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ICOPOD: You Gotta Hear It!

ICOPOD: You Gotta Hear It!

Coming soon to Wrestling Recaps is a new podcast! Myself and Wrestling Recaps contributor Austin Skinner have developed a podcast where we will be discussing and reviewing the WWF starting with the first RAW in 1993 and work our way forward.

This era was a major part of my childhood, but it’s stuff I haven’t watched in ten years or so. Meanwhile, Austin has seen very limited amount of WWF circa 1993 so he is often times seeing things for the first time. It has sparked some interesting discussions and only one episode has been recored thus far!

We made a Facebook page for the podcast. If you’d like to join our journey at the beginning of RAW give the page a LIKE! We hope you join us and send your comments in as well when the episodes are recorded. We’ll likely read them on the air!


Thank you for visiting Wrestling Recaps and thank you for supporting this new venture into the podcasting world!

For those who enjoy the reviews here, this project won’t eliminate reviews. I’m always going to make time for current and old school written reviews!

Bob Colling Jr.
Owner of Wrestling Recaps

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