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WCW Worldwide 2000: The Forgotten Show Final Part

The final part of the series features Christopher Daniels, Robbie Rage, Norman Smiley, Three Count and the Filthy Animals.

Match #1: Three Count vs. Konnan, Rey Mysterio & Juventud Guerrera
Reason Reviewed: Three Count has had some quality outings during this series. Similar to another match that had Disco Inferno involved, I’m expecting this to be a fun fast pace match as long as Konnan isn’t in the ring very often.

Rey Jr.’s son Dominic is in the front row and is mentioned by Mike Tenay. Guerrera and Helms kick off the six man tag match with Helms taking Guerrera down to the mat but is met with a head scissors quickly. Guerrera comes off the ropes with a head scissors to send Helms to the floor. Karagias enters to clothesline Guerrera and everyone hit clotheslines. Konnan sends Moore to the floor over the top rope. Konnan continues to hit Moore while Rey and Guerrera hit double spinning heel kicks. Rey takes Helms out with a somersault dive to the floor. Konnan plants Moore with a DDT back in the ring. Konnan holds Moore on the canvas to allow Rey to hit a swanton. Moore nails Rey with a spinning heel kick and works over Rey with strikes in the corner. Rey comes back with a running bulldog coming off the ropes. Three Count hit a triple power bomb for a two count! Moore connects with a Fame-Asser on Rey before tagging in Helms who sends Rey chest first into the corner before hitting a super kick. Moore springboards onto Helms shoulders before hitting a big splash. Karagias comes off the top to elbow drop Rey. Rey boots Moore in the corner but Karagias countered a wheelbarrow bulldog attempt with a spine buster. Karagias snap power slams Mysterio and tags in Helms. Mysterio plants Helms face first into the canvas and avoids Karagias. Rey crawls to his corner and tags in Konnan. Konnan gets the hot tag clearing house and allowing Guerrera to hit a missile dropkick on Karagias. Konnan and Guerrera drive Moore face first onto the canvas. Rey comes off the top to hit a leg drop to Moore’s groin for the win. Rey wasn’t the legal man. (***1/4. I think this is the best match of the series. Non-stop action and Konnan came across like he was motivated to keep pace with the younger, faster wrestlers. I enjoyed this match quite a bit, actually.)

Match #2: Jason Styles vs. Robbie Rage
Reason Reviewed: Robbie Rage is probably better known simply known as Rage from High Voltage earlier in his WCW career. I had zero idea he had worked for WCW at any point after 1997. I kind of always thought Kenny Kaos would have been the “money guy” out of the two, but I’m also often wrong. I’m curious to see how Rage looks in a singles role.

Rage controls Styles with a headlock but settles for a shoulder block moments later. Styles hip tosses Rag and attempts a dropkick but fails. Rage twists Styles left ankle and controls him on the canvas. Rage puts a modified STF on but lets go quickly. Rage chops Styles a few times but misses a clothesline and is met with a dropkick from Styles. Styles hit a top rope cross body for a two count. Rage hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rage rams Styles into the corner with a power slam before hitting a slam to the canvas. Rage follows up with a slingshot leg drop from the apron into the ring. Rage connects with a shoulder breaker and locks in a chicken win cross face for the submission. (*1/2. Not really all that competitive but I enjoyed Rage here. I got a vibe of someone similar to Scott Steiner in his early days watching him. He’s got a great body and clearly could hit some athletic moves. I might seek out more Rage stuff now.)

Match #3: Christopher Daniels vs. Kwee-Wee
Reason Reviewed: I’ve always been a hug Daniels fan, especially during this timeframe. He had a really good match with Candido in an earlier installment of this series. Hopefully Kwee-Wee has his working boots on to get another solid outing for Daniels.

Daniels attacks Wee at the start of the match with right hands. Wee kicks Daniels but misses a clotheslines settling for a springboard sunset flip for a two count. Daniels yanks Wee down by his hair and that causes Wee to get up and pummel Daniels with right hands. Wee scoop slams Daniels and flies over the top to the floor missing a cross body. Daniels springboards off the top rope and nearly doesn’t do a full flip before landing on Wee on the floor. Daniels gets up and tosses Wee back into the ring. Wee hits a side suplex and punches Daniels a few times. Wee dropkicks Daniels and continues with a scoop slam. Wee comes off the ropes with a running knee lift for a near fall. Daniels falls down getting out of a power slam attempt. Daniels hits the Angels Wings but Wee kicks out at two! Wee counters a head scissors by slamming Daniels face first onto the canvas for the win. (*1/2. Not nearly as good as Daniels/Candido from June, but still had some decent action. That dive by Daniels looked really dangerous.)

Match #4: Mike Awesome vs. Kevin Northcutt
: 10/28/2000
Reason Reviewed: I tend to enjoy Mike Awesome’s in-ring work despite his awful gimmicks in WCW that he was saddled with. Northcutt was seen as a top prospect but never really became anything.

Northcutt goes to work over Awesome in the corner with strikes and chops. Northcutt dropkicks Awesome while he is seated. Northcutt backdrops Awesome to the apron but is yanked down. Awesome hit a slingshot shoulder block from the apron and clotheslines Northcutt over the top to the floor. Awesome hit a suicide dive over the top to the floor. Northcutt drops Awesome across the apron and they brawl on the floor where Northcutt has sent Awesome into the crowd. Awesome comes off the apron to knock a steel chair into Northcutt’s face. Awesome whacks Northcutt with a chair across the back. Awesome comes off the top to hit a flying clothesline for a two count. Awesome misses a splash in the corner and Northcutt super kicks Awesome to the floor. Northcutt misses a baseball slide hitting the ropes groin first. Awesome comes off the top to hit a frog splash but only gets a two count. Northcutt gets out of a power bomb but Awesome takes Northcutt off the middle rope for the win. (*. Nothing special here as they kept it rather basic and nothing all that impressive occurred. The finish was kind of funny since Awesome wasn’t going to get Northcutt up from the traditional power bomb position so he took him off the middle rope. The setup for that was very obvious.)

Match #5: Kwee-Wee vs. Norman Smiley
Reason Reviewed: This is mostly being reviewed because they were two of the more comical characters that WCW had to offer at the end of their existence.

Wee shoves Smiley away at the start but Smiley controls with a neck wrench. Smiley arm drags Wee a few times followed by a clothesline. Wee knee lifts Smiley and pummels Smiley with strikes in the corner. Wee pummels Smiley with right hands in the corner. Wee goes for a springboard sunset flip for a two count. Smiley connects with a power slam but Wee hammers away on Smiley some more. Smiley counters a wheelbarrow and plants Wee face first to the canvas. Smiley did perform the Big Wiggle on the move. Paisley distracts the referee but Wee can’t keep the momentum. Wee backslides Smiley for a two count. Smiley has a double under hook and slams Wee for a near fall. Smiley gets the chicken win submission and wins the match. (*. I felt this was actually rather boring as they didn’t really do much wrestling related it felt like. They did some spots but the slow nature of the match really didn’t keep me interested.)

That wraps up this series looking at the forgotten show that was WCW Worldwide 2000. I hope you enjoyed going back and looking at the matches with me.

Thanks for reading.

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