SMW TV 3/25/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Council, VA

1.) Dirty White Boy defeated Mike Sampson
2.) Killer Kyle defeated Boo Bradley to win the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship
3.) Al Snow & Unabomb defeated Larry Santo & The Wolfman
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze defeated Buddy Landell to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dirty White Boy cuts a promo on Buddy Landell saying that he will be meeting Landell in a chain match at Bluegrass Brawl III. White Boy is going to bust Landell’s head in and an infection will quickly occur. White Boy is going to kick Landell and pull him back slowly with the chain and touch all four corners to put an end to Landell.

2.) The Gangstas are interviewed by Jim Ross regarding their upcoming six man tag match at Bluegrass Brawl III, which will see the appearance of the Undertaker. Jack says that Jim Cornette is scared of the Gangstas. They are prepared to play at Bluegrass Brawl. Before they leave SMW he is going to make sure every redneck salutes their flag. They are going to take out Boo Bradley with Killer Kyle. Jack says if he manages to live through this he’s going to do some bad stuff.

3.) Bradley starts the match dropping Kyle with some right hands. Kyle gets knocked to the floor and Boo follows. They get back into the ring where Boo delivers more elbow strikes. Kyle goes chest first into the corner and Boo delivers a big splash causing Kyle to fall backwards. Bradley suplexs Kyle into the ring from the apron for a two count. Boo backslides Kyle for a two count. Boo ducks a clothesline and drops Kyle with a clothesline of his own. Boo dropkicks Kyle and plays to the crowd. Kyle ends up nailing Bradley with an object and wins the match. (1/2*. Well, that was basically nothing of a match. I guess the heel stable needed some championship.) After the match, Bradley gets jumped by the Gangstas and they put their flag over Bradley.

4.) Al Snow and Unabomb are interviewed by Jim Ross. Snow says that the Rock N’ Roll Express have been running away from them because they are scared. Snow puts a wig on Unabomb who mocks Gibson’s lazy eye. Snow puts on a wig and they mock the Rock N’ Roll Express in a humorous skit. Snow, acting as Morton, pleads with Snow and Unabomb not to hurt them anymore. He gets a note from Unabomb and tries to read it. They insult Gibson’s mother and Morton some more. Snow says that Gibson is so crossed eyed that when he cries it runs down his back! They came here to kill a legend and promises the Rock N’ Roll Express will be dead soon. Al Snow has shown so much charisma here that it amazes me he didn’t accomplish more in professional wrestling.

5.) Les Thatcher is in the ring with Buddy Landell for an interview about SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze. Buddy says that Blaze is more interested in perks such as his car and watch. Landell claims that Blaze stole the SMW Heavyweight Championship from him despite never being champion. He’s putting his $12,000 rolex watch on the line. Landell wants a chain match with Dirty White Boy and claims he has 3,025 victories in Tennessee chain matches and says he’s one away from having the most wins in the match. Landell denies running away from White Boy last week and would have stayed in the area had he known it was White Boy. Landell is going to rip White Boy’s head off in the chain match. Landell wonders if Blaze has found the father to his wife’s new baby, yet.

6.) Jim Cornette is interviewed by Jim Ross. Cornette says he didn’t have to do anything crazy other than bring the Undertaker to SMW to take on the Gangstas. Cornette will do whatever he has to do to get rid of the Gangstas. Cornette says that the Undertaker makes all the difference and wants them to be afraid of the darkness. In Johnson, City there will be an I Quit match stipulation. The night before at Bluegrass Brawl it will be a losers salute the flag match.

7.) Landell quickly goes after Blaze with strikes in the corner and gets a two count. Landell dropkicks Blaze and rams the champ into the corner head first. Landell plants Blaze with a DDT but Blaze kicks out at two on the cover. Buddy bites the forehead of Blaze. Buddy continues to stomp away on Blaze but can’t put Bobby away on the cover attempt. Blaze almost wins with a backside but get stopped by Landell and a few right hands. Buddy continues to control Blaze in the corner with strikes but Bobby gets a few shots in to get momentum. Blaze runs into a back elbow in the corner. Blaze plants Landell with a swinging neck breaker and goes to the top rope. Blaze attempts a double axe handle but misses Buddy and knocks the referee out! Blaze puts Landell over with a northern lights suplex and Dirty White Boy makes the count. White Boy gives Blaze the watch. I’m not sure how White Boy can give the count, but whatever. (*. I guess my main problem is that this angle is for the heavyweight championship. Blaze got dominated and won with the help of White Boy making the count. Blaze is the ultimate underdog, but is still be presented as if he’s a jobber, and that doesn’t do much for the heavyweight championship when it comes to importance.)

8.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze is interviewed to close the program. Blaze says that one month ago he didn’t have anything and now he has the championship. He also has a new car and a new watch. If Buddy has anything else he could sure use it!

9.) Next week, New Jack competes in singles action against Tracy Smothers.

Final Thoughts:
The segment involving Snow and Unabomb mocking the Rock N’ Roll Express was rather humorous and I enjoyed that. The show flew by this week, but I’m still not really all that interested in Landell/Blaze simply because Blaze isn’t being presented as a valuable champion. Buddy is such a star and isn’t at the top is quite frustrating, honestly.

Thanks for reading.

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