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Colling’s Corner: Volume Four


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a column about current day happenings, but I’m sure going to try and make this a weekly thing moving forward. Some topics touched on this time around are Billy Corgan buying the NWA, WWE Payback, recent trip to House of Hardcore and Ken Shamrock being in the news.

Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan tried several months ago to purchase Impact Wrestling but failed in doing so, obviously. He’s had a history in wanting to be part of wrestling having nearly bought into ECW during their final years, being a creative writer for Resistance Pro in Chicago and his work with Impact Wrestling. The National Wrestling Alliance hasn’t been of any relevance since Shane Douglas tossed the NWA World Championship down to the mat in ’94. Yeah, TNA used their titles during the first few years of their existence, but the NWA just hasn’t been anything for over twenty years. I’m not sure what he will accomplish with the NWA. I’m sure the video library is worthwhile, and I do believe NWA Hollywood has been producing some good TV over the last few years. I had reviewed a few months of their TV from 2010, and just haven’t gotten around to continuing that. I’m all for more wrestling and successful promotions. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the NWA to see if Corgan does anything noteworthy.

April 22nd I attended my first ever House of Hardcore event at the ECW Arena. I went to the show with my lady friend and two buddies of mine went, as well. I had always wanted to see a show at the Arena. So many huge moments and matches have happened in the building. Upon entry I was surprised to see how small of a venue it really is. Watching ECW shows from the 90s really made it seem like a bigger building. I know they did some renovations, so it may have been shrunken down a little bit over the years. It was the final appearance for the Hardy Boys, who were rumored to be pulled from the show but were luckily able to compete. Aside from an MVP vs. Bull James match, I enjoyed the whole show. At some point I’ll provide a review of the show for the site.

Payback on April 30th felt like a B-level show. Jericho regaining the WWE United States Championship from Kevin Owens was a surprised, but it makes me think that Baron Corbin wins it on TV over Jericho. Sure, Jericho has a tour with Fozzy coming up, but he also provides some name power for Smackdown, too. So, that doesn’t hurt. Neville/Aries was good and the finish allows them to continue the feud for another month, I’d assume. Neville has really made himself an asset with his heel persona. Rollins/Joe was a disappointment and the finish likely means that’s going to continue, too. Joe should have gone over to establish himself. I was honestly surprised that Braun Strowman pinned Roman Reigns. Sure, after the pay per view he ran into boxes after missing Reigns at the ambulance, but he’s still a badass.

House of Horrors

The only real lowlight for the show was the ridiculous House of Horrors. I’m all for being creative and doing different things. Heck, I don’t mind the Jinder Mahal push even if it is out of nowhere. However, the House of Horrors nonsense felt like a really poorly written home movie someone made. Orton appearing when the lights came back on was predictable and the whole segment was really flat to me. It’s as if someone watched some WCW videos on YouTube and came across their awful short films to promote matches that they did a few times in ’93. It didn’t work then and it just doesn’t and wouldn’t work now.

Adam Cole is a free of his Ring of Honor contract, but is still competing for the company. Cole has become of the top acts in ROH since coming into the company over five years ago. He originally came from CZW, but was snatched up rather quickly. It’s rumored that Cole is heading to NXT at some point, and I think that’s the likely destination for him. While he is small, his charisma makes up for that and he’s a really good wrestler, anyway. It is time for a change for Cole since he has accomplished everything there is in ROH.

Mario Bokara, a new face competing in Impact Wrestling.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched Impact Wrestling in over a year or so. I still read the results and whatnot, but I don’t tune in, largely because I’m not home on Thursdays. It did catch my eye that some guys have returned or made their debut in the company. Magnus is back when I thought he’d go to the WWE at some point. Chris Masters has made his debut at the recent taping, who I think has been really underrated over the last few years. Plus, guys like Mario Bokara and Kevin Matthews from WrestlePro are competing on a regular basis. Both guys are really solid wrestlers having seen them compete at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in August 2015. Plus, guys like Matt Sydal, Low Ki and apparently Dan Maff and/or Monsta Mack coming into the company should be nothing but good things. One of these days I’ll tune in and see what’s going on, but likely on mute because I can’t tolerate Josh Matthews on commentary.

And, to end things this time around, Ken Shamrock is in a state of delusion thinking that everyone believes he should get another run in the WWE. He’s 53 and hasn’t won an MMA fight since 2010 having lost to the late Kimbo Slice and Royce Gracie in his last two fights he has had. I have zero interest in seeing Shamrock return to the WWE and I have never heard one person say “man, Ken Shamrock needs to comeback.” Shamrock does this every once and awhile and it’s just to get people to remember him, it seems like. He was great in the Attitude Era and should have never left to go back to the UFC only to get destroyed by Tito Ortiz and every major fight he ever had. Sorry, Ken…

That wraps up this edition of Colling’s Corner. I’ll be back in a few days with whatever wrestling news comes along.

Thanks for reading.


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