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A Star Shattered: Chapter Two


Chapter one of A Star Shattered can be found HERE. Chapter two focuses on Tammy meeting the love of her life.

By the late 1980s, Tammy wasn’t interested in wrestling anymore and was instead more focused on school activities and boys. She has a lengthy list of accomplishments in high school and was quite intelligent in her class ranking 19th out of 354 students. Sure, she was smart but she also made sure to be a big time flirt and always be hot.

On June 2nd, 1990 Tammy went to a wrestling show that took place at her high school. When she got there, she fell in love with a blonde hair, muscular man. She was quickly drawn to him and she told her mother and sister that she was going to take him home. She asked for his autograph after the show and it read… “Chris Candido”.

The autograph also included his phone number. She saw him in the parking lot and offered to drive him to his car that was behind the gym. They got to talking and she found out that Candido was 23-years old, an alcoholic regularly going to AA meetings and had just gotten out of jail. Her mind quickly switched from “he’s cute” to rather “how do I get this psycho out of my car.”

Luckily, Candido was kidding and instead revealed that he was 18-years old, not an alcoholic and never been to jail in his life. They ended up kissing in the car for a half-hour and Tammy offered Candido come over to her house, which he agreed. When they got to her home, her sister and mother were surprised to see she had brought home a wrestler.

She was still a virgin. They went to her room and she performed oral sex on Candido. She was in-love with Candido and the next night she invited him back over after talking all day on the phone. That night, they had sex. They were both virgins and it was beautiful. It may have been the first time for both of them, but Tammy was able to reach orgasm for the first time due to someone else.

By August 10th, Tammy was ready to move to Miami to go to school. However, she broke down and told her father that she couldn’t leave because she was in love with Candido. Her father told her not to do if she didn’t want to, despite having a scholarship. They were around each other all summer long hopelessly in love.

Candido was spending the night at her house nearly every night and her father didn’t know about it, until one night at around 3am. Candido went to get something to eat and was caught by her father. Her father demanded Candido, who was wearing just a towel, to go start up the grill and cook steaks. Candido spent almost a half-hour cooking the steaks before returning to the house.

When Candido returned to Tammy’s bedroom he was confused. He explained that her father had fed him a lot. Apparently, that was her fathers way of testing Candido and he had passed. As a result, they didn’t have to hide his car around the corner and was now considered part of the family, much to Tammy’s relief.

Chapter three coming soon!

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