said, the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions state that they are ready to defend their titles anywhere, anytime, against any team that thinks they have what it takes! Just then, WCW owner Ric Flair entered and agreed with both teams. Flair decided that instead of just giving Boogie Nights a shot at the belts, they’ll have to earn their shot tonight against a team he has chosen. If Boogie Nights can beat the team Flair has picked, they get a shot at the Mysterio, Jr. and Billy Kidman at Spring Stampede. The Filthy Animalz agree and exit with Flair as Boogie Nights awaited their opposing team.

Kid Ca$h & Jamie Noble versus Boogie Nights (Disco Inferno & Alex Wright): In a short bout, Boogie Nights was able to one-up the team picked by Flair. Disco scored a surprise rollup victory on Noble. Disco and Wright quickly scurried away, with their big win under their belts, becoming the virtual number one contenders to the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships.

– A satisfied Ric Flair is seen in his office backstage after watching the previous match. He, Luger, Windham, and Hennig all agree that the match for Spring Stampede is set. Suddenly, Jeff Jarrett bursts into the office and directly address Flair, pushing by the others. Jarrett accuses Flair of giving him the shaft by not automatically naming him the number one contender to Booker T’s WCW Heavyweight Championship. He demands not to be forced to participate in “some damn battle royal with a buncha’ slap nuts.” Flair is able to calm Jarrett down by promising him the final entrant spot for tonight’s main event. Flair suggests that if Jeff is the rightful number one contender, he should have no problem tossing out the other men in the match. Jarrett accepts and promises Flair that tossing out the trash tonight will be no sweat. “Make no mistake, Mr. Owner. You’re looking at the next World Champ.” With that, Jarrett turns to exit, shouldering Lex Luger hard on his way out. Lex is reassured by Hennig and Windham to brush it off.

Team Canada (Lance Storm & “Canadian Killer” Mike Awesome) versus The Harris Brothers (Ron & Don): After Storm and Awesome talked briefly about how they were the true WCW Tag Team Champions and that the southern raciest Texans in attendance should recognize that. They went on about how, in Canada, people are above racism and finally pledged the Canadian national anthem. The Harris Brothers interrupted and headed down to the ring. After a lengthy tag match full of solid, back-and-forth action, Team Canada came out victorious.

– Booker T made his entrance and exclaimed to the attending audience that he’d be sitting at the commentary table for the main event tonight, as he wanted to scout his future challenger as closely as possible.

WCW Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender’s Battle Royal: This battle royal included twenty men, in this order of entrance into the match; Animal, Brian Clark, Vampiro, Kevin Nash, Dustin Rhodes, Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Konnan, Sean O’Hare, Sting, Steve Corino, Curt Hennig, Mark Jindrak, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Simon Diamond, Brian Adams, Shane Douglas, DDP, Mike Awesome, and Jeff Jarrett. The match would come down to Jeff Jarrett, Randy Savage, Shane Douglas and Sting. As Savage and Jarrett struggled to eliminate one another, Sting came from behind to throw them over the top rope together. With only Sting and Douglas left, they two nearly eliminated one another several times. Finally, in a shocking turn of events, Douglas mule-kicked Sting below the belt, and ran him across the ring and over the opposing top rope. The crowd erupted in boos as Sting hit the floor.

– An impressed Booker T stood from the commentators table, holding his WCW Heavyweight Championship high over his head, taunting Douglas standing down in the middle of the ring following the battle royal. Both Booker and Douglas shout at each other as Nitro closes.

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