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WCW Saturday Night 7/16/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night:
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Johnny Rich
2.) Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck defeated Barry Houston & Todd Morton
3.) Arn Anderson & Dustin Rhodes defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & The Gambler
4.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Davey Rich
5.) Guardian Angel defeated Denny Brown
6.) Vader defeated Mike McReynolds
7.) WCW Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan defeated Steve Keirn & Bobby Eaton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We are one day away from perhaps the biggest pay per view in WCW history, Bash at the Beach 1994 featuring WCW World Champion Ric Flair defending against Hulk Hogan. As you can see above, there isn’t a feature match on the show, so it’s going to be promo heavy for a go-home show.

2.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with WCW US Champion Steve Austin which was done in front of a green screen and must have been done after the show. Austin defends against Ricky Steamboat tomorrow night. Austin says he is ready for Ricky Steamboat tomorrow night. Austin says he doesn’t get any respect from Gene and hasn’t gotten respect from anybody for that matter. Austin thinks Steamboat is too stupid to beat him. Austin notes that since Steamboat doesn’t cheat, that means he is stupid.

3.) Mean Gene chats with Terry Funk and Bunkhouse Buck. Funk asks if Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson have looked at each other. Funk insults the genetics of how both Rhodes and Anderson look. Funk says that neither man have the ability to compete with them. Funk is going to give Anderson a chance to leave and listen to Dustin shout for his father to help him. Funk wants Dusty Rhodes to come out just one time. Bunkhouse Buck is going to take both men out. Col. Robert Parker has a surprise for Dustin Rhodes at the pay per view, too.

4.) Mean Gene gets with Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes for another interview. Dustin says that Parker has never had a surprise for him. Rhodes recalls all the guys that Parker has brought in to take him out and they haven’t gotten the job done. Rhodes got himself a partner and Anderson is by his side to go for a fight. Arn says the time for talk is over and is ready to go at it.

5.) Hulk Hogan, Mr. T and Jimmy Hart join Mean Gene for an interview. Hogan says that WCW World Champion Ric Flair made a mistake by signing his name on the dotted line with him at the pay per view. Hogan says that Shaq and George Foreman are there for one reason. Hogan asks Mr. T what he is going to do if Flair has a trick up his sleeve. Mr. T is hear because Hogan called him and Hogan’s going to win with Mr. T watching Hulk’s back. Mr. T is great at rambling and it seems to annoy Hogan a little bit. Hogan wants Jimmy to guide T the right way.

6.) Mean Gene talks with the Guardian Angel about his upcoming match with Big Van Vader tomorrow night. Angel recalls the Guardian Angels asking him to join their group and he talks about the training he went through. Angel says that Vader wants to make him a fallen angel, but that’s just not going to happen tomorrow night.

7.) Vader and Harley Race are interviewed by Mean Gene. Race calls Guardian Angel a liar and says the reason Angel lost his identity is when he beat him half to death with a club. Vader gives a history lesson saying that he took away Angel’s name and everything associated with him. Vader will induct Angel in the house of pain.

8.) WCW World Champion Ric Flair and Sherri Martel are interviewed to end the program. Martel has been reinstated and will be in Flair’s corner tomorrow night. Flair says that the level of respect for the champion is at an all-time low. Last week, they came out and did what they had to do and that was outsmarted everyone. Flair tells Hogan to remember that he had a choice to either walk or stay. There is nowhere for Hogan run and hide now. Martel believes that Hogan has met his match and Ric Flair will forever be the man!

Final Thoughts:
Well, just about every match scheduled to take place tomorrow night got some kind of attention and that’s exactly what you want to do. There isn’t anything action wise here and it’s just promotion for the big show.

Thanks for reading.

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