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WWF Metal 2000: The Forgotten Show Part Three

This installment features Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Essa Rios!

Match: Bull Buchanan vs. Rob Conway
Reason Reviewed: Buchanan is capable of showcasing some impressive aerial skills. I’ve found Conway to be rather underrated and he was a top guy in OVW, at the time. It appears to be a quick one, so Buchanan probably dominates and hopefully in impressive fashion.

Buchanan starts off with a knee lift into the corner but Conway comes back with a right hand. Bull catches Conway in the corner and comes off the ropes with a springboard clothesline. Buchanan comes off the ropes to scissor kick Conway. Bull continues with a scoop slam and a knee drop. Bull works over Conway in the corner but misses a splash. Bull stops Conway with a belly to belly suplex. Bull drives Conway down with a back suplex slam and heads to the top. Bull Buchanan hits a top rope leg drop and pins Conway. (*1/2. For a squash match, that was rather effective. Buchanan had some solid offense and looked strong. Makes me wonder why he wasn’t shown stronger on TV at any point.)

Match: Al Snow & Steve Blackman vs. D’Lo Brown & Perry Saturn
Reason Reviewed: I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve watched Snow/Blackman as a tag team when they were known as Head Cheese. Man, that was such a guilty pleasure of mine. Anyway, considering the work rate in this match, this could be a solid C-level show match. Though, the team of Brown and Saturn seems to be completely random.

Snow and Brown kick off the match trading hammerlocks. Brown comes off the ropes with a shoulder block but Snow hip tosses Brown. Brown regains control with a wrist lock but Snow leg sweeps D’Lo. Snow nails Brown with a super kick but misses a clothesline. Brown comes back with a clothesline of his own and tags in Saturn. Snow hip tosses Saturn before tagging in Blackman. Snow and Blackman pull Saturn’s legs apart and Blackman hammers away on Saturn. Saturn leg sweeps Blackman but Steve comes back with a kick. Saturn takes Blackman down with another leg sweep and right hands. Blackman dropkicks Saturn after sending him chest first into the corner. Snow pulls Saturn to the floor and drops him face first over the ring steps. Blackman and Brown clothesline each other on the floor and Snow gets a two count on Saturn. Snow comes off the ropes and is decked by Brown. Saturn plants Snow with a reverse TKO and Brown connects with a heel kick. Snow gets stopped by Brown with an eye rake. Brown sends Snow hard back first into the corner. Brown side slams Snow for a two count. Snow fights back with a clothesline and can’t make the tag to Blackman. Saturn instead gets tagged in and elbow drops Snow. Saturn takes Snow over with a snap suplex for a two count. Brown gets tagged in and continues to work over Snow. Snow ducks a clothesline and hits a jumping jaw breaker. Blackman gets the hot tag and Saturn comes in as well. Blackman cleans house with dropkicks on both Saturn and Brown. Brown attacks Blackman from behind. Blackman plants Saturn with a quick DDT. Brown crotches Snow on the top rope and Saturn nearly pins Blackman after sending him into Brown. Blackman goes for a snap suplex but Brown pulls the referee out causing a disqualification. All four men brawl on the floor and it’s actually a no contest. (**. Man, I don’t think there is normally no contests on Metal. They actively had to go out of their way to prevent anyone from being pinned in this match. I’m not even sure how in storyline nobody could lose the match. I’m literally confused why there isn’t a finish here.)

Match: Eddie Guerrero & Chyna vs. Kaientai
Reason Reviewed: I think this is an interesting match since Taka and Funaki are probably going to bump like crazy for Eddie and Chyna.

Taka and Guerrero start the match with Taka arm dragging and then catapulting Guerrero across the ring. Guerrero stops Taka with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Guerrero drop toe holds Funaki and tags in Chyna. Chyna back elbows Funaki and connects with a delayed vertical suplex. Chyna works over Funaki in the corner with forearms. Chyna flips in the corner and clotheslines Funaki from the apron. Guerrero hits a slingshot senton from the apron into the ring. Funaki clotheslines Guerrero after a cheap shot from Taka. Funaki has a chin lock on Guerrero allowing Taka to hit a dropkick. Guerrero nearly pins Taka with a rollup and gets stopped by a clothesline. Funaki drives Guerrero down to the mat with a back suplex for a two count. Guerrero takes Funaki over with a snap hurricanrana but can’t tag in Chyna. Taka signals for the Driver. Chyna breaks that up and backdrops Funaki to the floor. Chyna hits a handspring bad elbow on Taka in the corner. Guerrero takes Taka off the top with a hurricanrana for the win. (**. They went less than five minutes, but it was solid enough. Guerrero was so crisp in the ring it was so refreshing to watch. It went exactly how I expected it to go.)

Match: WWF Lightweight Champion Dean Malenko vs. Essa Rios
Reason Reviewed: I’m hopeful they put together a great title match. Rios is a favorite of mine and Malenko was always good in the ring.

Malenko arm drags Rios at the start of the match and controls Essa with a headlock and fireman carry. Malenko elbows out of a hold and runs the ropes. Rios stops Malenko with a dropkick and prevents the champ from leaving the ring. Rios head scissors Malenko to the floor and attempts a cross body but Malenko sidesteps it and yanks Rios down by his hair. Malenko slams Rios face first into the ring steps. Malenko rolls Rios into the ring and delivers a kick to the ribs. Malenko delivers an elbow strike and stomps on Rios. Malenko nails Rios with a series of short arm clotheslines for a two count. Malenko pulls Essa’s hair and eye rakes the challenger. Malenko works over Rios in the corner but misses a strike. Rios misses a running attack in the corner and crashes to the floor. Rios manages to leap off the railing to take Malenko down with a hurricanrana! Rios rolls Malenko back into the ring and goes to the top rope. Rios hits a missile dropkick but Malenko kicks out at two. Malenko goes for a power bomb but Rios fights out of it. Rios counters a vertical suplex with an inside cradle. Rios runs into a big boot in the corner. Malwnko hits a rolling fireman’s carry for a two count. Essa nearly wins with a rollup. Maleno attempts a power bomb, but Rios rolls through. Malenko rolls through again and pins Rios. (**1/2. Rios was fun here and Malenko didn’t seem to do a lot when it came to offense. It was a solid enough five minute match or so.)

Match: WWF European Champion Perry Saturn vs. WWF Lightweight Champion Dean Malenko
Date: 8/19/2000
Reason Reviewed: Champion vs. champion on Metal?! I’ve enjoyed both men and there was no way I could pass up watching their match here.

Saturn goes to the floor and grabs his girl Terri to seemingly leave but instead to scare away Malenko’s ladies. Saturn gets back into the ring and they trade hammerlocks. Malenko gets taken down to the mat, but that doesn’t last long. Saturn with a fireman’s carry but Malenko puts a head scissors on for a second. They eventually have a standoff. Saturn controls Dean with a headlock and shoulder blocks Malenko. Malenko hip tosses Saturn and clotheslines the champ over the top to the floor. Saturn puts Terri in front of him before getting back into the ring and cheap shots Malenko. Saturn works over Malenko with right hands in the corner and chokes Malenko. Saturn knee lifts Malenko several times in the corner. Saturn takes Malenko over with a vertical suplex and plays to the crowd. Saturn takes Malenko down to the mat and puts an arm lock on the challenger. Saturn rams Malenko into the corner and delivers a few strikes. Malenko fights out of the corner with right hands. Saturn knee lifts Malenko but is met with a kick. Dean misses a clothesline but nails Saturn with a heel kick for a two count. Saturn hits a reverse TKO and hammers away on Malenko in the corner. Saturn elbows out of a German attempt and boots Malenko. Saturn attempts a sunset flip but Malenko rolls through and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf. Terri is on the apron and Essa Rios comes out to missile dropkick Malenko! Dean decks Rios to the floor and Saturn pins Malenko with a northern lights suplex. (**. A decent match, but less than I was expecting. I don’t recall Dean and Rios getting much of a TV feud on the bigger TV programs. This didn’t feel like it went past gear one, but I still enjoyed parts of it.)

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